But the question is: can this phone compete in this price range? What is up guys? My name is anton, and today we are going to be taking a look at the motto. G31. So first lets take a look at what is in the box now. Motorola gives us an easier time with opening the box so props to them. For that now we get the device first, this is the moto g31 and it comes with a case pre installed, but uh safety. First, i guess now we also get in the box the sim ejector tool, a 10 watt charger, of course, casamarin and usbc. Charging cable – and surprisingly, we also get a free set of earphones. Now this has the airpod design, so its a hard plastic hindi. Silicon good, better luck next time. So this is the moto g31 device itself, and it has that pre installed case. So lets take that off first, so now we can jump into the design. As you can see, this phone does have a pearlescent sheen to it major purple, major blue dependency low, and you can see in the back the triple camera setup and the rear mounted fingerprint sensor, which is the best placement for the fingerprint sensor. I will die on this hill. My opinion is correct. On the right hand, side we have all the buttons, the power button, volume, rockers and a dedicated google assistant button. Now, on the left hand, side we also have the sim tray hybrid chat, support, dual sim, or one sim and expandable micro sd storage up to one terabyte.

You can also see the rubber gasket, because this also has a water repellent design rating. Now, on the top, we have a 3.5 millimeter jack and the first microphone. The second microphone is at the bottom, with the usbc port and the single bottom firing speaker now for the screen. We are getting a 6.4 inch. Full hd, plus oled screen capped at 60. Hertz, so its not the best for scrolling, but i dont have any complaints when it comes to streaming content, where refresh rate really does not matter and that 6.4 inch oled screen can really shine so on to the performance. The model g31 is running motorolas, my ux skin, on top of android 11.. Now it also has a lot of great quality of life features like the peak feature from the always on display, where you can get quick notifications without having to open your device, and we also have great motion based features like the double chop. To turn on your flashlight and the double twist to open your camera, now thats nice to see in an entry level device, and i really wish theyd bring those features up to the mid range and even flagship devices, because its just too convenient now, just like many Other skins myux makes it really easy to change system themes and they also have a very wide library of wallpapers to choose from now in terms of audio, we do have digital tuning from dolby atmos, where it can automatically eq your sounds for music or even movies.

Now, in general, the mediatek g85 chip provides a consistent software experience with decent loading times and from my experience minimal crashing now, there is some slight lag when performing multiple tasks. In the background, though, this could be throttled by the four gigabytes of ram on this device and for the benchmark scores ill, just flash them over. Here i mean benchmark. Scores are just numbers so from my personal experience, gaming on this device, i was pleasantly surprised that pokemon unite ran out of the box in 60 frames per second, and it stayed that way for about an hour. But when it comes to longer gaming sessions, lets say an hour or two of continuous gaming map and drop in frames from 60 fps. A pokemon unite, mention a game 30 to 40 fps, and you can really feel the difference of those frame rates now. Dont get me wrong. Gaming on this device is not that bad, especially if you want just a few quick games throughout the day, but when it comes to longer sessions i definitely would recommend a different device in this price range for more serious mobile gaming. So, generally, these software experience on this device is nice and consistent, especially with lighter workloads but bug, demanding tasks like rendering videos or playing more demanding games like kenshin impact and asphalt 9. You really start to feel the limitations of the chipset available on this device. So now lets move on to the cameras now ive had pretty low expectations when it comes to cameras, especially in this price range.

Thats, a sacrifice, uh all budget entry level smartphones have to deal with and the motto g31 is no different. Now, on paper, the specs arent too bad, we do have a triple camera setup, with a 50 megapixel main shooter, an 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro lens. Now the main shooter is the best shooter out of the three taking more detailed shots compared to the other two, the 50 megapixel main shooter definitely shines with close close up subjects with great lighting, but the moment the subject moves a bit farther away from the camera. It does dip in quality quite drastically. Now, when it comes to color reproduction, i wouldnt say: motorolas photo processing is color accurate, but it does give you very saturated colors that give you a more punchy. Look videos, on the other hand, had minimal digital image stabilization, although i was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the image produced even in low light, though overall cameras are not the strong suit of this device, but it is useful enough that you can take quick, simple Shots for those punchy, saturated colors that you can totally share on your social media. Now the model g31 does come with a 5 000 milliamp hour battery. That is paired with the relatively power efficient mediatek g85 and a 60 hertz oled screen. So you can expect battery life to be pretty decent on this device, pc mark rated the battery life to last around 13 hours and 17 minutes with a light workload.

But with my testing and lots of pokemon unite, i did find that battery life was more realistically seven hours now. The 10 watt charger that comes in the box does not complement the 5 000 milliamp hour battery, as it does take around 2 hours and 40 minutes to completely charge from zero. So there is no quick charging or fast charging of any kind on this device. So i definitely recommend plugging in your device before you head to bed, so you wake up with a full battery, so that is the moto g31, a very well rounded device, jack of all trades master of none kind of phone. So i would definitely recommend this device. If you are looking for an entry level smartphone now, the moto g31 is missing. Quite a few modern features like a high refresh screen and faster charging, but what i think motorola totally excels in is that great software experience myux is quite close to stock android. So that is big props from me, and those motion based gestures are features that i wish all mid range and flagship devices had so once again that is the motorola g31 a phone you can get for 8995 pesos. So what do you guys think? Do you think motorola is competitive in this price range with the moto g31? Let me know what you guys think in the comments now dont forget to leave a like a sub and make sure to hit that notification bell button to stay updated with the next video.

Here at unbox, once again, my name is anton and ill.