If you want to see more videos like this make sure you subscribe and follow me on twitter, so youll be notified. When i upload a new video Music since i took apart the original s22 ultra, i had for the tear down video, i made sure to get a brand new s22 ultra that had not been taken apart or been tampered with. I also removed the plastic around the frame of the phone. The galaxy s2 ultra comes with gorilla glass, victus plus on the front, and back so lets see how it does, when its dropped on concrete, first ill drop. It waist height on its back and just to clarify im five foot. Eight inches tall wow didnt, expect to see any damage from this height, but theres clearly shattering on the camera glass lens covers. This is my first drop test, so i dont really have anything to compare it with, but i dont think im happy with the results of the first drop at this moment. Screen looks fine and there isnt any damage to it. Theres also cracks on the bottom rim of the back glass, now im going to drop it on the bottom of the phone theres damage on the bottom corner of the frame where it made impact with the concrete and the s pen popped out. Some of the shattered glass from the camera lens cover came off as well. Everything else seems to be the same, and the screen has no cracks and its still operational, this time ill drop.

It tilt it to the side a bit to hopefully get the corner of the phone to hit the ground. Everything seems to be the same for the most part and looks to have hit the same corner. The screen is still working fine and no cracks on the glass ill drop it from the side. Now whoa. There are a lot of cracks on the glass on the side of the screen, which looks to have hit the ground first, its possible. If the glass wasnt curved on the sides it may have survived the side drop, the screen seems to be working fine, even with the cracks and shattered glass. The back remains the same on this fifth drop, ill drop it flat on the screen. There looks to be a few more cracks on the top left portion of the screen. The back looks fine and the screen is still working. The fingerprint sensor is working as well for drop number six ill drop it head height on its back. There are some more cracks on the back corners. The screen and fingerprint sensor are still working. Fine on drop number seven ill drop, a head height on the bottom of the phone theres, a crack running down from the top corner to the bottom corner. The s pen has also popped out again theres some more damage to the bottom frame of the phone on the opposite corner. The screen is still working. Fine, as well as the fingerprint reader drop number eight ill drop, a head height on its side.

The top front corner looks to have taken more damage. Lets look at the rest of the phone. It looks like the screen has finally gotten damaged theres, a yellowish color on the screen, and the background is ghosted and barely visible. But surprisingly, the screen and fingerprint reader are still working, even though i can barely see what im doing theres, also some bleeding on the top left corner of the screen. A new screen will fix that right up. Well, since the screen is dead for the most part, thats pretty much it for this drop test overall id say: im: sort of disappointed. The fact that this phone comes with gorilla, glass, victus plus on the front and back i expected no cracks on the first few drops, especially since theyre. Only waist high now im not sure how the galaxy s22 or s22 plus will handle it, since they have a flat design and theyre, not curved. But after seeing the results of this video, if im using a galaxy s22 ultra im, definitely gon na have to get a case, the screen and back handle scratch as well. But as far as drops go thats another story.