It lacked the premium display stainless steel and dual camera system, but that was it being every bit as powerful and impressive as the 10s. At a significantly reduced cost, but that was nearly four years ago now and as of late 2021 apple stopped selling the iphone 10r completely hey hows it going im josh from 91 tech, and by no means does the iphone 10r feel its age. Its still very fast. On the latest version of ios and really holds its own in nearly every category, just without the quality of life features a newer and better iphone brings. So today lets ask the question: how does the iphone 10r hold up in 2022 and could it even still be worth buying? Some of you might be wondering why i would even ask if the 10r is still worth buying, given apple doesnt sell it anymore, and the simple answer is that, while its difficult to still find it brand new theres a massive abundance of 10 hours on the used Market and the pricing is surprisingly reasonable, were going to be looking. At that second hand, market shortly and ill have timestamps in the description below. If youd like to skip ahead to the more hardware focused purse of the video to start things off. However, i do want to take a quick moment to speak to those of you who are currently using an iphone 10r, possibly even to watch this video and are starting to wonder if you should maybe upgrade ultimately thats going to be up to you.

And if your 10r is starting to feel the age, then maybe it would be a good time to move on to an iphone 13 or something. To that extent, the link to my iphone buying guide for 2022 is in the description if youre curious, but the 10r is still a very solid phone being capable of anything. The newest iphones are at least when it comes to the core ios experience. The phone is fast, the camera is solid and the battery life from most ive talked to seems to be still pretty darn good. All of this will vary of course, user to user, especially battery life, and, if you are having trouble, you can always look into getting apple to replace it if it used to perform much better. The 10r should get at least two to three more major ios versions. So, if youre not ready to upgrade yet or perhaps were waiting for the next iphone, i would definitely encourage that you should be okay for those of you considering buying an iphone 10r. I will say that going to the used market always has its risks, even if it saves you some cash. You should probably want to know the battery health before you purchase a phone, and you can find that out by going to settings battery battery health and there youll be given a percentage if youre buying it. You want it to be in the upper 80s, ideally or higher i mean higher is always better is on average you can drop up to 10 a year and once youre right about at 80 percent theres a good chance youll start experiencing some issues.

Apple does replace the batteries for 70 out of warranty, which isnt too bad, and keep in mind that this is something that probably will need done eventually, as every smartphones battery degrades over time, not just iphones and at the end of the day when it comes to Actual life and lasting the day, the 10r seems to be pretty darn solid in this department. From my own experience, as well as that of those im close to that own, this phone, if buying, used refurbished, isnt so appealing to you, the iphone 11 is going to be the phone to go for with apple selling it for 500.. This is a pretty good price for a really really good phone. Naturally, the link to my review on it will be in the description. The 11 is essentially a 10r on the outside, but with upgraded tech. Specs and the camera is significantly better, bringing an ultrawide sensor, as well as the ability to take night photos and just stronger photos. Overall, the selfie cameras improved as well its a phone thats worth going up to if youre able to buy new, but the 10r is still a very solid option if youre, okay, with looking for a deal locally or online on a site like ebay, so lets go To here where we can find the iphone 10r covering around 250 or so american 250 to 300 on average, sometimes more, sometimes less thats, honestly, a really good price, especially considering the other options on the used market around the same range.

The iphone 11 seems to be often well over 350 from what i found, which isnt too bad, but once youre approaching that 400 mark you might as well just spend the extra 100 to buy the iphone 11 brand new, ensuring a perfect battery and none of the Potential flaws that come with a used smartphone, but half of the price of a new iphone 11 for a used or refurbished 10r is very reasonable. Its certainly not only half the phone and that price, i think, is really helped by just how many of these phones are out there. The 10r had sold ridiculously well, so naturally theres still a ton of them on ebay at any time, making it more likely. For you to be able to find a deal, and if you look around a bit who knows maybe youll find that just perfect smartphone as a side note here, if the display of your phone is very important to you and you want more than just a screen. Thats good enough, the iphone 10r and the 11 by extension, just are not the phones for you. The screens on here, in my opinion, are definitely fine and perfectly good enough for the average person, but its also totally fair to want more than that. And if you do, i would be looking elsewhere. Theyre not as vibrant theyre, not as crispy as some of the better iphones or many of the oled options on android competitors.

