It stands by itself, three legs, of course. As the extension you can use your phone, you can use a camera. Um were gon na. Compare with something like this. I have a gopro and it its a stand too, its similar to it its a ghost its like a stick, that it extends itself and everything, but its actually pretty heavy and a little difficult to work with so were actually going to mount down here and see How well it looks and what we can do, because the this is a gopro stick. One of these self sticks im not very happy with this, so were actually going to change that and hopefully were going to set this up so lets go ahead and do that. Take it out and see what you get when you guess about this. All right lets take a look at the actual, stick and im going to put it a little closer because it has a grip, a little pretty good grip and um. He has this um logo. Here that its a its a little remote control for cameras too its a bluetooth and its uh attached to it, you can remove it. If you can see it and he has a little logo and it has a battery in there, of course uh. This is a bluetooth of course, related, and now this is really light, put it a little far away, but look at the front of it. I just wanted to see the actual stick part of it uh.

This is for, of course, and you can extend this – i like this – you can put it down uh. I actually like this. Its very the profile is very thin, so extending it, you can just unlock it here and pretty much it moves any direction. So lets go ahead and extend that far and see what you guys can think so were going to bring the camera a little bit birds eye view um compared to the gopro one were going to see how simple it is to actually set this up. So lets go ahead and do that all right, if you guys can see um lets zoom out a little bit, look how bigger it is compared to the gopro its a little larger. Let me just see the gopro now this one right here, its a little tricky, because opening the lake is not that easy, uh, pretty much um its a little flimsy on this part. This thing, doesnt lock up pretty good um the you cannot stand it up by itself or its going to fall. This is kind of a little off offset if you guys can see its the opposite here now. This one here opens up pretty good four legs. Stabilizes put it here, Music and if you guys want to lock it in you see that theres a little lock feature that you have to twist to actually lock right there. You guys can see that thats a little lock feature on here.

You got to twist these things into a place to lock them in and, like i said its a little offset, it goes up and its unbalanced, so anything heavier its going to tilt over instead of center. This is uh. Has a good center point right here. This doesnt have a good center point. This is only pretty much for selfies and stuff, like that. This is for a tripod. Slash selfie stick pretty much everything on one i like it so were gon na use this up for a bit and see how well it works. All right were going to set up the sony camera in here and see if we could even stretch it high and see how much we could do a birds eye view with this. So lets go ahead and do that all right now, this one is pretty neat for were going to take pictures or maybe push it somewhere. I like it that it comes a little pocket, thin hole that you put in there as their logo theyre pretty neat. Also too um so so far i like it. They have more instructions how to program it too, and it comes with a battery built into. So, if you have any questions, you can always check out your manual all right. One thing i like about the this extension, its included with it uh. It has an extra connection, also too, if you need to attach something to it in the back uh, but i like the profile with that.

It fits perfect on it could slip on uh, see how long the profile of it its really thin, and if you open it up, were going to bring a phone here. This is a droid um, um, galaxy 21 and pretty much were going to open it and see if it stretches out and its going to be able to grab the phone. So you youll be able to use the selfie. Stick pretty simple. Look at the back. It stretches all the way um. This is uh used by any kind of springs, to bring it back, so theres, no locking mechanism or anything so um its. Not that flimsy, i mean im shaking it. Doesnt fall even if one hand so not that bad um. It gets grip, pretty strong, so uh plus you can put this away for a rainy day or anything else, but hopefully you guys, like the video all right check it out guys. I just put it on my sony camera. It goes all the way up its center balance uh. I dont trust this one to be honest, its a little flimsy um, but its up there, you guys can see it its all the way up all the way down. You can see it from right here. All the way down so center of gravity is pretty good, uh, its a little flimsy from the top. This thinning out like if you guys notice, but um stabilized so far, i mean with the three legs out its easy to to manage and then um.

If you tilt it forward its gon na fall forward, because the more center of gravity is going to be off so its only good for these kind of scenario or holding it pretty much, i wouldnt put it for a night birds eye view its just too heavy For it, but for selfie stick, maybe angle lip towards you on the table.