If you havent, noticed foldables are finally happening. The past year has seen samsungs dominant galaxy fold, family challenged by huawei, xiaomi, honor and oppo. Even microsoft has recently gained ground with its surface 202, but maybe you noticed a pattern there. All those are full format or book style foldables for those of us who also enjoy the more petite flavor, the clamshell flip phone, well, its mostly been the samsung show. Motorola has fallen behind since kicking off the category in 2019 and a would be clamshell. Competitor from tcl was cancelled before reaching production, so the p50 pocket was destined to make a splash, no matter which manufacturer made it and as it happens, it hails from a company whose beleaguered business condition has done nothing to blunt its hardware, engineering prowess, im, michael fisher And ive spent two weeks with the first flip phone from huawei Music. Yes, lets get it out there that brand name means the p50 pocket is a total non starter. If you need secure access to some of the most popular apps in the world, and even if youre looking to de google, your mobile life theres an awful lot of compromise that comes with carrying a huawei phone of any kind in 2022 ill show you how i Got around some of those shortcomings, but the bigger story here is in hardware. I mean take one look at this casing and you immediately understand why this phone broke cover in fashion magazine, harpers, bizarre instead of say, android central harper says this filigreed finish was meant to evoke the shadows and texture of the earth, while the designer herself says it Was inspired by magnetic fields that designer iris van gerpen has built her career on designs, inspired by science and executed with modern techniques, and this finish is just as unique.

The p50 pocket masses only 7 grams, more than the galaxy z flip 3, but feels much weightier in a good way. Every twist of the wrist. Every shift of the light uncovers new depth in the micro sculpted finish and, while its definitely not subtle in person, it somehow manages to walk that line between flashy and gaudy that its just razor thin, but it does it successfully if you dont feel the same. There are white and black alternatives available underpinning that eye. Catching look is a 6.9 inch, 120 hertz oled screen that i already prefer to my z, flip threes, see instead of samsungs narrow radius, bend that carves a deep gutter into the display. Huawei uses the motorola approach of folding, this ultra thin glass into a fat teardrop that makes for a crease thats easier on the eyes and smoother under a thumb, and it also lets the phone close fully flush. Instead of leaving a gap as the samsung design does. Unfortunately, it doesnt hold the phone in a fixed position as firmly and huawei hasnt optimized, nearly as many apps for this use case. So while you can set it up in tripod mode to take some stupid self, portraits for your upcoming album release its not useful in as many different postures or in as many different ways as the z flip 3. Is it also doesnt always want to open as fully something the packaging warns you about when you first unbox it when closed, you interact with the p50 pocket through this porthole, its about two thirds the size of samsungs and absolutely dwarfed by the razors, which makes it Much less useful at framing up a photo or checking notifications, but thats to be expected from a phone for fashionistas, who are far more likely to call for fun wallpapers than productivity, widgets, also theres, a satisfying symmetry to the camera module mirroring that cover display, which also Echoes the dual camera module of its sibling, the p50 pro and while were on the subject of those cameras.

I took the p50 pocket on a february photo walk through brooklyn, shooting side by side with the galaxy z, flip, 3 and heres. How that went? Huawei often edged out samsung in sharpness and dynamic range, both in 1x and zoom modes and while maxing out that digital crop to zoom in on the city, wasnt pleasant on either phone huaweis 40 megapixel camera had a considerable advantage over samsungs 12 megapixel counterpart, where the Flip 3 did better was with neon lights and surprisingly enough for a samsung phone in color accuracy, the p50 pocket seemed more prone to oversaturation in evenly lit outdoor situations, and it was samsung that gave me my favorite snap of the day, rendering everything perfectly from the Welcoming warm glow of the box house, hotels, lobby lights to the million different shades of pure to filthy snow piled up around the taxi. The p50 pocket didnt quite know what to make of the same scene. The yellows are too green. The walls are too blue and the sky is too bright. Now i didnt get too deep in my camera testing, because theres a lot of software stuff we have to cover, which is frankly, more important, but it didnt want to move on without touching on one particular camera feature, thats, almost totally useless, but still an awful lot Of fun take the p50 pocket into a dark room and fire up the fluorescent mode and welcome to your own personal episode of ghost hunters.

