The instructions only four little steps of pictures, love that love it when they make it easy for you all right. So you open it up and pull this out its just thats all thats in there. Okay take a little pocket off here. Has a users guide again same instructions just for little steps, so lets see here since its four steps im just gon na, do it with yall and see how it goes all right, Music. So, okay, so you put it here where the little feet are on the bottom and you pull open this part and push it up. Oh its, like a legit magnifier. Then you pop this up here and you have youre ready and then you can theres little legs on the bottom. You can pop out so lets see here. Lets put something on the screen, so we can check it out. So you just set your phone in here and it magnifies it for you, thats, pretty cool and so youll set it on a table, so it wouldnt be falling or anything. But so say you turn on a movie or something you can set it down, and i mean look it totally. It totally works, so its reflecting my big bright ring, light behind us right now, but if that werent on that, obviously wouldnt be reflecting on figure and we could see the big screen so very cool it definitely legit works show my candy crush thats, really cool im.

Actually, pretty excited about this one itd be really easy to like its so compact too, like it folds all up, so you can easily like take this with you if youre going on a trip – and you want to like use it in the plane or something. Oh, you know what or my husband and i we recently went on a trip and we um. We are like it was out of the country, and so we couldnt understand anything on the tv. So we just watched our phones like the stuff we had downloaded and um. It was just a tiny little screen we were holding up and watching together its kind of annoying.