43 amoled display, guys the first time ever on a rugged phone that ive seen, but most excitingly guys. We have a rear display. Could this be the ultimate rugged phone on the market? Lets have a look Music, so folks sharing my thoughts here on this doogee v20 and i got ta tell you. This is actually one of the more impressive rugged phones ive seen here on the channel. This phone is going to be launched in a world premiere on aliexpress tomorrow, february 21st, but of course, im sharing. My impressions and review of this device lets start with whats inside the box. You see the typical doogee look, but we got a little bit more snazzy here with a very sparkly logo. We do have a few other accessories. This is the sim ejector tool. You have a 33 watt charger for this phone. You have usbc on this phone and we have an additional screen protector, but this phone, at least for me, came with a few more awesome, little freebies, this doogee carrying case, which i think is very nice and a doogee hat as well. Nice touch guys now. This phones, original retail price, is ‘9, yet for the first 100 orders, youre gon na be seeing a special, and if you can pick this one up for around that price in the sub 300, us dollar range theres a lot to like about this doogee v20. Now, of course, as a rugged phone, we have the full ip68 69k military spec standard, so drop this in water.

You know get this phone beat up its gon na handle it just like any typical rugged phone, and you do have a few other different color variations. This is what we call the night black version, but theres also a phantom grey edition and a wine red edition, and i do love this kind of kevlar carbon fiber finish. It is one of the nicest doogee phones that ive definitely seen from the company, but of course, from my perspective, something ive been asking for on a rugged phone for the longest time is an amoled display and we finally have it here in this doogee v20. Now it is a 6.43 2400 by 1080, but it is an amoled display with very inky blacks, and you know to see this. Finally, on a rugged phone, i think is a really nice thing to see: theres still, no high, refresh rate, of course, but you know what im pretty glad that we finally have amoled on this 2g v20 and watching content is surprisingly good on this 2g v20. As you see, theyve gone away from the notch design that theyve typically used for these phones – and you have a much – i guess, more modern, looking design here for a rugged phone with bezels at the bottom. Yes, theyre a little large, but you know what, in the grand scheme of things, this is one of the best screen to front panel ratios ive, seen on a rugged phone.

It really does go toe to toe with a more modern design and i think its a great content, viewing experience performance and, surprisingly guys, this is a 5g dual 5g demensity, 700 cpu. I was actually surprised to see them using the demand city 700, which you know. Yes, it is a mid range demand city chipset, but its a decent chipset, achieving a 361 thousand and two two score. It is not too bad. You know considering and its been a very smooth experience overall and with eight gigabytes of ddr 4x ram and 256 gigs of storage. This is one of the better capacities ive seen on one of these rugged phones, and you get it here with this 2g v20 respectable performance, which is typically not something i can say about. Most rugged phones and in the battery department were looking at a 6 000 milliampere capacity, and this thing has not died on me. It will easily last two to three days with normal use with 18 days of standby, honestly guys. These rugged phones have always been battery champs, and this doogee v20 is no different. Now lets talk about. One of the key highlights, though, is this rear display and doogee has gone to a similar look here to a certain xiaomi phone. I think you know which one it is at the very least this will serve to be able to. You know, answer calls so its almost like having a me smart band like a little wearable on the back, but its a nice feature.

Ive always enjoyed this on. My meal11 ultra and its cool to see doogie implementing that here on their phone and, of course, as you can see, theres many different methods. You can use to wake up the display double tap to wake, and you have a number of different themes as well that you can use for in calls you can kind of adjust that and for the music playback as well. Now dont know if this can do notifications, but at least for these basic features. This could be pretty useful. Just when you have the phone down like this and being able to see a call coming in its a cool rear display, but maybe we can see some additional features like custom photos and stuff like that in the future. And last but not least, we do have a 64 megapixel main camera triple camera setup here on the back of this doogee, v20. Now, of course, with rugged phones, you know dont raise your expectations, but generally the quality on this camera has been okay. You know i can take some decent shots. Todays been a really gloomy day, but you can see the quality is relatively sharp. All things considered, what is one of the key highlights of this camera is the night vision modes. So turning off the lights here, you can see the night vision mode and you can do those night vision, camera shots which can be pretty useful in certain settings as well.

So thats it for this quick review, guys and my final verdict on this doogee v20 to be honest, theres, two things that this phone delivers. That really makes it a step above what ive seen on previous rugged phones, the amoled 6.43 inch full hd plus display. It is a beauty, its definitely the nicest display ive seen on a rugged phone and of course we have that rear display, which does bring a bit of functionality and a pretty cool look to be honest, that very few other phones other than the mi 11 ultra. Can deliver all in all guys im actually pretty impressed this for that introductory price of 279 dollars is a lot of fun and considering the fact that you dont have to baby this. This could go into the shower. This can be used on the beach. This can be used in a lot of different settings that this 2g v20 might just be. The best rugged flagship that you can get on the market today so check out links in the description and thanks once again to doogie for sending this one out, but hit me up in the comments. What are your thoughts on this doogee v20, and do you agree that it does represent at that introductory price of 279? One of the best values that you can get in the rugged smartphone game hit me up in the comments id love to hear about it and thats it for this video.

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