Ultrawide camera 60 millimeter telephoto lens ltpo, 2.0 wqhd plus amoled display with a whopping 1500 nits of brightness skinned with gorilla glass, vectors 4 nanometer run snapdragon 8 gen1 chipset 12 gigs of lpddr5 ram 3d sonic max ultrasonic, fingerprint sensor 4, 700 milliamp hour battery 120 watt Wire charging 50 watt wireless charging, bmw m branding and best of all it cost the exact same price as its predecessor. This is technique, and this is the aiku 9 pro Music. The iq9 pro comes in two different color variants. You can pick it up in a burnt engine orange, which is a carbon fiber, vegan leather, or the version that i have here known as the legendary edition, which is actually a frosted glass. Carbon fiber finish, and it looks absolutely fantastic. It does come with a case in the box that pretty much makes it look as if its not even using a case since it resembles the actual design of the device itself, but im not too sure about that camera visor at the back being so wide widespread Out and not necessarily needing it, we have a 4 700 milliamp hour battery under the hood, as well as 120 watt wide charging a 50 watt wireless charging, a snapdragon 8 gen, 1 chipset and a new three dimensional 18 fold, vapor chamber cooling system. It is skinned with gorilla, glass, victus on the front, an aluminum frame wraps around and, of course, you have glass or vegan leather at the back within that unnecessarily massive camera module at the back, we are kitted with a 150 degree field of view: 50 megapixel samsung.

Iso cell jn1 ultrawide sensor, as well as a 50 megapixel samsung isoscell gn5 sensor, the first in the world to do so and completing the trio is a 16 megapixel telephoto cam and when comparing it to the xiaomi 12 pro on its left hand, side and the Realme gt pro on its right, the iq 9 pro does have the fisheye effect, thanks to that 150 degree, ultrawide sensor, which matches the realme gt2 pro, which was actually the worlds first, but where the iq one ups, the real me over here is that it can Actually shoot its 150 degree field of view mode using 50 megapixel native, whereas the realme gt2 pro can only bend it down to 12.5 and of course, once the iq 9 pro does bin it down. It naturally looks slightly brighter thanks to ai. The iq9 pro can also shoot native 50 megapixel shots using the ultra wide cam at a slightly lower field of view at 119 degrees, and of course it can also bend down to 12.5 megapixels for a neater looking shot. But the 50 megapixel iso cell gn5 sensor is where this device truly shines, as you can see, with the native 50 megapixel shot over here, as opposed to the xiaomi 12 pro and real me gt2, pros lesser lenses and when burning down the shot. Once again, things start to look a bit crispier, especially when indoors that gn5 sensor can also zoom in two times to get digital zoom over here just before the telephoto cam kicks in at 2.

5 times, but at two times the xiaomi 12 pro uses optical zoom. Thanks to its 50 megapixel telephoto lens that is currently been down to 12.5 megapixel, showing quite a bit more detail than that of the iq and the real me, but as soon as we hit 2.5 times zoom, we are using optical on the iq9 pro over. Here. Thanks to its 16 megapixel telephoto cam, which renders slightly more detail than the other two hopping on over to five times: digital zoom on all three devices, the two on the left using a telephoto lens to digitally zoom. While the real me lacks a telephoto lens and is only using its main camera, and you can clearly see the results over here with the aiku truly shining quite a bit ahead of the xiaomi and way above the real me and when it comes to ten times. Digital zoom over here the aiku seriously outshines the other two once more over here, thanks to rarely absorbing all the light around it and keeping all the details. Looking nice and natural do bear in mind that the max zoom of the iq9 pro is 30 times, which is 10 times higher than the real me and xiaomi device, which is something that were going to be testing out in the full review and when taking a Shot to get a bit of depth perception over here, you can see that the edge detection is nearly perfect on the iq 9 pro, but i cant really complain about the other two either.

