com forward, slash wi, fi sheep from just one dollar a month, hello there and welcome back to wi fi sheet Right here on youtube with me tom now many of you that watch this channel, especially those of you that see some of our serious content, will notice that sometimes some of the things i say to you are scripted. This particular piece im doing right now, isnt, because i roughly have an idea about what i want to say, but series like risk rest direct, for example, you may notice what im trying to present to you on camera. I start sort of darting away thats because im trying to read a pre written script, which is kind of sellotaped crudely on sheets of 84, roughly around where the camera is, it does mean that it prevents me from looking straight down the barrel of the camera and Talking to you directly, what i needed was what would be collectively known as an autocue or teleprompter, something i didnt have that was until kindly stepped in and said. Would you like to review this? This is the t11 teleprompter from andy, and hopefully this is going to fix a number of my production and delivery issues right here on the channel, so without further ado lets get straight into it. So lets take a look here at the andy cine portable teleprompter. This is the model t11 and, as you can see, with all andy sydney products, it comes in a really well packaged good quality box.

I said this when we looked at the wymax, its 7 inch um display for the raspberry pi, which is one of the first andy sydney products, weve reviewed here on the channel that their packaging, it isnt boastful so much stuff comes out of china tends to boast Or make claims about things because its trying to hide poorer quality or things that arent exactly true, but not with andy cine products at all, really really nice quality box? You can see here on the side compatible with dslr or smartphones, smart tablets. Mountain rings has a android or iso app, and it has a bluetooth, remote, really really nice box, portable smartphone, dslr teleprompter, so lets take off the top of the box thats. One of these lift flush. Flip boxes lets take that off and inside. We have this really really nice uh hard shell case theres, a fabric coated hard shell protective case, and you can just tell already. This is a product, thats, good quality, great value for money and actually worth protecting. Hence the really nice travel case even has a handle on top, so lets lets unzip have a look inside. Okay, so weve got many parts of the kit. So i think this is the outer cover for the actual teleprompter weve got one of the andy cine embroidered dust cloths under this panel weve got some instruction manuals and heres the main part of the unit. There we go so this is the main part and this side weve got a lot of adapters pieces.

Weve got a few plastic bags. Ah now these are the various adapter rings used for fitting dlslr theres. Some more component pieces lets see here. Oh yes, these are the um tripod screw mount pieces, theyre required, and this, i think, is oh yes, this is the very nice uh bluetooth, remote for use for the app with your smartphone or tablet, and weve also got these pop out. Foam adapter rings. I believe for use with uh smartphones, so thats pretty much. Everything in the case lets just pop that out of the way and really nice case that so the main teleprompter itself sits like this. The screen the glass comes out, and that gives you the i think its roughly 45 degree angle required. You can see, but your camera would fit in here and then we have a series of clip adapters for the front and also here on the back. So the first thing to do would be to mount something to the front so thats this piece here, and that would mount into this piece here again. This is actually quite simple and uh self explanatory. So lets just open up this bag lets take out screw fixing just pop into the hole, and you can see how this has a hole there, and it simply just attached this onto here like that. This will be the mount for your phone or your tablet and its actually flexible, so you can actually stretch this out and it springs back to lock whatever it is.

You mount, which is really good, so weve got this button here that we pull back locks in like that and thats the front of the assembly done and then for the rear of the assembly. We have these two pieces left here and again just use another screw mount and that pretty much just goes straight through there and onto there like that, and then this piece can slide into these grooves here like so, and then your smartphone. This is also sprung loaded. So your smartphone can then fit into the space here or if you want to mount it, uh landscape, youll notice, youve got this one here and you can actually mount like so and then you can actually mount your phone landscape across the space here so space here, Which is where these ring adapters come in and were using smartphone. We want this foam piece and we just need to find the ring adapter that fits the phone, which i believe is actually that one there just open this up. Okay, so you can see here that we fit the foam to inside the ring, and then we can just push out the center part with this ring done it slides and clips in like so and then our smartphone can mount into the top here. So what ive got is ive got here. This is a iphone 5c in video mode and we can simply clip this, like so onto the side and its just a case of just a few little adjustments.

Weve now got a working camera, which is perfectly happy. The reflection is the light on the top of the unit at the moment, so what we then need to do is we can put our phone that we want to use into the space here. So i have here my um, slightly newer, iphone and on board ill show you that ive got the andy cine app, which can be found very easily by searching for andy cine on your app store and theres already a file in progress, which we click to look At and this puts it into a backward, auto queue mode, so what we can do now is im just going to fit um thats. Now the auto cue side fitted so weve got a camera phone on the back. Weve got auto key on the front and we can now put the outer piece on for the light hood, and this is a folded up piece of almost like plastic card. It is plastic and it has a velcro inner edge and theres velcro around the outside. Here and we can clip on flip our hood on over the top there we go looking great, so i have here a relatively inexpensive tripod. This is the kind of thing that i use all the time here on the channel and to mount this rig up. What were going to do is well take the clutch plate off, bearing in mind ive, actually chewed a piece off the front of this for a different project, so normally they have a little bit more material on than that, but thats, not a problem for us uh.