A dedicated emitter shines, ultraviolet light onto whatever you pointed at, and the results are theres something in its marketing materials. Huawei uses a lot of plants to suggest some kind of ethereal life force, detecting capability, but i couldnt manage to pick up anything on our household plants but dust. The camera did much better with paper or reflective objects, rendering my office decorations much more spooky than they really are and transforming my camera neck strap into a radioactive glow worm pro tip. Dont use this in a motel. You dont want to know the truth about and do not take pictures of yourself unless youre ready for nightmare fuel worthy of a scary stories to tell in the dark book cover dont say i didnt warn you now. Sadly, none of this matters, at least not to a user like me, well see if that holds true for a user like you right after this word from my sponsor advertisements, theyre a fact of life, this one included, but while they may be annoying, they shouldnt be Dangerous this video is sponsored by surf shark, which helps protect against those underhanded ads. You know those horrible pop ups that take over your browser and try to trick you into risky clicks fun fact. Those arent legitimate ads, theyre more, like viruses, there is bigger hassle to the sites they infect as they are to you. Surfshark blocks adds in malware before they can even load that protects you from phishing attempts and cuts down on the clutter when youre browsing plus.

It comes along with all the standard security that a vpn typically provides to protect your privacy and preserve your access to the open internet, even in countries that try to censor it, hit up surfshark at this link and pay as little as 2.49 a month when you Sign up for two years using the code on your screen, thanks to surfshark for sponsoring this video, i set it up front and ill say it again. If you rely on google, apps or apps that need the google services framework to function, you shouldnt get this phone due to the current geopolitical situation that makes it impossible for huawei to ship phones. With that framework, you can download the apps from aggregators like aurora search, but they wont function. Yes, a workaround is technically possible using a service like gspace, but thats literally putting a third party between you and your google accounts. Choose your own adventure folks, but thats. Something im just not comfortable doing, my experience would have ended then, and there were it not for ben sins review in xda. That reminded me that microsoft outlook runs just fine on huawei phones, so i downloaded it synced up my gmail and calendar accounts and bam. I was in business, microsoft, edge took the place of chrome, huaweis native notepad took the place of evernote, and once i bolstered those basics with other everyday titles which i found through huaweis pedal search, app and swapped out the default.

Emui launcher from my preferred niagara. The phone almost felt like it could work for me. It had great battery life, leaving me with 30 power at the end of the day, even with extended mobile hotspot usage, it had loud and clear speakers and i was able to deal with its lack of 5g by loading, its dual sim tray with t mobile and At t cards letting me switch networks on the fly, but still several times every day i ran into yet another app that just wouldnt work or something i needed. A google login for or some other weird compromise, that battery life is great because of huaweis build of android, which just like always closes background, apps so aggressively that i missed tons of notifications unless i forced them to stay open and my dual sim solution to the Lack of 5g thats possible because of my job, its not practical for most other folks. So, as is sadly true of all huawei phones in the states, the p50 pockets ultimate value comes down to a series of ifs. If you can import it from the asia, pacific, middle east or latin american markets, its offered in, if you dont mind the lack of water and dust resistance. If you really dont need google services and if you really do want a foldable well, then youll get a gorgeous one in exchange for the roughly fifteen hundred us dollars, youll have to pay for it, but thats a lot of ifs when you can get a galaxy Z, flip 3 for under 900 bucks at press time and, honestly, i think the p50 pockets real value is in how it pushes the clamshell conversation forward with a bold new design and an approach to folding a screen that looks and feels better than anything in its Class, if its not yet time to hope that huawei could sell phones with google services again someday, then maybe its enough to hope that other manufacturers will take notes on this design when preparing their next flip phones, Music.

This video was produced following roughly two weeks with a p50 pocket review sample provided by huawei, but, as always, the manufacturer had no editorial input into my coverage. It wasnt given copy approval or even an early preview, and it provided no compensation in exchange for its production check out mr mobiles series into the fold. If youd like to see more foldable coverage, i carry foldables every day and i try to get my hands on every new one that drops until next time. Ive been michael fisher thanks for watching and stay mobile.