We can also film ultrawide video on all devices here at 4k, though the real me is capped at 30fps, while the iq 9 pro can do 60 fps. The iq 9 pro can also shoot at 150 degrees field of view, ultrawide, where the real me actually lacks. Video for it and we can use 4k 60fps with the main sensor, thanks to gimbal, stabilized optical image, stabilization using that 5 axis gimbal lens on the main cam. The cameras are absolutely incredible. I cant wait to deep dive into them in the full review. We have a textured power button on the right hand, side as well as a volume rocker at the bottom. We have a dual sim 5g: dual 5g standby tray. Unfortunately, no expandable storage, but it does have a water resistant seal. We have a usb type c, 2.0 port. I still cant understand why companies arent doing 3.0 first peak at the bottom second speaker at the top over there, and we do have a 16 megapixel selfie camera. But this is the exact same one used in the iq. 8 pro and when it comes to selfies, while the xiaomi and real me boast twice, the amount of megapixel counts. I actually feel like the aikus image comes out a bit more natural, though the xiaomi does tend to pack in a tad more detail and switching over to portrait mode once again, no gripes in terms of edge detection on either device over here.

All of them look pretty decent, but i must say that the real me looks a tad washed out, but one of the downfalls of the device is that we are capped at 1080p, 30fps, selfie, video recording and while were capped at 1080p 30fps and the xiaomi can Do 60 fps actually think the vivos looks the best. So i guess the selfie camera is the only thing thats a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to this device, but once again, im going to test this out in thorough detail in the full review and pulling down the device and powering it on. For the first time over here, the first thing that were going to be checking out is the qualcomm 3d sonic max ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which debuted with the arku 8 pro, and it is a massive sensor. It takes one jab to register your fingerprints and you can choose a bunch of different features to go along with it. It is nine times bigger than the ultrasonic sensor found within the samsung galaxy s21 ultra, and it has a whopping size of 20 by 30 millimeters and takes just 0.2 seconds to register your finger. And, yes, you can pretty much put it anywhere within that massive box. Now, if you are wondering if there are different animation effects with the new origin, os ocean, they have added in a couple new ones, but they are in relation to a wallpaper that you choose.

They look pretty neat, but i kind of like the big square box that showcases that wonderful, huge fingerprint sensor. We also have 2d face unlock here, not 3d face unlock. It uses the selfie cam and hopping into settings jumping into the new origin os ocean. It looks pretty good. It looks pretty similar to origin os 1.0. You can now add more columns and rows, which is nice and you cant switch through a parallel world to regular fun, touch os im, not sure how many of you feel about it. But i actually really really like the software has all the bulbs and whistles such as monster mode to beef it up as well as separating and adding cubes loads of different widgets. You can play around with tons and tons and tons of customizations, which of course, ill be diving into in the full review. It just does so much right and theres just so much to customize over here, theres, not much not to love. The one thing that you can love is that there is google, but the one thing that you cant really love is that while google works – and i can actually sign into my account and yes, you can download the play store from the actual built in vivo app Store it actually doesnt open, ive, never seen this on an iq device im pretty sure it will get fixed with a software update ill keep you guys posted on that one once again in the full review now we do have 12 gigs of ram and we can Extend it by an extra 4 gigs of ram, though, do bear in mind that uses ufs, 3.

1 storage and lets not forget about that beefed up. Snapdragon 8 gen1 chipset run on 4 nanometer processed node technology, which is supposedly twenty percent, more powerful than its predecessor and thirty percent, more power efficient and once slapping on monster mode. The iq nine pro got a whopping score of one million twenty eight thousand three hundred and twenty two points, which is more than 20 000 points higher than the next, in line being the xiaomi 12 pro with the same chipset and way higher than its predecessor. The iq 8 pro – and i guess we kind of need all that power, because we are running a native 1440p qhd plus resolution over here with a pixels per inch of 518.. The display itself is 6.78 inches in size. It is an e5 amoled panel over here. It is, of course, curved it has 1 billion colors hdr 10 plus support 112 dci, p3 and 140 srgb color gamut rating 1500, nits of peak brightness. And, of course, we are also treated to that new ltpo 2.0 technology, which ranges between 1 and 120 hertz and slapping it on max refresh rate that being 120 things feel nice and silky smooth the iq 9 pro checks almost every box out there, thanks to its Out of this world display technology incredibly reliable, super fast 3d sonic max ultrasonic, fingerprint sensor, super powered, snapdragon, 8 gen1 chipset massive 4700 milliamp hour battery with 120 watt wide and 50 watt wireless charging, not to mention it packs in one of the best camera systems.

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