com today – ill have another episode of unboxing and review video and ill be opening a compact shotgun mic for smartphone, which is boa bm3011. If this is your first time or a repeat visit, thank you for your support on this channel im, always trying new and different ideas. If that is something youre interested in, please visit for more, if youre, only interested in review videos, there will be links in the description box below so ive been recording some live stream with my smartphone lately and what i noticed that the sound quality is really bad. So i was looking for a compact, uh, shotgun mic or any type of mic to attach to my smartphone to get better audio quality and after uh you know looking at lots of them. This is what i have decided with. So this is not a paid or affiliated review. There are no links, no nothing. I purchased this with my own money and actually i also have the rode, video micro pro uh, but you know, looks like its going to be kind of overkill for a smartphone. So i wanted to decide on the one which is compact and its easy to carry so im just going to open up quickly and were going to take a look at whats inside and then im going to touch some test clips and well see like you know How uh you know bad or poor is the audio quality. So lets look at some of the specs right here, so heres the model number uh bm3011, and you can see that uh lets bring this a little closer okay.

So this should so here shotgun mic for smartphone camera. Camcorder compact, directional, condenser, microphone, higher signal to noise ratio integrated shock mount, so there should be a shock mount, and this is a quarter inch socket included and 3.5 millimeter uh output. So here are some of you know some more specs, but im not going to go through over all of them. But if you need to look at them, definitely you can pause and you know just look at them. Uh later on so lets start opening the box and lets see how fast i can open this Applause. Okay, so it was looks like it was not bad and im going to just take out what we have inside, and here you can see that uh, the box is empty, so im just going to put it here. Okay, so here we have a sticker. I dont see news for that, and here looks like we have a warranty card and warranty card ill, just set it aside, and then here we have a small. You know brochure, which is a good thing, but i dont see any need to use that now. Just one thing to mention that this uses a battery and you have to put a battery and i dont see what size of battery uh it uses. I dont see any mention of it, but well check and see if they included anything. So here looks like they have the you know, trs to trs cable, which is right here, so you dont have to buy that this can be uh.

You can actually buy this uh on It could be like you know, sometimes ten dollars or could be twenty dollars, so they included that which is a good thing. And then we have the audio output jack and this is uh to connect it to your camera, and mainly this is connected to your smartphone and then lets put it here and then here we have Applause, the actual mic. So this is really lightweight, and this is not you know a bulky or big one, so thats what i was looking for, and even they touched a uh wind form, which is a good thing and im just going to quickly remove this, and this is what it Looks like so, you can see that you know this is really a small and its not you know too big. So if im, comparing with my smartphone, you can see that you know its a small size and it would match with the smartphone uh it wouldnt see, like you know, up to receive or bulky so im just going to put it back and put it here and Then here we have im not sure exactly. What is this. This is just looks like a product has been tested and qualified, okay just to spend a certificate, and then oh, this is actually something additional and they use another uh windscreen, which is a dead cat uh. I didnt expect this one, because i thought this is only theyre going to give the foam wind protection but looks like they actually included another windscreen or wind projection, which is right here.

So the accessories are pretty good. You know nothing to complain about, and what im going to do now will just you know, go through the testing and everything and then ill attach to this part of video and then ill. You know provide my opinion how good or bad it is um, hello, everyone! This is the second part of the video, so i have had a few good days to use this microphone. Boa b y b, m bm3011 compact shotgun mic and id like to uh give you my opinion, and i would like to again mention that this is a non affiliated, unbest opinion and youre not going to get this type of reviews anywhere else, because there are no Affiliated links, i didnt get money from anyone, so youre going to get totally honest and unbiased opinion. So the first thing uh, you cannotice – that you know this is a very cheap plastic and whenever uh youre changing the battery, i kind of like you know, shows and its a bit scary. For example, if i just uh take this out and try to change the battery, then you can see that you know its kind of very shaky and its not like. You know even a firm and youre going to be scared to change the battery, because it feels like that you know its going to break any time but uh, you know uh. Fortunately, it didnt break when i was changing the battery, but thats a very uh like in a bad quality battery compartment, and then the other problem i had is that whenever i was recording uh the audio from this to my smartphone, then there was a noise and That noise actually was not consistent.

It was not there all the time, but there was, like you know, clicking noise uh once in a while. So i was not sure why uh it was making that noise, whether it was from a strong wind or it was just the signal. You know – interference uh with the cell phone but theres the theres, the noise there. But you know it doesnt appear uh. All the time, so another uh thing is that uh they gave to windmill. So one is here, and one is here and the designing is so poor that this one even doesnt fit in here. So, for example, if you just like you know, try to uh put it in here then youre going to see that this is kind of you know just comes off, and if you have a bit wind, then it doesnt even uh, stay on it and then it Just like it kind of shakes and makes noise so thats another, like you, know, very poor, designing of the product and then in terms of the sound quality. I was not too happy about the sound quality, but im going to like you know, let you judge by yourself. So what ill do ill record through this mic on my cell phone and then ill just record without the mic on my cell phone, then you can hear and compare and then im going to attach another uh cell phone or another video uh using this mic uh.

So there you can hear like you know how it sounds outdoor so in terms of everything, uh im not happy with the product and uh. This is about 40 dollars, canadian a little bit more or less, but i believe that you know this shouldnt be even that much uh because of the quality and everything. So i regret you know, buying this, but good thing that you know i bought it and because of my review, if youre looking to buy this, definitely i think you better think it more about buying this because uh, you may not be happy after all. At the end, due to the like, you know, product designing and the quality of the sound so im going to, let you hear the audio and on this channel uh there are more reviews and all of them are non affiliated and unbiased and uh. Thank you for watching uh. There will be more videos coming up so ill, see you shortly. Thank you, hello, hello, audio testing, one two, three one, two three through my phone recorder. This is a test. This is a test, hello, hello, audio testing through the wash shotgun mic. This is a test. This is a test one two, three hello, hello, audio testing through the boa mic. This is a test. This is a test, one, two three. So what youre listing right now is through the mic, and you know you can compare later uh how it sounds comparing to the uh smartphones own mic and you you know, you can judge it by yourself.

I didnt use the windmill because we are inside home and you know if you just wanted to uh, see how it sounds like with the windmill. Then lets try audio testing via boa shotgun mic through the wind, muff, hello, hello. This is a test. This is a test audio testing with the boa shotgun audio testing, with the boa mic. The wind screen is on hello, hello. This is a test. This is a test, so im going to just put, you know this one right now, the for me and lets. Try again audio testing via boa shotgun mic. The for me or form wound screen is on hello, hello. This is a test.