So to summarize the beginning portion of this review, if you have an iphone 10r right now, i definitely am not saying that you shouldnt upgrade. If you want to, but i also dont, think its necessary as it has a long life ahead of it and a battery replacement through apple is always an option. If you want to buy the 10r, the used market is certainly worth turning to or the 500 iphone. 11 from apple isnt a bad idea either and keep in mind that 500 thats buying it off contract without, like a plan through your carrier, it might actually cost quite a bit less than that up front. So, with all the context, out of the way, lets take a step back here and take a look at the iphone 10r as it stands in 2022, starting with the design and then looking at the camera technical performance and viability. Moving forward. The iphone 10r impressed me in 2018, as it was essentially the second coming of the 2013 iphone 5c, but this time done right. It brought for the first time in a half decade a wide array of bright colors to the iphone line and those colors really made the 10r stand out, making it both appealing to its users, but also showing it wasnt the most premium, iphone apple sold. We have yellow coral red black, blue and white. A healthy amount of options, and both the coral and blue are completely unique, with no other iphone re using the color.

The next years. Iphone 11 did have yellow and red, but replace the coral and blue with purple and green ive always preferred the tenars options myself, especially with that gorgeous coral. That in the right light is just this, oh so stunning orange, although most of the time it does look a bit more salmony and honestly, all these phones just look great. It was nice to see apple finally pulled this off correctly after the 5c was such a disaster. The 5cs issue was that it was plastic, a material seen as cheap by apples, customers after years of glass and aluminum, but the 10r didnt look or feel cheap still. Having the glass back just like the 10s, along with aluminum size, instead of stainless steel, a subtle unimportant way of distinguishing the phones – and i think apple – really just did the 10r right from a design aspect. I love this thing. The glass is, of course, going to be fragile, so a case is always a good idea, but its here to accommodate for wireless charging and along with that, the phone is fast charging capable, assuming you have the compatible chargers and we do get some basic water resistance Here so you should be okay if you drop the phone into the sink or the toilet, but i mean you would never use your phone anywhere near a toilet that would be gross right right. Turning to the front of the iphone 10r, we see the most controversial aspect of the phone.

The selfie camera. Wait. No sorry the notch! Wait! No! Actually the display im joking around a bit here, but there definitely were a lot of tech enthusiasts heated. That apple would dare put a sub 1080p lcd on. Here, though, the reality is the retina display is absolutely fine and it got probably a lot more flack than it deserved, especially considering the target audience was one that either didnt know what a resolution even was, or in the very least, didnt particularly care. The bezels are, admittedly thick compared to other smartphones. It doesnt look as modern and a lot of people dont like that. Every time i mention the 10r, those bezels always get brought up in the comments section more than the display. In my experience – and so maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but i dont really care sure the sleeker phone looks the better and i love my smaller notch. I guess on my iphone currently and the thin bezels, but its also something that i dont particularly notice and ultimately, what the bezels are surrounding are much more important than the slightly larger black stripe itself and what its surrounding isnt fantastic here by the numbers. The screen resolution is 1792 by 828, which indeed isnt 1080p, but it still makes for a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, putting it right on par with the iphone 8 iphone, 7 iphone, 6 and so on and so forth. Other phones that you didnt hear a whole lot of complaining about.

I dont want to rehash this because its been done a million times and ive always been biased after being dislike bombed back in the day for defending the phone, not that you can see the amount of dislikes thanks youtube, but the quality of the screen is totally Good enough, which is perfect for what was supposed to be more of a budget oriented device or about as budget oriented as a brand new iphone, gets anyhow. What you lack in the display, which isnt as sharp or vibrant as the gorgeous oleds of the iphone 10 10s 11 pro and better you more than make up for by matching nearly every other aspect of the 2018 flagship. 10S, the same chipset and performance and even the same camera. Well, one of them. The 10s does have two lenses on the back, a wide lens and telephoto lens, which allows for two time zoom versus only the main wide lens on the 10r. You can also still take portrait mode photos using software, which is awesome, though unfortunately, the porsche mode here only works with people. The camera here is 12 megapixels and its capable of recording video in up to 4k at 60 frames per second, which is super overkill, and the quality of photos you can take with the 10r is still very impressive, even nearly four years later, at least in the Right conditions, outdoors or in a well lit area produces really nice shots, and the camera here has aged quite well.