Well, take our teleprompter unit and ill just show you underneath youll see theres multiple points to actually mount things, including a tripod, so we can just mount into space on the middle there. We go make sure that plate is straight and we should now be able to mount this quite happily into our tripod. There we go and just loosen that up there we are so. The teleprompter is now mounted with camera into the tripod. Lets put my phone back on here, so this is the phone with the app in mirror mode and well fix that into the space there and youll notice. Already you can see theres the text on the screen, but because the way that the angle of the glass is the phone camera behind cant see this text. So if i start hit play start scrolling, the text as youd read, it means i can now look straight down the barrel of the camera. Read the text on the screen here, but this text here will not appear on the final image being shot on the other phone behind and thats, absolutely fantastic for being able to actually look directly down the camera. Whilst reading a script and, of course, because its fixed on tripod weve still got the flexibility to move around as wed need, so if i just tilt that up a little bit, you can see now much clearly the text as it scrolls and yeah thats. Superb. So its a really well thought out solution to what has actually been quite a big problem here on the channel, not having equipment like this and its much better than being able to stick bits of paper to the bottom of the tripod im.

Trying to read off a sheet of printed a4, which you know means my eyes, are darting back and forth. Now i can actually look straight down the camera and read what is actually on the screen, so its a really really elegant solution. So so far, so good and the device does work as intended with smartphones and the slr cameras. If you happen to be using those, however, it doesnt officially support the handycam systems that we use here on the channel. However, these lens plates will actually fit quite nicely over the camera, but that isnt, secure and theres no way of screwing that in and officially theres no way of mounting a camera like this to the teleprompter. However, i did come up with a bit of a third party solution and this is credit to the design of the system. Thats flexible enough to allow you to do this. I actually 3d printed this mount piece now. This is a uh, a tripod mount. I found on the thingyverse and ive just added an extrusion, so weve got one of the little um mount. Screws left well pop that through there and well mount the camera, as you would normally well just mount that onto this 3d printed custom plate there we go. So if we take off the standard phone mount on the back – and we can just take this ring back out there – we go – we can fit the larger ring in like so.

I have actually found that some of them benefit from just a little bit of tape. Just on the bottom just to hold it in there we go and we take the mobile phone mount and we just clip it in like that. If we take our handicam, we should be able to get that to just about fit and marry up, and there we go so that camera is now nicely fitted in an unofficial capacity to the teleprompter, and we open up the lens. We can see that its got. No problem zoom out no problem at all and that actually works really really well and of course, weve still got our auto cue on the front, and we can play that again again. Its just running the um test script that was preloaded in the app but, as i said before, the camera cannot see we set it running cant tell what hes looking at at the minute. I think hes just looking at a plain wall, but the camera here cannot see the uh reflection of the text and its just such a perfect scenario, allowing us to be able to read more professionally on screen. What is actually going on so yeah. Its im really impressed with it. I think this has worked really really well in all honesty and its a great bit of kit, so there we have it. That is the andy cine t11 teleprompter. If you need to present scripted content direct to camera, if youre a youtuber, a blogger presenter, anything like that, you really cant go wrong with this product.

It is well built. It is well packaged its great value for money and, as ive already shown you its flexible, you can pretty much get this to fit anything. You want, even if officially its not actually recognized by the company and just in case youre wondering how im going to be able to see the viewfinder for the camera with the teleprompter um set up well, ive got here a little um canon stills camera in video Mode, so i can show you its feed, so there is the camera if im seeing and what i did is right down here. Just on the floor, ive got the ymaxite seven inch. Uh rusty pie display hdmi recipie display, as shown previously from andy cine right here on the channel and thats just feeding from my cameras hdmi out. So i do have a view on the floor. If you like, so i can actually see uh what is going on. So when im looking at the camera, i do actually have an image i can see below. So again, you can just couple up all sorts of devices from andy cindy together to create really really cool setups. I just want to say a huge thank you once again to for sending me this product. This is the t11 teleprompter. You can find affiliate links in the description to this video for your local markets, most of them being amazon links where you can buy and the product is around the 100 mark.

Of course, prices will fluctuate from time to time if youre brand new to the channel.