Thank you, and so in this video lets talk in detail about the latest generation. Redmi note phone the note 11 so that you can decide whether this one is worth your money or not, but before that consider hitting that red subscribe button for detailed tech videos and also turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest updates. Hello, everyone amani from mr phone – and this is my review of the redmi note. 11. lets get started Music so guys i have already given an overview of the redmi note 11 in my first impressions. So if you are interested in watching that, you can check out this video in the card above as for this, video well be talking more about my real world experience with the redmi note 11 in the past few days, starting with the design and build, i think The redmi note, 11 looks and feels great in the hand its a plastic build, but redmi has done a fantastic job with the finish. The ergonomics are superb, too, and the best part about this phone is that, despite featuring this large display upfront, the phone has been very easy and comfortable to operate with one hand in terms of weight distribution. The phone is top heavy, but looking at it overall, the phone in itself is pretty lightweight and relatively slim. I also found the positioning of the volume buttons and the power button at just the right spot.

The tactile feedback has been great, something that i noted in my earlier video as well. The fingerprint sensors accuracy and speed have also been pretty good and consistent. This is the horizon blue color of this one, and i love the matte finish on this thing. Theres also a space black which again comes with a matte finish. I think that ones the best when it comes to the looks finally theres, also a star burst white colorway, which comes with a gradient design and a glossy finish. So that was the design overview of the redmi note 11 and guys overall, its a pretty slim and light device. Of course it is good looking and most importantly, this phone feels pretty compact and small in the hand. Although trust me, it is not a small phone, so thats a good point. Moving on to the front now, so you get a 6.43 inches full hd plus amoled display that refreshes at 90 hertz the hole punch for the camera is pretty small. The bezels are also fine. The chin is a bit thick, but yeah. Overall, the front profile of this phone looks good, so in terms of display quality. I think this is one of the key highlights of the smartphone. I mean it is rare to see a high refresh rate amoled display on offer at this price point and that to a superb panel, of course, its peak brightness is a thousand nits, which is a hundred nits lesser than the note 10.

But trust me even on the brightest of days, both phones, sunlight legibility, is great and on par, but whats. More important is the fact that the note 11 has a typical brightness of 700 nits, which is definitely a step up over the 450 nits of the redmi. Note 10., so, overall you get a bright and crisp display. The colors look superb! On this panel you also get white vine l1 support, so you can enjoy full hd content on netflix and prime. So the display experience is very good on the note, 11 and part of the reasons is the stereo speakers as well. They were there on the note 10, and they are here on the note 11 as well loud, rich and clear are some of the characteristics that really made me enjoy watching shows on this phone or even listening to music while in the bath. So, all in all, a full marks to the display and audio performance of the redmi. Note 11. now lets talk about the hardware, software and performance. The redmi note 11 features the six nanometer snapdragon 680 processor and after having used the phone for a few days, i stick to the part where i said this chipset offers better thermal management, better performance, all while being power efficient. Now, of course, youll find many comparisons. On the web between the snapdragon 680 inside the note 11 versus the snapdragon 678 inside the note 10 and yes, i also accept that the gpu numbers when it comes to the benchmarks are better on the snapdragon 678 versus the snapdragon 680.

But do those numbers make a ton of difference in the real world? The short answer is, no. You see just like the note 10. The note 11 is a champ when it comes to handling day to day tasks. Speed and performance was never the issue, while using this phone general stuff like using the web, checking social media chatting etc, was handled with ease, and this is where the main advantage of this chipset comes in. That is, you get good all round performance all while getting a solid battery life. So, just like the redmi note, 10, the redmi note 11 here also features a 5000mah battery under the hood and in my usage, this phone easily used to last me almost two days on a single charge with about seven hours of screen on time, something that wasnt The case with the redmi note 10., so general performance is good. Battery life is superb, but when it comes to playing graphics intensive games, this is one area im not going to suggest this phone for, but just know that you wont be getting the best graphics experience. On the note 11, i mean when you play these graphics intensive titles such as bgmi asphalt, 9 call of duty or junction impact. You wont be getting the best gaming experience on as a smartphone, but anyway this phone wasnt meant to do all of that. So it is all fine moving on in terms of software theres, miui, 13 atop, android, 11.