All things considered its when you get into those lower light conditions. Photos can get more noisy and grainy, maybe taking a lot of photos indoors or outside at night time, although i still wouldnt call them too bad even without the night mode. The iphone 11 and up is a significant upgrade to be sure, but all in all i do maintain the 10rs camera is more than capable of handling photos for the vast majority of people out there. It definitely can take some absolutely stellar shots. Video, of course, is really really good. Apples always been the best in this department for years now, and it shows its strong stabilization and that sharp 4k quality, even if its not on par with the newest, iphone or an actual camera dont forget this phone is working with a single sensor, thats relatively small. In the grand scheme of things, the photographic potential of smartphones, with these tiny lenses, always astound me. The fact that were at this point, where a half decade can pass and those older smartphones can still take decent pictures, is absolutely mind. Boggling so thats the rear, camera and the front facing camera isnt, quite as strong with only 7 megapixels, though at least it can take portrait selfies if you so desire to do so. The next using iphone 11, would bring this up to 12 megapixels, which was a pretty big upgrade, but honestly, i dont think most would really care too much, as the 10r produces a more than fine enough selfie.

For basically anything you would want to use it for so. Overall, the iphone 10rs camera system definitely lags behind the iphone 11, but it basically matches the 10s and at around 250 dollars via the used market. This is a pretty darn good little photography machine and it never fails to impress me whenever i bring it out, certainly not something i would worry about too much, and if the camera is important to you, then moving up to the 11 or better is the easy Solution to go with well, the camera aspect of the phone is decent, its the hardware of the 10r that really pulls it together with the same processor as the iphone 10s. The apple a12 bionic chip, the chipset, might nearly be four years old, but it definitely doesnt feel it. The iphone 10r runs ios 15, nearly flawlessly its smooth, reliable and doesnt even hardly feel any different from my own iphone 13 pro. When i switch between the two phones, it isnt fast so much as it is consistent as it pulls up apps just as quick as you open them. Everything is just there to borrow from the great todd howard, it kind of just works theres little to no slowdowns, and the only minor complaint i have is that apps dont stay open in the background, quite as long as i might like, but that is a limitation Of the three gigabytes of ram im not sure how often youre actually scrolling through a ton of apps at once, but even so three gigs of ram will be a number that seems puny to android users and certainly more ram is always nice.

So, thanks to the crazy good optimization of ios, the 10r runs like a champ and it isnt far off from many of the more recent smartphones entering the market. The iphone 10r has always been an absolute beast in every aspect, except the display making it the perfect device for someone who doesnt want the latest and greatest smartphone, but just wants a great reliable phone thatll last years to come, despite its age, the 10r at roughly 250 on the used market manages to be exactly just that, making it still worth it in 2022 and very likely beyond a battery replacement might be warranted once the health gets to around 80 percent, but past that theres not much holding the 10r back. Despite the early controversy, in my opinion, the 10r has managed to maintain its status as one of the best iphones apples ever made, at least from the point of view of the consumer and the fact that you can more or less get the same software experience that You would on the thousand dollar iphone 13. Pro is absolutely amazing, theres really strong value here and well. Naturally, i would recommend getting the iphone 11 brand new over it just for the slightly upgraded specs and the better camera theres, no question that the 10r is still a great buy for the right person its great in 2022, and i have zero doubt. It will be in 2023 and probably still pretty great in 2024 as well, and so with that.

I think im right about done here, not a ton to say, because this is still such a solid phone and, if youre still using one right now. Definitely let me know how your experience has been in the comments below whether good or bad, its going to perform differently for everyone and im curious to hear your experiences. If you found this video helpful or interesting, maybe hit that like button and consider subscribing for more content, just like this, you can follow me over on my socials at 91 underscore tech, if youd like to for some reason and with that all being said. Thank you. So much for watching, i really do appreciate it.