3 inch display and a stylus or an s pen, both of which were completely unheard of on a smartphone at that time and it looks like samsung, is finally retiring. The note line and giving us something new and shiny, thats completely different, but also exactly the same. Let me explain Music, remember the word phablet yeah. That was basically a term that the galaxy note helped create, while also molding the future of smartphones that we knew at the time back. When the galaxy note first came to life, a 5.3 inch display on a smartphone was absolutely ridiculous, but now the funny thing is by todays standards, the galaxy note, the original one would be considered small. This is the samsung galaxy note this phone tablet hybrid. So i guess that would make it a phablet. Its a giant 5.3 inch tablet crossed with a smartphone from samsung, and it has a humongous screen. Thats 5.3 inches. This thing has a stylus which seems a little bit old school, and this is one of the first devices to come with a stylus for a capacitive screen. Phone tablet feel free. Its galaxy note fast forward more than a decade later, and it seems that the galaxy note has been officially written off, but more specifically, it has been cannibalized by one of samsungs own the galaxy s series launching in 2010 the galaxy s packed a four inch display, Which was quite the contrast to the note that followed it just a year or so later the s line of galaxy phones became a huge success and a landmark for samsung in the smartphone world, but the top dog in the current galaxy s series the s22 ultra Is a fusion of passions from samsung and ultimately was created out of necessity and failures of the devices before it samsungs galaxy note: lineup has shifted and changed pretty drastically over the years, but two things remain its bread and butter right.

We got a massive display and the s pen, quite a handy combination, if youre someone who actually likes to write things down and its always been the main claim to fame for the note series over the years. But last year we saw a little shift in what definitively would lead to the death of the galaxy. Note you see last year, with the galaxy s21 ultra samsung gave us the ability to use an s pen on the ultra series, but it didnt provide one. So that meant that two things youd have to go out and buy an s pen for yourself and youd. Also need a case that would allow you to store it because there was no hole for the s pen in the bottom of the ultra device, but this year the game kind kinda changed a little bit. You see. We now have an s pen built into the s22 ultra on top of that im sure that no one has forgotten about the controversy and criticism that the note lineup has faced over the years. Alright, if you are watching this, please pay attention. This recall involves any phone sold before today coming urging people with the smartphone to shut it off return it immediately. There is an issue with the battery cell. This is just a simple psa, not to insert your s pen and your note 5 backwards. The devices lithium ion batteries exploding or igniting. I inserted the s pen backwards into the note 5 and broke it.

Samsung electronics finally reveals the cause of the fires in some of its galaxy note. 7S. So maybe, with all of the trouble, this smartphone has seen over the years its not surprising or confusing, that samsung has decided to retire. The note lineup, but at the end of the day, why would samsung want to spend millions in r d, marketing and manufacturing a device when those same exact fans would embrace what is essentially the same device under a different name? The brilliant part here for samsungs marketing department is that fans will always or mostly always want the best of the best from a smartphone series. They love right. I mean thats how it works, so we have the galaxy s22, the s22 plus and the s22 ultra, and if you really want the best of the s series right now, youre essentially buying a note device. If you decide to go with anything other than the ultra youre kind of missing out on features that you literally wont find anywhere else in samsungs offerings, obviously one of those things is the s pen and its super handy for many. I enjoy it pretty often early on, but the novelty wears off. Pretty quick for me actually and i find myself reaching for the s pen less and less until i almost forget that its even there im actually not a note fan for the pen, but it was always for the large display and the best of the best.

In terms of features and specifications, which is what the note was known for previously well, the same goes for the s22 ultra i mean we have the best of the best here right. I love the massive display. The extra camera features i like the 10 times optical zoom 108 megapixel sensor, a 40 megapixel selfie shooter extra performance under the hood. If you choose the 12 gigabytes of ram, i mean there are so many things. We have a very large battery capacity with amazing standby time and literally every bell and whistle that sammy can pack into it. But the s pen always feels like an afterthought to myself, but with this years s22 ultra youre, essentially paying the same price as you did. For an s21 ultra but youre getting the pen included and a way to store, it sure take my money, thats fine. That being said, i dont think that the ultra is for everyone. Gone are the days of needing the best of the best in a lineup right. I think that the ultra now sits in a category of its own, so really your options are the s22 or the s22 plus and then theres the ultra for anyone who needs a note. More importantly, while the s22 ultra has a massive 6.8 inch display, the other offerings are all over six inches as well and, in my opinion, what the other two lack isnt really enough to waste a lot of energy missing.

In fact, most of what youre missing here, in my opinion, minor camera features. So what youre missing here essentially rests on the back of this device with one minor thing on the front, we have a 40 megapixel front facing camera. Is that important to you? I dont know thats thats your choice, but the s22 and the s22 plus both offer 10 megapixel front facing shooters, which, at the end of the day, i think, is more than enough. Now we do have a 108 megapixel camera on the back side of here, which takes really crispy detailed photos and ive shown some of those off in my s22 ultra camera video. So if you want to check that out, link is down below but, as you can see, the photos off of this thing. Look absolutely fantastic, theres zero denying that now. On top of that, you do get 10 times optical zoom on the back of here as well, which is fantastic. Yes, but i feel, like the use. Cases are kind of minimal, at least in my use case like i, i dont think that its something that im going to reach for all the time when it comes down to it. The photos off of this guy are pretty awesome, but then, at the same time we have 50 megapixel photos coming off of the s22 and the s22 plus. So what makes the galaxy s22 ultra so special and quote worth it? Well that depends on what you need out of a smartphone.

I do think that the 10 times optical zoom, the 40 megapixel front facing camera and the 108 megapixel rear camera are all easy passes in terms of realistic necessities and really the only thing you should consider when making a decision between the ultra or any of the Other devices in this line is whether or not you need a galaxy note. Heres the thing if you werent ever interested in a galaxy note device previously its unlikely that a shiny, new color, a new name, new branding, etc, is going to make you interested in the s22 ultra. The thing is: this phone is built off of a legacy. A legend of a smartphone that changed the world, but i dont think that youre gon na just somehow magically need an s pen in your life, especially after spending twelve hundred dollars on this device. Sure its got a big display, 6.8 inches and weve got some other camera features, but i dont think that those alone are worth it. Unless you really need the s pen. That being said, i think that samsung knocked it out of the park with the s22 lineup. This year i mean we have three very exceptional phones to choose from, and they all offer something a little bit different, theres less of a gap between the s22 plus and the standard s22 really just screen size there. The ultra is a power phone for power users and theres, really, no denying that samsung seems to be lowering its overhead to focus on the next generation of world.