Sadly, theres no word on the android 12 availability as of now but anyway, miui has been very stable and smooth on the note 11, something that was again not the case. With the note 10, or even the note 10 pro max so good to see that lags and stutters were a bare minimum, there have been no ads or spam. Notifications, animations and transitions have again been smooth. The software is also well optimized to take advantage of the 90 hertz screen refresh rate and mainstream apps, such as a youtube, instagram, twitter, facebook, netflix outlook, gmail and the likes work perfectly fine in 90. Hertz, strangely chrome was the only app that wasnt working at 90. Hertz, i mean google discover page. Was the google app was working fine at 90 hertz? It was only when i had to load the websites was when i noticed that. Okay, the phone resorted to 60 hertz. This is strange, so that is something that can be fixed via a software patch. Otherwise me ui 13. On the redmi note 11 has been very stable and smooth and overall i am very satisfied with it. Now lets talk about the camera. The redmi note 11 gets four lenses at the rear, a 50 megapixel main and 8 megapixel ultra wide and a couple of 2 megapixel depth and macro sensors at the front is a 13 megapixel camera for selfies, given good light. The main camera of the redmi note 11 was able to capture pleasing shots with good detail and color reproduction.

I especially liked how the camera dealt with my skin tone in photos and the overall output. Looked natural portrait photos also turned out pretty good, with superb edge detection. Hdr photography was a hit and miss, and i wouldnt call it the phones strength. As for the 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera in terms of color reproduction. Well, it tries to do a fairly decent job of matching the color profile of the main camera shots, look decent on the phones screen honestly, but dont expect much here when it comes to the details. Moving on to the macro lens, the 2 megapixel sensor is just average, and only if the company would have given the 5 megapixel tele macro camera here, that would have been amazing. Photos taken in low lighting were average because, while the exposure in shots wasnt the issue, the lack of details was definitely a night mode. Also doesnt help in improving much as you only get a more noticeable noise and green in the photo coming to the front camera. Selfies turned out pretty good well in some photos, my skin tone did seem to have a slight beauty filter, but overall, i loved the result from the front camera portrait mode. Shots were also great, with accurate edge detection. Details and dynamic range was also good. That said, selfies taken in low light were nothing to write home about moving on in terms of video recording. You can only shoot 1080p 30fps clips from both the front and rear camera and honestly videos taken on this phone were good in regards to color reproduction and stabilization its only when you start panning around is when you see that theres, a slight delay of sorts theres, A slight choppiness – i guess this is something that redmi can easily fix via software patch, so yeah theres that so right now, im shooting from the front camera of the redmi note 11.

This is the 1080p 30fps video that youre watching on your screen. Since the maximus phone can shoot, and it is what the quality looks like, so let me know what you think about the mics about the video quality, about the stabilization, its quite a noisy environment right now, but yeah gives a good idea how the audio is being Captured, and also this is how the video looks like when you shoot against a light source, so im shooting directly against the sun. This is how okay, not the strongest when it comes to the dynamic range but yeah. This is what you can expect in terms of overall output from the redmi note. 11. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below cheers at a starting price of 13 499 rupees. The redmi note 11 has more positives and a very few negatives. In fact, the only major drawback that i think this phone has is the average performance of the camera in low light. But apart from that, the redmi note 11 actually nails the core fundamentals in a solid fashion. I mean the design looks good. The ergonomics are great. The 90 hertz amoled display is one of the key selling points of this phone, including the awesome stereo speakers. Apart from that battery life has been superb, the phone has held up pretty well in day to day usage and not to mention. Miui 13 feels polished, clean and stable, so there you have it folks.

This was my review of the redmi note 11, which is an easy recommendation for anyone. Looking for a phone at this price point i mean theres a reason they call the redmi. Note phones, the undisputed king of the budget segment with that said, leave all your thoughts and queries in the comments below and as always for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch you all in the very next one.