So what they have sent us is a fujifilm intex link white printer. So this is a kind of a printer where earlier they launched a printer which used to take the small, instant, instax, um films. But now this this time they have launched one which is going to take a wide. You know wide films which they have also sent. These are the wide films, instant films, and this is a 20 pack and it says best friends, so definitely this this. This device is a best friend of many people who, like to print their own. You know on pictures at home, so friends, hello and welcome to my channel the lifes way, and then this is a quick unboxing. Video of the instax link wide so lets see that uh the box um. This is a smartphone printer, its in ash white color and on one side of the box. As you will see, it has various features written as, as you can see, it has enhanced quality prints. A new mod, which shows rich colors in stack, rich mode, has been added. In addition to the original image quality in stacks natural mode, then compact and light body which you can carry wherever you want to go. Then it has editable templates where you can freely edit. The colors the characters of various templates and you can easily create your own templates from your original templates that have been provided, and then it has a qr print mode where you can just scan the thing and then get it printed as well as everything is supported By a new app, which calls instax link wide app, which is different from the other apps and its available on both apple store and google play store on one side, it also comes with a stand so that it supports the weight of the thing and Music.

What else is mentioned? They have explained a little bit about the qr print mode, so it lea it can easily convert your content, easily convert content to a qr code and print it on your photo to hear it or view it with a smartphone. So this is a link to website and then, when you scan it, then automatically you it will uh. It will have a recorded message played, which can be a location which can be a sound or it can be a thank you note or a hidden message. So this is really nice, its a feature which was there earlier so now they have enabled this feature on on this printer as well, so thats it, and then they have written some configuration on the bottom of the package so lets quickly unwrap the thing. So here is the box, so its a really nice device in white color. It will be my first time having a device in a white color and its a really lightweight device. As you can see, it really looks nice and it really looks nice in this. You know ripple pattern and then it its charged by the mini mini type mini usb, and it has a big slot for the films to come out and then it has here. You can insert all your you know: extra wide films, and so the battery is already installed. So basically, this is a rechargeable device and thats. Why, as soon as i closed it, it started making this noise, and this is the stand that comes with it.

So basically, if you put it like that, the whole thing goes like this, and then it really looks cool on your on your platform and then what we have received along with it is um, is a cable to keep it. And then this is the char mini. Usb type type charging, cable and then it comes with some manuals as well and then scan here for more inspiration. These are some of the ideas they are giving so, and this is the guide that we have provided. So if you want to scan, you can have a photo of this so that you can get some inspiration from this qr code yeah and then it says qr print mode, and then they have. They have explained the features of what can be done using the qr print mode. Basically, it can be a link to a website it can you can record your sound, you can give your location or you can send a hidden message so which is really nice. So in some days in the next few days, we are going to use the printer and then take take some of my beautiful shorts and put it on my new table. This is my new table. Ill show you in a later video but and then lets see how it goes. So. Thank you very much for watching keep subscribing to our channel and were going to start some giveaways as we reach thousand mark subscribers. Thank you.

Bye bye, so instax wide is a different kind of film, so lets see, lets open the box and see what it has and then it will enjoy the you know: uh will enjoy the shots and then so its its different from all the other films that we Have received so far, which are in text mini and instax, you know even sk20 films are, i think, smaller than this one, so because this is a really bigger format. Bigger format screen, so lets put it and install it in the camera. So i think it will go like that, as we close, then you will see the black film will move out, so this is the actual size. I think that this will be the actual size of the of the of the thing yeah. So this is the actual size of the photo that are going to come, and this is a nice, nice really kind of size that you can. You know, enjoy with your family and friends or to or to create some memories. So i have 20 20, 20 of them to finish and then ill select all my best photographs and then have them installed on my on my wall. So thank you. Thank you very much instax for sending the camera for review and uh in some in the next few days or a week or so ill, definitely review it and post more photographs as i capture them. Thank you very much.