. This is a phone thats using the latest snapdragon cpu and 18 gigs of ram. You heard that right this one has 18 gigs of ram. It has more ram than my gaming laptop, which is pretty insane. Now you can get this phone with less ram and less internal storage than i have. I have the version of 256 gigs of internal storage. So pretty much i have the top of the line for this particular device. Now, for those of you that, like benchmark scores, this device gets an antutu benchmark score of over a million. This is definitely the highest score that i have seen so far, and i can easily tell you that this is the fastest phone that i have used so far now, if youve seen the red magic phones that we got last year well, this one is pretty similar. It kind of looks similar and the biggest changes are on the inside. So this one, the red magic 7 is more powerful and it has better cooling. Now even the previous phone was super powerful and had really good cooling. So this one gets a fan, just like the previous one, so you actually have a fan that spins inside there and you can feel the air coming out of the phone so thats how the phone keeps cool, because this latest snapdragon cpu that we have inside this Phone runs pretty hot, but with the help of that fan, of course, is going to stay cool for longer periods of time.

So, if you want to play for like four hours, you can definitely do it to the phone like this one. On the front, we have a 6.8 inch amoled screen on the 1080p resolution and 165 hertz refresh rate. Now, if youre gon na be using the phone with that high refresh rate, of course, it will use a lot of power. So if you want the battery to last you a longer period of time, i highly recommend that you lower that refresh rate, maybe to like 90 hertz for me personally, i do enjoy playing games even at 90 hertz, but it really depends on you and i guess, If youre getting a gaming phone, you may want to use it at its full potential, but again, if youre using it at the maximum refresh rate, you will use more power inside this phone. We also have a 4 500 milliamp hour battery. Now, on one charge, you can typically get between four and seven hours of screen on time. Once again, it depends what youre doing with the phone, because, if youre just watching videos, you can easily get six or seven hours of screen on time. But if youre playing games and youre playing games with a screen set at the maximum refresh rate, of course, youre not gon na – be getting that six or seven hours of screen time. So it really depends how youre using the phone. The phone also supports 65 watt fast charging, so charging this from zero to 100 is done in about an hour and under the battery settings there.

We also have a setting where the battery doesnt charge, so you can keep the phone plugged in and the battery doesnt charge. You can just use the power from the power adapter to play games, for example, and that helps with the heating, because, if youre constantly charging the battery, of course, the phone will get hotter. But if you enable that option you can basically have it plugged in and the phone is not gon na charge, so you can just play with it plugged in if you want and as i said that will help with heating like in the previous years, the phones Body is made out of metal at the top. Here we have a 3.5 mil audio jack. You do get great sound if you plug in some headphones and, of course, when youre gaming, its always best to have a 3.5 mil audio jack, so you can actually use headphones with it. On the left hand side here we have the gaming mode button. We also have those holes for the exhaust fan, so the fan that we have inside it. We have the volume buttons at the bottom. We have the slot for the sim card. This device can take two sim cards at the same time, but you cannot use an sd card with it so definitely get the version that has enough storage for your needs, because youre not going to be able to expand that internal storage. We have the usbc charging port and the holes for the second speaker, so the device has two speakers, one at the bottom here and one at the top, and once again these are some of the loudest speakers that ive heard on any smartphone up until now.

On the right hand, side here again, we have the holes for that inside fan and we also have the power button. Now, on this same side, we have um two buttons that you can customize for gaming, but im going to show you a bit more about those later on in the video. But you can basically set those buttons to do anything that youd normally be doing on the screen in whatever game, youre playing the back of the phone is made out of transparent glass and behind that glass we do have some stickers. That will basically show you the specs of the device – something cool – i guess, but those are just stickers. So wherever you see the snapdragon logo, there thats not exactly where the cpu is thats just a sticker, but you can definitely see that fan and you can see that fan spinning. The fan also has some leds around it, so you can have those leds on or off, and we have another led at the bottom here which makes the phone look a bit more like a gaming phone im, gon na say we also have three cameras on the Back there we have the main camera. We have an ultra wide camera, another camera thats used for portrait mode pictures, and these are some examples of pictures that i took with this device during the day and of course, at night now, ive also done a video camera comparison. Video between this phone and the iphone 13, and if you want to see more examples of pictures and videos that i took with this and my iphone 13, i will leave a link to that video in the videos description or on the top right corner.

So for cameras, if you do have plenty of light, i feel the phone does great. It has a lot of potential for that main camera if it gets dark. If you are taking pictures at night, even though we have a night mode well, the phone doesnt do as good as other flagships on the market there, but for daytime pictures. I feel that it does um great now for video recordings. I was a bit disappointed, so you can record in 8k with this device now what youre seeing on the screen right now, its 4k at 30 frames per second, ah so the colors in those videos dont look anywhere as they should be looking so those palm trees For example, shouldnt look reddish, so that is the same issue that weve had with the previous red magic 7, now im, hoping that this will be solved with the future software update. But as of now thats how the video quality is. Of course, you could always edit those videos but its ideal if you dont actually have to edit those videos that you film, so the cameras are still pretty average. On this device. Im gon na say the phone also runs the red magic os version, five, which is based on android 12 and compared to previous red magic phones. That ive had i havent actually noticed any bugs with this particular build. So im very happy to see that. However, i did get two updates since i had this phone, so hopefully it will get even better with the future software updates.

Everything that you do with this phone is extremely fast and, as i said, this is the fastest phone that i have tried so far. So opening apps is super fast. Switching in between apps is super fast keeping as many apps as you want running in the bag. Around them is possible because you do have 18 gigs of ram, but in all fairness, no android phone can actually use 18 gigs of ram. So having 18 gigs of ram in a phone is a bit pointless in many ways, but i guess it gives you bragging rights, because there are no other phones out there that have 18 gigs of ram. Well, i think there are like two or three other phones that have 18 gigs of ram, but most phones out there dont have 18 gigs of ram, but overall this is the fastest phone that i have ever tried. Of course you can play any game. You want at the maximum graphic settings for any game. There is nothing that will slow this phone down. As i said, this is the most powerful phone out there. That fan on the back of the phone will also keep the phone cool, even if you play for extended periods of time now, of course, the phone does get hot whenever youre playing for like two or three hours of the time, but i havent noticed the phone Lagging even when it gets hot so that fan on the back.

There definitely helps with the cooling. You also have that gaming mode, where you can customize a bunch of things. You can record the screen. So if you want to share your um gameplay, for example, on social media, you can do it there. You can customize those buttons at the top there from the gaming mode. So you do have a lot of options if you are playing a lot of games – and i guess that is the main point of this device for people that do play a lot of games on their phones. So, as ive said earlier, if youve tried other red magic phones in the past, not a lot has changed to this one. Of course, this one is more powerful and has somewhat better cooling, but even the previous red magic phone. That ive tried had really good cooling and was quite powerful as well. So not a lot has changed. I mean we still have the same in screen fingerprint scanner. You can easily unlock the phone with your finger if you want so a lot from the previous models is still here, but this one is more powerful if youre into games. If you play a lot of games, this one will do good for anything. But if you dont play as many games a phone like this may be overkill, i mean sure you can still open facebook. You can still open instagram on a phone like this, but having 18 gigs of ram and never using those 18 gigs of ram will be a bit of a shame.

So if youre, looking for probably the most powerful phone out there, the red magic 7 is definitely a phone that you should consider all right guys.