We are going to look at your average pro smartphone video break or actually is to be so called. Your error is f mount, but this part, this thing was bought back in 2020 and right now i have bought a new one right here for my phone, which is my average oneplus 6t. So, first of all, let me say that it looks pretty identical. To be honest, so there is nothing to talk about there anyways, because this platform is identical and also it looks pretty identical as the twins and also a sheep, but im just going to throw this pretty old. Looking 2020 one right away: oh well, that was a pretty soft c ever and so. First of all, lets take the look at its f mount itself before i get to the actual episode, so, first of all, on the front cover on the front cover of the box of f mount pro smartphone video grip. So, as you can see, here is the picture of what its going to be looks like when its unboxed out of the box and on the other side here is your average specifications of your f mount. So let me take a closer look at it. So, as you can see here for the specifications, the volume is the f mount and the material is made of aluminum and plastic, which is actually entirely male or plastic anyways, and the maximum openness is around 10 centimeters, as for the minimum is 5.

77 and the item Size is 12.2 5.7 by 2.6 centimeters, and this height weight is around 163.5 grams or around 5.8 volts, and here is what is talking about the packet sign rate, which im not going to talk about there anyways and on the back there. As you can see here, it is talking about the description of the f mount. So, as you can see on the description, it says, f mail comes with a call, shoe mount and also the container level which they didnt call it a bubble level because, but you just said guardians level, which it means your average bubble level and also with two Quadrant straps screw mouse is upgrade based on a professional smartphone, read which it works as a tripod. Mount filmmaker and camera grip and travel stand for, holding your mobile phone cameras comfortably and safely, and it can be compatible with the most of the models of the smartphone. With its adjustable grip – but i mean the entire thing here and also it features your average tripod mount, we call shoe mount. You can mount your smartphone on any tripod, with universal one quarter, inch twist screw mount or mount it onto your slider, or your shoulder rig for taking a smooth shot and reset the video led video light or microphone can be attached on the course shoot mode, and It is why it talks about the filmmaker handle and cam grip fix your air mount to the right side of your phone for holding your device more economically and secure, and your wrist drive included for your maximum security and turn your doors off your mobile phones into A professional filming crew that is talking about the treble stand which im going to talk about anyways and the universal completely, is actually works with the most of the smartphones, and also here is a serial code and also your cereal bounty, which im not going to take A look at that anyways, which is theres nothing interesting about that and inside the package you got here, is your phone clear, your handle crew and your wrist strap and thats.

It theyll came install blue in anyways, oh well, and right now, as for the romeo, truth has come to the actual episode. So, as you can see here here is your average f mount. So, as you can see, here is what it looks like in a nutshell, and this thing is actually entirely made of plastic, Music, smell plastic, guys, Music and also im just going to take a look at it for a few moments and right now it is time For this f mouth to take on the action, so, first of all on the front on the front of the f mount here, you will see your average bubble. Level is on the front and on the top there is your error. Edge called shoot mount for mounting all your accessories like your microphone, your led light, your wireless microphone or your handle clip which is going to be work with this and also on the top here, is your average quarter screw mount on top, which it can be used As to install your magic on your monitor or whatever it is, and on the one there is your average tripod mount and, as you can see here, it is made of aluminum and on the front there is nothing. There is no adapter for your mini wireless mic. Anyways and also it gives you your average wrist wrap for empty following for sure, and right now, im just going to wear this f mail right now and, as you can see, heres what it looks like bringing this smile onto your wrist strap with your f mount On it, but meanwhile, when you accidentally throw this away, as you can see here, this is what this wrist strap is benefits for pretty useful, to be honest and right now, im going to test this f mount here with the one that im going to test it, Which is my lh oneplus, 6t and right now, im going to install onto this pretty good.

Looking and very handsome head f mount, not the html. It is your hf mount, so right now, im just going to position it correctly and make sure that it is tight and secure and, as you can see, it is looking very good and, as you can see here, here is what it looks like when you hold It onto your hand, and also your wrist wrap, as you can see here here, is what it looks like when you mount your phone onto this f mounting nutshell and right now, im going to test the other things that im going to do with this f mount. Let me grab this gordons led light onto this f mount and right now, im going to screw it on to cold shoe mount of the f mount. As you can see here, it actually works to be honest and also it is actually going to be compatible for the most often accessories like this one, which is the example or you can mount your mini wireless mic onto this anyways, and also you can remove the F, mount apart anyways, so, as you can see here when its removed apart, it looks like this, as you can see here. Here is what it looks like when the handle grip part is removed apart. So, as you can see here is reviewing your arrow edge sumo on the bottom of the actual f mount, and not this actual clip that is actually installed onto this f mount right here.

So, as you can see here, it can be stand on its own, but meanwhile, with the weight of the other side of the phone it just fall over like this. It looks pretty funny to be honest, and also it is going to be compatible with this huawei pa right here and right now, im going to remove this oneplus 6t away and right now, im going to replace it with this really good old, hawaii pa from 2017. It is actually the year that i got this phone and right now im going to mount this f mount onto my error, edge, move ipa and also the grip on the bottom, as you can see here, heres what it looks like when i mount this pretty good Old whole ipa onto this average f mount a pretty cool looking blocking set to be honest, but meanwhile this whole ipa, the entire body of this thing, is made of aluminum and all right. It seems like thats about it, for this average f mouse or known as your ls pro smartphone video grip, and this thing, as i said, is entirely made of plastic and also what it mentions about the aluminum on the box. It is actually the tripod mounts for the top and on the bottom and right now it looks like theres. Let me talk about this if my animal, and so that, thank you guys for watching this review of f mount comment and subscribe share this video.