If you havent seen the full moment pro camera review ill leave a link in the description, so you can watch it lets start. We can see that the user interface is pretty nice. Looking with a lot of manual controls and well go through each one of them. The first thing is the tap to focus, of course, but if we double tap on the screen, we will see two separate indicators. One is for the focus and the other one is the exposure indicator during video recording. We can focus on one part of the video but expose another one, and this is great for tricky light scenarios. We can zoom into a video if we pinch to zoom. The zoom animation is pretty smooth and we can zoom in very far in the video on the top left is the framerate option. We can choose between different frame rate options, like 24 frames per second 30. 48 60, 120 and 240 frames per second. Then we have the resolution theres a 720p option 1080p and a 4k resolution below the resolution button. As the color profile button moment pro allows us to shoot in a flat log or default profile. A flattened log shooting profiles retain a lot more video information than the standard profile, so you can color grade and post produce it in. They are similar to a raw profile for photos and, of course, we have a flash option. We can turn the flashlight on or of before or during video recording.

What we also have on the left side is audio meter. It shows us the audio levels on the left and right channel, and we also have a headphone monitor for more fine tuning. This is a rgb histogram, so you can see the distribution of the red, green and blue colors brightness level, and if we swipe over the histogram, we will see a waveform monitor. This is how we evaluate brightness and exposure across the video Music on the right side. We have the manual controls and you can change this before or during the video recording, which is very useful. The first slider is the shutter speed. A slower shutter speed is good when recording a low light. Video Music, the next one, is iso slider. This is the cameras, light sensitivity, the higher the iso, the brighter the video will be but pay attention the higher the iso, the more digital noise the video will have – and we dont want that. The next slider is the exposure. Slider exposure is the amount of light that reaches the camera sensor, the higher the exposure, the brighter the video is going to be. This is a manual focus slider, so we adjust what the camera focuses on in the frame and the white balance slider or the color temperature of the video we can make it to have warmer or cooler colors and im going to start the video recording and as You can see if we click on this button here the sliders will pop up and we can change the values during the video recording and theres a photo gallery the settings of the app and the shooting mode.

If you want to see those make sure to check my full moment, pro camera review on the channel ill leave a link in the description.