Imx 709 camera sensor for the front camera the FIRST to have a unique 3D Orbit, Breathing Light surrounding the camera as a notification status light. So, besides all of these FIRSTs, what else is glowing about the phone? Now, since this review unit did not come with a box, I shall dive in straight to the build quality and the design of the phone. Now, before anything, I just wan na express my appreciation towards OPPO for always being very different for every iteration of their phones, because theres usually a lot of design changes compared to the previous Reno series, and I have to say that among all hands down this is My favorite looking one It weighs at 180 grams and it is about 7.45mm in thickness. The phone has a nice boxy squared design all around with a very unique matte texture finish at the back, and this textured finish according to OPPO was done by a unique LDI or Laser Direct Imaging for the overall exterior, and it is also infused in two layers Of color, So while the name of this color variant is called the Starlight Black, but it had a very unique black and blue gradient color to it with a very subtle glow, which reflects ever so nicely according to the lighting condition and not too much whenever there Is a light shining on it And speaking of the color options other than this color variant, it also comes with another unique color which OPPO calls it the Startrails Blue.

Then, of course, another significant change is the overall design for the camera arrays, which comes with a very unique two tone finish with a medium sized camera bump, and the phone does not wobble at all. If you place it on a surface while typing on the keyboard down below which was really nice to know, and almost unheard of for smartphone these days And yes very unique to the phone, is the ability for the phone to breathe with the notification light indicator at The camera bump area that works when you get messages, phone calls and other notifications as well Then looking in front the screen is a flat screen display and it has a fingerprint sensor which unlocks fast and the front camera hole punch is towards the top left of The screen Then, looking at the ports and buttons other than the USB C down below. There is one of the dual speaker grilles over there, where the other speaker is at the earpiece area. Then the SIM card slot supports up to dual SIMs, but there is no microSD card slot expansion On the right. There is the power button and, on the left, youll find the volume rockers. So overall, I would give this phone an A because this has to be one of my favorite smartphones when it comes to the build quality and design for 2022. Thus far So yes, OPPO did a very good job on this particular category. Now, looking at the display, the phone has a 6.

55 inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x, 2400 pixels, And there is always that sense of satisfaction whenever I turn a phone screen on for the very first time on an OPPO device where usually it was On a Find X, series which had the best screen among the others – and it is nice that the screen quality of this OPPO Reno7 Pro was really great as well. Call me crazy, but even though the phone had a 90 Hertz refresh rate, but it kind of seems like it had a higher refresh rate and that could be because of the 180 Hertz touch sampling rate where scrolling and navigating on the phone was really pleasant. Indeed, Playback on Netflix was on Full HD and had Widevine L1 certification and the playback on Amazon. Prime video was on Full HD as well, So for the phones screen. I would give this an A because of its top quality AMOLED screen Now in terms of the cameras, the main rear camera is a 50 megapixel, F, 1.8 lens, which has the flagship, Sony, IMX 766 Sensor, an 8 megapixel, F, 2.2 ultrawide lens and a 2 megapixel F 2.4 dedicated macro lens, Then the front camera comes with a huge 32 megapixel, F, 2.4 camera and as mentioned earlier, it has the Sony IMX 709 sensor, Based on my quick test shots the front camera pictures were really amazing, especially for the Bokeh Flare Portrait Mode. For the front camera as well, Then all of the rear lenses, also during my first impressions, looked really nice and sharp, even though at 2x zoom Then.

As for video recording the rear camera maxes out at 4k, 30 frames per second and the front. Camera goes up to a maximum of 1080p up to 30 frames per second, which of course, I am looking to test this camera out further, especially with features like the AI Highlight videos, which is something that I really appreciated in the Reno series devices and, of course, To test out these IMX sensors, not only for the back, but also for the front as well so subscribe to Adam Lobo TV, if you havent done so Next, looking at the other specs of the phone, it comes with the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 Max Chipset. This is a 5G chipset and the very first on a smartphone which has a built in 6nm process and Wi Fi 6 support as well, And I am really looking forward to test out games like Genshin Impact on the phone thoroughly during my full video review. To see how well this chipset performs, Then the variant that I have is the 12GB of RAM, which of course, can expand to another 7GB of virtual memory by using some of the unused storage of the phone and speaking of storage. This particular variant that I have has a 256GB of storage, Then, as for battery, the phone has 4500 milliamps of battery and the phone has fast charging up to 65 watts SuperVOOC charger where the charger comes inside of the box, and it also has an advertised speed From 0 to 100, in just 31 minutes and as usual Ill see how it performs during my full video review when I use it every single day In terms of the software, the phone comes pre installed with OPPOs very super stable ColorOS version 12.

But it is on Android, 11 And whats new, which I have yet to test. Is the Air Gestures where you can answer or mute? Your phone calls by doing hand gestures instead of touching the phone, and there is also the Anti Peeping For Notification, which is also another software feature which Im looking to try as well. So lets see how the current software performs when using it daily, especially since its built on Android 11 instead of Android 12. But I am pretty confident that it will be totally fine. So, as of the recording of this video, the price and the availability was not announced yet and since it just has been released. As you are watching this video, I will update the exact price and the variant and the availability at the pinned, comment below And Ill. Also, let you all know when I do a full video review on the phone, So guys with this, do let me know what exactly you would like to know about the OPPO Reno7 Pro down at the comment section below and either.