So ive decided to kick off 2022 with a kind of a refresh to my channel and my branding im here. Actually in my little tech laboratory over there, i got all kinds of junk im gon na do some feature builds coming up soon. So kind of this is kind of an introduction to a new start on my channel um ive got my buddy and turtles, say: hi, uh, hes gon na be editing my videos from now on kind of just trying to grow myself and become what ive always wanted To do with tech and youtubing and um streaming as well kind of combining everything together and also combining it with all the custom builds. I do all around um, so thats kind of just an introduction of whats going to be to come on this channel in the near future. But today is all about uh. The first step in that process. In my little beginner course of um trying to get back into this youtubing thing and that will be setting up my filming location here in my office in my studio and for that im gon na need a little help from the movo phone video kit and i Assume movo mv t5 professional tripod, so this is a filming setup kit, um to use your phone uh. It comes with everything you need to like supposed to do professional level. Work um – and i got this over here so im gon na make this video really quick.

Film, quick, edit, wont, be a very long one, because i got this to work on next. For my buddy ann turtles, whos gon na be editing my videos and uh yeah thats gon na be fun, so lets go ahead and get into this open everything up and see what were working with and hopefully, by the end of the video ill have uh ill. Have it all set up and itll be looking a lot better than my shaky hands uh giving you motion sickness if youre watching this on your phone, so without further ado lets get right into this Music, so Music, all right, so weve got it all out of The boxes and its still enclosed so im to go not i available. I got the usb type c version, if not thats, okay, well, figure it out, but theres, our all in one kit to kind of do a little vlog setup, and in here i have the tripod. So all this kit is available on amazon. I believe for around a hundred dollars, which really is not bad, if youre just going to use your phone and you have a good phone that can record in 4k, which im recording this in 4k 60. So i have to make this video quick since youre, going to eat up all the storage on my phone um but yeah. So we got all the stuff over here. Im gon na unwrap it all get it all out of the baggages.

Put it all together and were gon na, have it all on the table together here shortly, all right, uh, so now everythings out of the packaging theres, actually a lot of really handy stuff in this kit, um so ill go with just the tripod first, its extremely Sturdy tripod has a built in little level there as well but yeah. So this is pretty standard, tripod sturdy, but bundled all together. It works really well, i think, for recording setup, especially if its just going to be on this table filming down. You know using my phone here if i do most of my recordings here or over at the build station, with all my junk uh yeah, but so lets go through everything. So heres your little vlogging handle another little level on here. Vlogging handle just uh, you know, so we got two microphone uh adapters for the little cardoid mic, the vxr ill, get that in frame better the vxr 10 miniature boom mic and its got the uh. The wind guard here as well to go with that. So thats really convenient. I cant wait to see how that audio quality sounds um. Normally it does come. It comes with your standard 3.5 millimeter jacks for both both versions like here. You got a longer cord and a shorter one, but if you do have usb type c like i do or uh iphone, youre gon na have to get the adapter because nobody makes uh headphone jacks anymore, which you know who needs those right.

So you have your charging, cable or power cable, probably for the light here and ill just show you. The light is already comes pre charged, i assume so bam. Okay, thats bright, yep uh. So we got that we also have a little wireless um starter. I guess i mean theyll, be your recording on or off remote. Shutter is what its labeled as so thats. What those are called. Yes, im an idiot. We have our track to mount on top of the the mount here so to just add the microphone and uh backlight there, and then we have our little microphone stand that just clips around this and sits right on top of this, and that and your phone mounts Right in here, if that makes any sense, oh and microfiber cloth, those are always important, so im going to go ahead and try and get all this assembled together and im gon na well, i dont have a way to film it so ill show it assembled before My phone goes in and i record another video for, and turtles pc build here. Okay, so yeah this is the uh movo all set up on, probably how im gon na use it ill. Probably flip this light around once im recording, let me cut it off. Its really bright actually has three brightness modes as well. So if you want even brighter there, you go, but no thanks, um so ill, probably flip this around and ill tilt this down and have my phone sitting in it like so to record straight down um and illuminate it.

With that light, there uh ill have to figure out what to do with this microphone positioning, so it picks up my audio, really good um but yeah. I decided not to go with the wind guard right now, not to go with the shutter as well, because im not doing any vlogging or anything were gon na leave that, as is but im, really really satisfied on how this is going to probably turn out and In the next video, and probably at the end of this as well im going to give a sneak peek on starting to unbox this stuff and trying to get it set up, uh so yeah. This is the movo uh professional tripod and phone video kit available on amazon. If you want to get started doing your own little, whatever i mean its got, the vlogging handle as well. Here i just attached that to the tripod, the tripod extends up as well. You see the three foot settings here, but yeah im really impressed with this really excited to get to filming using it. So yeah, im gon na set this bad boy up in the right position. Next time youll see, my recording will be the proper setup with this flipped around my mic uh pointing to to me. Hopefully my usbc doesnt act, all wonky, and i can hear myself and you can hear me as well through this microphone. So the quality is a little better, but yeah so lets cut to that now, um with everything laid out there and im going to start right into the next video alright.

So this is the new setup for me. Recording uh gon na have to figure out a way to get the legs of the tripod out of the shot, but for right now, im really satisfied with this. I got both my hands here to free to build and do stuff with um, but just as a little sneak peek on the next video, we got a b365m motherboard. We got a genuine, hopefully itll, get that this light is so bright. Let me cut that off. All right, thats, better, we got a genuine wants to focus 9900k for my good buddy. There editing videos were going with a 650 watt b5 power supply for them 32 gigs of affordable, yet efficient ddr4 memory. I think it only runs at 26.66, but thats plenty coming from his old i7 47 90k system. So this is going to be a big step up, also going to include in his build my personal 1080. The gtx 1080 in my streaming rig right now were going to swap that out, um just a temporarily kind of thing. We also have here the case, which is actually he requested, a micro atx test bench, which has a water cooling support. Its aluminum frame. Im gon na have a whole lot of fun unboxing all this, so this is gon na be in the next video. This build getting it started and finished, hopefully for him very soon so yeah. This is the new setup, the review of the movo kind of a start off of the channel moving forward here, um and yeah.

Next video were going to be building and turtles pc. Not only to edit my stuff, but for his own youtube channel, you should check him out in the description below i have his channel link. He does lots of gameplay fun, edits and stuff. Um ive known him personally for years now and hes a really really good. Dude super excited to have him uh start embarking on this journey with me into my channel as it grows in addition to my twitch. So if youve enjoyed this video, you like the content. This is more of whats going to be coming in. The future. 2022 is going to be a really really big year for tech and im going to be there along for the journey so yeah if youre interested in tech builds tech reviews custom pcs, all that kind of stuff um yes hit, subscribe down below dont forget to hit Uh the bell and leave a like if youve liked any of the content so far. Yes, this has been the rockness monster. Thank you.