So why is it the sweet spot? Actually, i will be answering this in todays, video and questions instagram story actually number one question on is: if the samsung galaxy s22 plus is already optimized to be used on social media platforms like instagram stories and even tech talk, Music lets start with the box atom Box s22 plus guys is money pispadan its what we saw from the previous s21 and, of course, you manga flagship phones from apple im, sure gusting, around um, pink or to be specific, the pink gold pink golden top its not really that pink more. Like a rose gold tent because you can pink in a pink, you know like what im wearing right now. Voila is not entirely that pink. I will be honest with you guys, pink, but hey its still pink aside from that, of course, we will be. You will actually, you will be getting youre, adding a pony dot, of course, and a usb type c to usb type c charging cable, but in case Music it still is ip68 water and dust resistance. It weighs 196 grams, its 4 grams lighter. If we were to compare it to the um predecessor, which is the samsung galaxy s, 21 plus and of course, pangolo hindi, long pink, golden available, nakula nathan, but also me phantom black tile, white and green. So yes, variations of color, snap s22 plus as compared to its predecessor but aside from colors, if you guys are expecting a completely redesigned its not yet present, nitos, s22 plus or even to the whole s22 plus series and one reason very slightly.

Adding s22 plus nion is because, as compared to the s21 plus na shrink, nila young, adding screen size from 6.7 inches to 6.6 inches and the front and the back of the galaxy s22 plus even new s22 guys, vanilla is made from corning gorilla, glass, vectos plus. I, like the s21 and the s21 plus very flat im adding liquid, probably because i am also using my iphone quite a lot, so you magnitum boxy type of smartphones, hindi, ako buzzardzahanya as much pero. Of course, if you are a new user of this kind of design, mezzo uncomfortable shangdomitan at first sandwich in between guys nah front and back nathan, is an armored aluminum frame, which is why kong haha device free aside from this guys in volume, rockers and, of course, Power button is located among the same spots in the net and as before, in camera. Housing is an exchange from the s21 lineup map size cameras, but this time it really is fully isolated from the back panel on our recent combat kunas having sweet spot young s22 plus, of course, in terms of design. It really is the traditional flagship of course, 22 young ultra must not making it really different from the s22 plus and at the sweet spot Music. If it aint broke 6.6 inch, dynamic, amoled two times display panel. It also has a full hd plus resolution or its 1080 by 2340 and tamato. It has an adaptive 120 hertz, refresh rate being attack, reviewer guys, mejo maramina, of course encounters aspect ratios curved edges and, of course, a different sizing.

Storage display s22 is just it works. Its its the display of a flagship device that we need to display technically is definitely what im looking for saisan upgrade. We still are getting a flat a panel, a very fast refresh rate and parasake its manageable to be used. One handed do take note long that the refresh rate guys is adaptive its either fixed 60 hertz long or what you hold the standard and, of course, young, adding adaptive which will depend on what application youre using. It will change from 10 hertz to 120 hertz, which is a very beneficial parasitic battery life. Maganda young display nathan, especially guys whenever i play hdr content and even young 250 hertz touch sampling rate. While gaming is giving me an accurate performance and to those who dont know yet guys nil, again, samsung shield, that is an effective blue light filter mode, each liploss, no resolution or presence s22 ultra alarm clock is that this will really burn through the battery life. Very quick pero guys in terms of pixel per inch measurement lucky or a significant indifference nang, i think s22, plus ultra this one has the ‘0 ppi volume ultra has 500 ppi pero to be honest, guys for regular users flagship device. It will be more than enough. Pixel are rich palama, pasayanya tayo for everyday use and same from my experience since the very first thing in the hawakanko young athena samsung devices, the ultrasonic sensor guys works instantaneously in fairness, no man and an important adito guys.

