This is exas, affordable gaming, headphone aimed towards mobile console desktop, and even your apple m1 macbooks can run off it, but its aimed towards gaming overall, thanks to its type c connector right here, its very adaptable and versatile to new hardware that uses type c port. So yeah now this headphones right here is priced just under 36 usd globally for the updated price and available discounts. You can always check the product link in the video description down below the headphone bill is mostly plastic. Thus, it is lightweight and travel friendly, weighing just under 203 grams, with the cable and mic attached. The type c cable is 2 meters long. The headphone band is thin, extends up to 2.9 cm on each side, reinforced with metal bands. Thankfully, it can take a lot of stretching, though i recommend not to follow what i do in this video. Where i do some cute kung fu moves, the ear cup looks small. If sr can make it thicker, i think more people would love it. It has a thickness of 2 cm, an opening of 4 cm by 5.5 cm and a depth of 2 cm. The clamping pressure is good. Coming from a small asian bill of 175 cm tall, the ear cups have a two way swivel mechanism and he has red color leds on each side when you power them on via usb. The left side features two controls: the mic mute button and the volume scroll wheel, which works independently from the volume control from the streaming device.

The package includes a soft mesh pouch, a wind filter for the microphone and an atcm long usb type, a extension cable for old school type, a ports onto microphone tests. Currently, what youre listening to is my rode wireless mic recording into my a7 mark iii camera. So this is how it would sound like with good audio lets jump into this microphone right here. So currently, what youre listening to is im recording into the macbook m1 14 pro right here using the obs with no compression just its raw signal, raw audio. Coming with the type c usb right here, so this is how i sound like testing one two, three pink fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbow. She sells seashells on the seashore. You know whats behind you, your mama back to the review on to audio benchmark. It uses a 40 millimeter neodymium dynamic driver with an impedance of 32 ohms, which is easy to drive with smartphone or lower powered device. Our test is based on the samsung s20 plus around 50 output volume, with the type c starting with bass and vocals focus song for tmblk. Normal bass packs great amount of energy, a tiny bit louder than the vocals barely noticeable. The vocals is crystal clear and not muffled for pyramidal. Do it again, normal bass, packs good amount of energy. The vocals is crystal clear, feel nearly the same with bass in terms of audible levels. It can be a bit distracting right here.

Bass fits with a long drag, especially at the 2 minute and 5 second mark of the song pure eargasm right here. Next is instrumentals for violin the raindrop, the piano and violin tone leans towards the crystal clear type, with a tiny bit of warm just the way. I like it, the base is a bit louder than instrumentals, audible level wise, so it can be distracting in some parts of the song. In summary, these headphones right here perform well from the ultra low bass frequency up to the mid frequency. Sadly, now at the highs it does sound, sharp but theres no body to it. Now, when it comes to the bass, i would say its very well controlled and tight just enough for you to hear the low frequency noises like gunshot footsteps and maybe some banging noise from a distance in the game itself. Now, when i say well control, meaning that the base it does not vibrate like with a long drag it the drags, it cuts halfway right there. So i would say this driver right here is low powered, so you dont need to expect much for it, but it performs as intended for portable usage like youre gon na game on your smartphone, and you know, consoles nintendo switch that kind of purpose to use this Headphone is meant to be lightweight travel compact for those generous now again streaming device also plays a factor, my own macbook to 2015, the nintendo switch and the samsung s20 plus fare well.

During my test, yours may differ based on the usb output itself. So take this part of my my experience like a grain of salt. Now let me summarize up what is good about this headphones right here. It comes with long s, cable. It comes with an extension cable for old school type, a analog. I know its, not analog. Digital, but i love to call it analog, but heres the thing i think esca can do away with the rgb right here, its not necessary. It can just make it flat minimalistic. I think people would appreciate it next, despite having good audios, the ear cups needs improvement. If they can thicken up the ear cups – oh yeah, ah its um, now i had to give credit to them. Despite its teen profile right here, the headbands can take a beating and the clamping pressure is just enough oops. I almost touched the microphone so its good value for the money right here, the microphone i say its fine for the price. Would i recommend this if youre a parent or a teenager whos on a budget who wants to start gaming and experience mobile gaming, smartphone gaming? Nintendo switch gaming.