Today i have a new smartphone from blackvue. This one is blackvue a95. This one comes with helio p70 soc from mediatech. This one is a very cheap smartphone, but dont judge this smartphone based on its price, because this one performs, beyond its price tag. Well lets start from unboxing. I have given the price and the purchase link in the description box below. If you are interested, go ahead. There is a discount coupon for the subscribers and viewers of this channel. Well, lets start our video, but before that, if you end up liking this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button. The like button is over there. There is a subscription button. Thats for free subscription on youtube is totally free, so dont forget to subscribe to this channel and click on the like button powered by android 11. This one comes with stock android 6.528 inch, hd, plus water drop screen, 8 gigabyte of ram 128 gigabyte of rom 4 380 mah battery. There is a 8 megapixel front camera and a 20 megapixel rear camera Music. After you open the box. Again, there is confirmation. There is a screen protector and on top of the screen protector, they have printed it six point: five to eight inch: hd plus water drop screen, 8 gigabyte of ram 128 gigabyte of rom front 8 megapixel rear 20 megapixel camera 4 380 mah battery wow the phone Itself comes in a tpu silicon protective case lets put the phone aside and check what else we have got inside the box.

There is a sim ejector tool, a proper user manual yeah. There is a 18 watt, fast charger and a usb a2 usb c charging cable. Well, lets unwrap it from its protective case. I really like the color. The color is amazingly beautiful yeah. You may find the design similar to some other smartphone. I mean this. Camera block seems actually a bit similar to another brand, but other than that. This design and in hand feelings is amazingly well. This one weighs only 195 grams lets check, whether its true or not Music. Oh, they said its 195 grams, but its less than 195 grams, its 194.4 grams on top. There is nothing but a secondary noise cancellation. Microphone volume, rocker and power button is on the right side. Yeah fingerprint sensor is also integrated into the power button at the bottom. You will find speaker grid usb c and primary microphone. There is nothing but the sims on the left side. The original price of this smartphone is 215 usd, but there are a lot of discount codes for the subscribers and viewers of this channel. So if you properly use the discount codes, the price will go down to 135 us dollars but in hand. This one doesnt feel like 135 us dollars smartphone this one feels so premium really. This is one of the first budget smartphones that feels so premium. When blackvue contacted with me and told me that theyre gon na send me a smartphone, they want me to do a review video i said uh.

No, i dont want because im busy, but dave told me like: okay, try you just try. If you like it, then you do the review video if you dont, like it, just keep it or return it whatever and after i have used this one. This is actually the second one. I have another that we are using in this studio after we have used this black view, a95. Okay, black view have done magic with this. One amazing build quality, only 8.55 millimeter thickness weight is less than 195 grams in hand, feels a very good comes with a rather standard or, if you say, chip, then its cheap but usable productive case, a tpu silicon protective case, and this protective case actually doesnt make It look ugly, the most important part about this phone is its operating system. This one comes with the android 11 and you will get another update, so thats a very big thing within this price range. Usually we dont get that type of update well lets power on this blackvue a95 lets see how well it performs well lets check the display performance and then lets check sound performance. I mean how good is the loudspeaker, after that, i will play some games and talk about gaming performance. If you want, i can run benchmark on this one, but i actually dont want to run benchmark on budget smartphones, because a budget smartphone wont get a very high benchmark score, so i think that doesnt make any sense Music, so Music, Music.

Yes, this is a budget smartphone. This one costs less than 200 us dollars comes with mediatek, helio, p70 soc and hd plus screen. We have already checked the display performance, but what about gaming performance? Can we play games on this one? I have been playing real racing. 3 on this one, and actually i did not feel any issues – Music. Ok, let me try to play this real racing 3. One more time. Let me show you that there is no lags. There is no hiccups and display performance, graphics, performance, thermal performance. Everything is as usual, you cannot expect a lot from this smartphone, but we can expect a very smooth gaming performance in medium graphics, settings and that actually happens. But if you say oh, why cant i play pubg in high graphics settings then i should say: okay, please, go see a doctor. You cannot expect premium performance from a budget or affordable smartphone. Okay lets talk about the camera of this smartphone. This one comes with a 20 megapixel main sensor and there are two other auxiliary sensors, the main sensor that one takes a pretty good quality photos. Let me take two or three photos over here and then share with you. Shot on a95 colors are very vivid and vibrant. There are a lot of details, but a bit too sharp. I would say there is night mode, video mode photo mode, beauty mode and more in more. You will get pro mode portrait mode portrait, color retention and mono.

Okay, as i mentioned earlier, if youre interested in camera performance, then please check that other video that i have made. Okay, let me talk about battery life or screen on time. I have managed to get nine hours of screen on time, which is like pretty amazing, considering all the smartphones that i have, i usually use flagship smartphones and none of the flagship smartphones goes beyond six or seven hours, but nine hours of screen on time, thats really Crazy considering the battery size, this is insane because this one comes with a 4380mah battery. But if you ask me about charging time charging speed, then it takes a bit of a time. Actually, this one takes around one hour and 35 minutes to get foolishers so thats a long time well its time to wrap up. Actually i like this one, because this one offers a very good price performance ratio. What you are paying you are getting more than that. Usually, most of the smartphones budget, smartphones, you get budget performance, but this one offers a lower mid range type of performance. Considering the ram this one comes with 8 gigabyte of ram. Usually, all other budget smartphones comes with four or six gigabyte of ram, but this one comes with eight gigabyte of ram and 128 gigabyte storage. Also, this one looks amazing in hand. This one feels premium and i have never felt any issues any lag or anything in daily life in day to day usage.

This one is one of the best budget smartphone. I have tested three other budget smartphones. While i was recording this video, i mean last three days, i have tested other budget smartphones which costs around 150 to 250 us dollars, and i believe this one performed the best and provided me with the most satisfaction. Well, what do you think about this smartphone? If you have any question regarding this smartphone, please dont forget to make a comment in the comment section below and ask me ill, be very happy to answer this. I will be very happy to answer your questions. If you have liked this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button. The like button is over there. If you want me to do any other review of any other budget smartphones, then please make a comment, and let me know the name i will buy that one and i will do another review video. This is all about blackvue a95.