Back in todays video, we are checking out. One of the latest phones from blue called the g91 max, so this is an affordable phone thats powered by the media tech helio g95. This is an octa core, cpu thats paired with eight gigs of ram and gigs of internal storage. The device also runs android 11.. Now, with this device, you can install two sim cards and an sd card at the same time, and that means that there is potential of expanding that internal storage. If you do need more storage, sometimes in the future, and for those of you that, like benchmark scores. Well, this device gets an antutu benchmark score of about 350 000. So you already know that you are not looking at a slow device all right and were gon na start with a super quick unboxing. So the device comes in a good looking box on the front of the box. We see the brand name and the model name and turning the box around. We can see all the specifications inside the box youre going to find the screen protector for the device. There is also a casing there, so you dont have to spend extra money to buy cases and screen protectors. There are also some headphones, something that i havent seen with too many phones um. Lately. Of course we have the user manual. We have the cable for devices its a usbc cable and we also have an 18 watt fast charger, and, aside from that, i believe we have a couple of stickers in there now inside this phone we have a 5 000 milliamp hour battery and using the charger That comes in the box takes about an hour and 45 minutes to fully charge this from zero to a hundred on one charge.

You can typically get between six and nine hours of screen on time. If youre just watching videos, you can easily get nine hours of screen time, but if youre playing games with a device well thats gon na drop to about six hours of scrum time, but overall, a decent um performance. For that five thousand million power battery that we have inside it taking a look at the device itself on the front. Here we have a 6.8 inches ips panel that has a 1080p resolution. We get nice and vibrant, looking colors and also really good viewing angles. So you can see the screen, no matter how you look at it, and the screen also gets fairly bright, so you can still see the screen, even if you take the phone outdoors. Of course, this is not gon na be as bright as the screen that you would find on a flagship, but for a budget friendly device. I feel that this is a really nice screen. The phones frame is made out of plastic at the top. We have a hole for a microphone on the left hand, side. We have the slot for the sim card. We also have the volume buttons at the bottom. Here we have a 3.5 mil audio jack, something that we dont typically see on phones. These days we have another hole for a microphone. We have the usb usbc port and the speaker. Now, unfortunately, this is the only speaker on this device with other budget running devices that ive tried in the past.

We do get dual speakers, but with this one we only get one speaker. However, the speaker does get quite loud, but its still only one speaker on the right hand, side we have the power button, thats, also a fingerprint scanner as a fingerprint scanner. It takes about a second, maybe just under a second from the time you touch it for the screen to unlock, and this is definitely not the fastest fingerprint scanner that ive seen on a budget phone and moving to the back of the device. Well, the back is made out of glass and, of course, that makes the phone look and feel a bit more premium on the back there. We also have four cameras. We have the main camera. We have an ultra wide camera, a macro camera and another camera thats used for portrait mode pictures. All the pictures that you are seeing on the screen right now are taking on this device on auto mode. Over the past week, im gon na see and the phone also supports a night mode. So all the night mode pictures that youre seeing now were taking using that night mode. The night mode only works on the main um camera, though so youre not gon na be able to use the ultra wide camera with the night mode so ill. Let you guys watch a few more pictures that i took and, after those im going to show you some sample video recordings, this device can record the maximum resolution of 4k at 30 frames per second Music.

All right. We have a quick video test, the blue g91 max, so the maximum recording resolution for this device is 4k at 30 frames per second and im, currently using the main camera to record this once again, recording in 4k at 30 frames per second im, also walking here. Just so, you can see how the stabilization works um for video recordings, while walking, of course, thats. Also an important factor for any device were going to stop here. Im going to pan right towards these buildings ill try to keep the phone as steady as possible, and i guess well walk this way, so we walk away from the sun, basically not towards the sun, so yeah this whole recording done the blue g1. G91. Max would look like if youre, using the main camera on a super sunny day, moving on to performance, all the device does better than most other budget phones. That ive tried so that eight gigs of ram definitely helps with a lot of applications. So, if youre using this for facebook, for example, if youre just using it to watch videos if youre using it to browse the web, everything does seem to work quite good, including gaming. So you can play games on it and, as i said, this does a bit better than other budget friendly phones that ive tried in the past, so performance wise. Of course, this is not gon na compare with the flagship, but for what this phone is.

I feel that it performs really good, so you shouldnt have any issues for day to day tasks the gps unit inside it works great as well. It takes a couple of seconds to find your location, so you shouldnt have any issues whenever youre using google maps. We also have a bunch of sensors that are available on in the device, but unfortunately there is no nfc chip inside it, so that means that youre not going to be able to make payments with this device. I believe that the last blue phone that ive tried had an nfc chip inside it. Well not um this one. So there you have it. This is the blue g91 max for a budget friendly device. I feel that it is a great phone. It has a really nice screen. It has a super big screen, so easy to read easy to watch videos, you get great battery life, you get great performance. The cameras are a bit um disappointing in my opinion, and they should have been a bit better. I feel that the previous blue model ive tried them, was taking better pictures and videos, but hopefully that can be addressed with a software update in the future. So there you have it if youre looking for a budget friendly device that looks good feels good, performs good. Definitely check out the blue g91 max all right guys.