Unlike its sibling, the real me 9 pro plus the vanilla 9 pro, has a bigger screen, a bigger battery, a brand new chipset, but a less impressive camera setup. So how does it fare im andrew for gsm arena? And this is our review of the real me? 9, pro Music, the realme 9 pro and its sibling have near identical designs with a distinctive camera island. While we have the midnight black version of the phone, the other variant has sunrise blue, which is actually a light shifting design. This means that when its hit by uv lights, itll morph into a redder color, the glossy back catches fingerprints easily, but at least its not very slippery, maybe thats, because the back and frame are made of plastic. The phone sides are flat all around which makes the 9 pro feel a tad sharp along the edges. The power and volume keys are easy to reach and the power key doubles as a side mounted fingerprint reader, its fast and reliable. But you cant choose to only unlock the phone. When you press the button, you can use a firm touch, which means youll need to press the key release it and then touch the scanner again on the front. Youll find a punch hole in the upper left corner and not so slim bezels, especially the one on the bottom. We didnt notice. Any light bleed here, though, which is great. The 9 pro has a 6.6 inch ips lcd panel with a 120 hertz refresh rate.

Instead of the pro plus is 90 hertz oled panel, you can set the refresh rate to 60hz 120 or choose the granular auto refresh rate. Curiously, in the auto mode, most of the system menus ran at 90, hertz apps ran at 120 and if you werent touching the display it dropped down to 60 hertz. Unfortunately, games were stuck at 60hz, no matter what we tried. The lcd has a full hd resolution. Nice contrast and good levels of brightness with a max of 567 nits, you can comfortably read outside with it color accuracy isnt as nice, and whites and grays have a bluish tint, even with the natural color mode switched on. The 9 pro has a headphone jack and a single bottom firing speaker. Next to it. It got very good loudness in our tests. Quality wise though its less impressive and the highs were distorted. Overall, music sounds rather flat: Music, thanks to its 5 000 milliamp hour battery. The real me 9 pro got an excellent 134 hours of endurance on our battery life tests, thats, certainly enough to overtake most competitors. The 9 pro uses the 33 watt dart charger, while its not as fast as chargers from competing brands. They got the phone, a respectable, zero to 52 percent charge in 30 minutes and a full charge in an hour and 14 minutes. The 9 pro has the snapdragon 695 5g chipset, which is a brand new chipset to us. It has been totally revamped in comparison to its predecessor and has both more powerful cores and 5g connectivity its great for day to day tasks and did pretty good with games.

The phone launches with android 12 out of the box, which is nice to see its android 12 specific features, are mostly under the hood, though there is also a privacy dashboard where you can see all your permissions and user data settings. You can also choose the accuracy of your location and you get a green dot in the corner of the display when your mic is turned on. The 9 pro has realme ui 3.0 on top its a colorful, yet snappy ui with a lot of customization options. You can change everything from accent colors, to icons, to the shapes of the quick toggles. It also provides good multitasking features like the smart sidebar, which allows shortcuts to your favorite apps and the flexible windows feature which opens up apps in a floating window. Realme kept the icon pulldown gesture, where you can swipe down the edge of the screen to cram icons of the bottom half of the display for easier reach. It has a 64 megapixel main camera like its predecessor, an 8 megapixel audroid lens and a 2 megapixel macro camera during the day. Photos look about average for the price point. There is wide dynamic range, great sharpness and adequate detail. We saw some noise in over sharpened halos, but what caught our attention was a yellowish tinge across all the photos, its probably a result of an accurate color temperature metering. Colors are saturated but not off putting theres no tele camera here, but two time.

Zoom shots are respectable, theres, less sharpness and more noise, but overall theyre suitable for social media. The ultrawide camera is like what weve seen on competing handsets. Ultraride. Shots have limited, dynamic range noise sharpness and they have washed out colors theres almost no barrel distortion, though the macro camera produces subpar images and with its 4 centimeter fixed focus. Most of her shots are blurry, even when they were in focus. Detail is not impressive. Colors are pale and contrast is lacking, portraits are decent, but not the sharpest ones around colors are punchy, dynamic range is good and the subjects face is always well exposed. The bokeh effect isnt very convincing and would sometimes miss a spot in low light photos with the main camera are a bit soft and shadows are underexposed, highlights are clipped and colors could use. A boost. Detail is good, though, if you switch night mode on images, look considerably better and have more balanced, highlights and shadows, theres, more sharpness and more color theres less noise too. But the noise reduction algorithm smears out some of the fine detail without night mode. On the ultroid struggles to deliver even decent low light shots with it on, though theres much less noise, more details in the shadows, better highlights and more contrast in color selfies taken with a 16 megapixel camera are unsatisfactory. We expected more sharpness and detail, and there was a lot of noise. Colors are washed out too. The realme 9 pro can only record up to full hd videos on the main and ultroid cameras.

Footage from the main camera is underwhelming. Colors were warmer than wed like no matter the scene, sharpness detail and dynamic range arent great either. The ultroid camera doesnt have the yellow tinge, but its dynamic range is even more limited and overall, the footage was worse. The realme 9 pro is a fantastic solution. If youre after a 5g capable mid ranger, it has a nice display fast charging, a speedy chipset and up to date, software. That said, if youre after the best value on the market, you might want to take a look at some non 5g options like the poco x3 pro really, you should think twice about how important 5g is to you still. While we do wish the realme 9 pro had an oled panel instead of an lcd one and better video recording, this is definitely a handset that we can recommend.