The placement of it is not awkward. Of course, some overall guys, aside from the lack of ltpo, supports adding s22 plus voila. It probably has the nicest display in ajito so far i mean its too early, but i know my parents, Music man, first impressions, video, ang, sabin amen. I snap dragon 8 and 95 chipset its, not just me who made a mistake, but also a lot of tech content, creators from the philippines, its either the snapdragon 8 gen 1 or the exynos 2200. Now, of course, the presence of uk europe and other places in asia and asides the chipset. You cannot disappoint. Of course, i think plus s22 upgrade option for that. We are limited to having hang gang. Eight gram, llama shampre, young bang phone similarly priced at this point. Catelynn adding pixel 6 series, even the oneplus 9 pro maritime 12 gig option and as expected, it has a very speedy performance, even guys between reddit spot on game or even at different games, while naka on the young, akin hot spot to use it. For my other devices, surprisingly guys, even if nakahats pattayo, hindi, akon experience, nang pug overheat sagna, i guess guys samsung improved young kanelang, s21 plus, but we now have and improve the charging speed in a 45 watt compared to last years, 25 watts 15 watt of wireless Charging imagine i expect how long works when it comes to battery life, of course, significant team, 300 and obago from the s21 plus, but then hindi, lanka, setaya, padding to minion with numbers, so first impressions pede, but then again other aspects to consider the latest software and In fairness, the man i am impressed, selen gervais and ability guys to hold a charge when not in active use overnight without charging it, i am remained at 15.

This is, of course, guys during testing – and this includes gaming, downloading hotspot and, of course, yumpagamit. The nathan and cameras Music s s22 plus already has the latest one ui 4.1, based on android 12. videos neon very similar im, adding user interface paren s22 plus. So yes, major magicking, familiar kaiola, lunas samsung phone owner is not engineer received one ui 4.0 update even guys young default launcher nathan. It remains the same as ever 4.1 guys, primarily not focusing when it comes to camera and the video software and according to samsung, they promise samsung galaxy s 22 series reception on four software updates, so android, 16 plus 5 year, security updates Music Applause, 22. Plus we now have improved wide and telephoto shooters, improved telephoto, meaning guys meron true three times optical zoom, compared to s21 plus na three times hybrid zoom. So yeah we are getting guys. A 50 megapixels mean camera number on 12 megapixels, ultra wide and a 10 megapixel style photo lens and, of course, a 10 megapixels, selfie camera, so unknown effect, number nothing gen, 1 cameras or software miss money. I think s22 plus actually guys. We now have an improved night photography, ending stereo depth map number two long for better focus among portrait shots. Nothing. Overall, i would say guys: nataloni s22 plus young manga high end mid range devices in terms of photo quality, android brands develop camera, megapixels or camera sensors. Should i say and other smartphones number one similar price point, but i wouldnt say no natalinya young android devices, nah thats, a similar price point, yeah catholic pro or even an iphone 13.

. So yes, significant the manual adding change in terms of the higher 50 megapixel main sensor hindi dramatically, but i would say, nag advance naman on the video sidena manage s22 plus. It still is ready to shoot up to 8k at 24. Fps video footage inside your cameras, guys 4k at 60fps details now its time to talk about the price s22 video. We have two variants: 128 gig, which costs thousand nine hundred ninety pesos and for the 256 gig variant retails for sixty thousand nine hundred. Ninety nine pesos and do take note im, adding pre order is still ongoing and the han gang march 3 nalangsha Music, so paris are inverted guys despite the s22 plus being still a bit similar, though on sahanyan predecessor and s21 plus, i feel like a tone class Model is the right balance: talagath smartphones, the right balance of screen size among smartphone users, 2022 smooth software and a very much flagship experience. As expected, it has a very neat design and, of course, an option to get a pink phone la luna, 45 watts. I mean the front and back cameras are very impressive. Dont get me wrong, guys necessary features, i would say android devices, of course, s21fe, which is of course masmura and also a very cheaper and viable option in terms of camera. I would say: oh man, smartphones flagship, then that ranges from 40 to 50, 000 pesos, optimized user experience, social media applications. So, yes, it is optimized as compared to other flagship devices nalumabas from the past year, 2021, but still isnt, comparable thats.

What i noticed and thats what i experienced so young guys: okay, thats, pretty much it yes, im! Sorry mahaba, im videoing, but see you on my other full review.