What we do is we are going to be unboxing the samsung galaxy s, 22 ultra were also going to be performing a first time setup and an overview of this smartphone so lets dive in and get started right away. Now, if youre looking to buy the samsung galaxy s 22, ultra theres gon na be links down below to the best pricing and best incentive, so heres the box and, as you can see usual size, it is thin. So were gon na pull up the front, see whats inside so thats the samsung galaxy s22 ultra. Let me just grab that for one second, okay, take a look at it: thats the color. This one is the burgundy color, which i think is in fact gorgeous. So im gon na put that aside for one second right over here lets see what we get a bunch of user manuals and inside this box you also get the usb type c, cable and thats all you get in the box all right, so its a minimalist Design lets focus on the main dish. The s22 ultra all right so lets quickly focus on the phone lets. Do a quick tour of the camera array. As you can see, it is right here, so we have the 12 megapixel ultra wide camera thats the 108 megapixel main camera that youll be using all the time. Then we have the 10 times telephoto camera and 10 times telephoto camera capable of zooming, both together up to a hundred times and then over.

Here we have the flash and right here we have the laser auto focus sensor. Fantastic lets. Take a look at whats going on around the device. Now i do want to quickly mention something that is very important, and that is the fact that we have a beautiful matte finish in the rear. This is glass. This is gorilla, glass, victus plus the latest. The toughest most durable glass on the market for android phones, we have victus plus here and invictus plus in the front. Just so you know, but i truly love the smooth finish. That is not shiny, not reflective and does not pick up fingerprints as badly as shiny products. So, on this side we have the side key. The power button. Weve got the volume rocker. You can see the way the cameras protrude over there on the top. We have a microphone on the side, this side. We have nothing at the bottom. Weve got the s pen, the speaker usb type c, and the sim card tray. When you put your pin inside here, make sure you poke this hole and not this one thats the microphone thats to eject the sim card tray now lets pull out the s pen, real quick, take a look at the design of the s pen. Now, here we have it, you can see that it is in fact going to be black color, except for the top part. Thats burgundy looks almost black, but it is burgundy certainly looks uh gorgeous all right.

So lets turn this phone on and set it up for the very first time and see whats going on here. Alright, so there we have it, it says, welcome. It wants us to click, start im going to click on start and real quick. The display here, stunning display 6.8 inches. It is a quad hd, plus resolution 120 hertz refresh rate so for your review. Im going to say, agree to all, but then im going to uncheck what is optional im going to tap on agree and then what were going to do is im going to give it full permissions here, tap on more and full permissions. Okay, thats going to give you the maximum benefit from the phone and then im going to connect to my wi fi network, so lets uh connect to my 5g network. Here thats happening right now: okay, so thats all good to go. Then it takes a couple minutes to check for the updates getting your phone ready now this is going to be the important part for people that are trying to transfer information from their old phone to their new phone. Personally, i say dont copy i like to set my phone brand new, but if you want to copy data you tap on next tap on next again and then all you do. Is you choose whether there is a galaxy phone or an android phone or an iphone or ipad when you tap on it? Its gon na ask you to connect that phone via the cable from usb to usb, and you can transfer everything over okay, so im just going to say: disagree for now im going to go back, im going to say dont copy.

But if you do want to copy very easy process, you can even do it wirelessly the phone will do it for you, just tap on dont copy, all right in my case now its checking out the information. Its going to ask me to log in with my google account, which is almost a requirement if you want to get the full benefits so im going to do that right now, so thats done im going to tap on. I agree: okay and then its going to ask me to give it a bunch of permissions which i am going to do, but you can just read to make sure you want all these things tap on accept all right. Now it wants to protect your phone, so lets check out the fingerprint sensor im going to tap on the fingerprints. We have an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in the display thats slightly larger than the note 20, for example, so lets tap on continue. You do have to pick a backup, pin im going to tap on that as well. Let me just put zero zero zero for now all right for this video and then it says, start scanning with the center of your fingertip, so im gon na do that right now there we go center, twenty percent red, so you just feed it different portions of Your finger to get a full reading, okay, you can see it even gives you a progression number here. So lets see what happens.

Give it the edges, fingerprint added. You can add one more right here for now, im going to skip were going to test the speed in a second, but these are the google services again im going to tap on, accept alrighty and then im going to skip this for now, thats your google assistant Im gon na skip that access your assistant without unlocking your phone thats, something i use all the time ill tap on. I agree later, though, im gon na skip it for now it is getting my phone ready all right. So next up it wants me to log in with my samsung account so im to do that right now and then here once you log in dont accept any one of these for now, theyre all optional, tap on agree and thats it. We are all set up to get started tap on finish its going to dump into the home screen lets see whats going on here with the phone all right. The first thing. Let me just check that fingerprint sensor so im going to double tap to turn off the screen double tap to wake it lets see how quick this is fantastic works as expected lets. Do it one more time beautiful now, im going to pinch the screen im going to go to my wallpapers lets. Take a look at what the wallpapers that we have tap on wallpapers. Okay, look at these gorgeous wallpapers! They could be better but theyre.

Okay, all right! So let me pick something a little bit bright. I like brighter colors so im going to tap on look at these colors, though these are the video wallpapers for your lock screen. Okay, so im gon na go back here. Im gon na choose this one tap on lock and home screens, im gon na say set, then its gon na ask me to pick a color palette. Okay, so i can pick a color palette from here to customize the overall theme of my phone. You can see the colors change ever so slightly so tap on, apply and were gon na go out and, of course we have the s pen here using the s pen, you can basically navigate through the phone, no problem, which is one of the appeals of this S, pen, that is almost great lets, go out. Uh theres a button on the s pen, you press and hold it brings up the air command menu and you have a whole bunch of things you can do here. Of course, detailed videos are going to be coming where i go over every single one of these options, but basically to create a note. You tap on plus, okay, and you can start to write almost immediately or even pick a pen that you want right from here. Look at that you have all these pen options all these colors change the size, then exit out and then write, beautiful, okay, tap home, go back out so lets quickly.

Look at some of the new things on this phone as well so settings display. Of course we have the motion smoothness, which is right now in adaptive, which is what i recommend thats going to give you the 120 hertz adaptive refresh rate is going to be super smooth scrolling. Also, the new adaptive rate goes from 1 to 120, based on need. Okay, so that is going to save you some battery life and finally, when you have it adaptive, you can also have the screen resolution at maximum. Okay, i like to keep it here. It does save a little bit more battery life. It is still super sharp, but if you want the maximum sharpness, you just go with the wqhd plus. If you tap on apply it just supplies it and you retain uh. The motion smoothness right here, super smooth phone for sure. Look at that beautiful got the dark mode, got the light mode, one more thing: im going to turn on adaptive brightness when i turn im sorry turn off. When i turn that off you also get this option: thats brand new known as extra brightness. That is going to increase the maximum brightness okay, so that could be useful if youre outside on the in the house. I mean this. This will be enough for you. This is a super bright display, but if youre outside youre having some trouble tap on this its going to give you a boost, so you can see it even more clearer now, one more thing that is new here from the software side is: if you go to Settings if you go into battery and device care, if you go to memory youre going to notice, it says ram plus here, so the phone comes with 12 or 8 gigabytes of ram based on which model you get.

But then you have the ram plus option that you can modify you. You can do 2, four, six or eight. You can use the built in storage to get some additional ram, its not gon na be as fast as the stock ram, but it might help when youre doing something heavy duty and with one ui 4.1, you are able to choose how much virtual ram that you Want i would just leave that at four, but if youre really doing some intensive tasks on your phone, you can go to eight gigabytes. Its gon na ask you to restart the phone when you pick the new option, so just leave that for for now. In my case now we also have some changes to the camera im going to show you something very important. So when you launch the camera okay and when youre in the photo mode, there is a very important button. You want to be aware of to maximize the quality you get out of the camera. You want to make sure when youre here, when you can take regular photos and theyre going to be nice, but when you tap on this button here, you are able to. Let me just get rid of this guy here tap that again, you are able to choose the 108 megapixel resolution, thats going to give you the highest possible quality and then theres a button. Here you can tap that enables the detailed enhancer. If you tap it, it gets turned on its gray.

You tap it again, it becomes yellow detail. Enhancer is on so the photos you take with the detailed enhancer and the 108 megapixel are going to be most likely. The sharpest photos on any smartphone, okay, so thats one big thing with the camera. The same thing applies to video. You go to video. If you tap that button right here, you can choose ak, recording which i dont recommend. But if you want super detailed videos, you can go with 8k recording as well. Okay, so thats the camera, but other than that. Not a major change. As far as user interface is concerned, then lets go back into the settings. Just take a look around so look at that: okay, typical one ui uh interface, not huge differences. You can go to the battery and device care. You should go to the battery and then at the bottom. You should go to the more battery settings and perhaps enable protect battery which is going to if youre, going to keep this phone for a long time. This is going to be very useful, so thats great, but everything else here seems to be quite similar. The battery is 5000 milliamp hours. This phone happens to have 256 gigabyte model. I do have a one terabyte that i have as well, but this is just the uh review unit over here. So were going to go to a software update. You can check for an update. You can check diagnostics over here, okay, so overall, it looks very similar to any other smartphone with a few enhancements and, of course, lots of hardware enhancement.

Now remember: there are going to be links down below to buy this phone at the best prices, if you have not ordered one and do want to order one all right, so that was an unboxing initial setup and a quick overview of the smartphone.