So this is the oppo find x5 pro ive been using this phone for the past two weeks now and um. This is opals 2022 premium flagship. This phone basically packs and brings every tip top component. You can think of except for one which ill get to pretty soon, and it also brings some innovations that oppo has been developing spending years to build so lets look at the overall design. First, this phone is very reminiscent of the oppo finex 3 pro. It brings back mostly that same design, language, if you remember that phone it had that camera bump, that stuck out, but then it blended into the rest of the body its the same thing here. So you see that the camera bump eases into the body instead of you know ending abruptly like most other phones thats, because this whole back piece is one piece of ceramic. This definitely takes more time to build than a traditional smartphone like a traditional smartphone, the camera island, its actually part of the phone, and then you just have a glass piece that goes over the phone, and the glass piece will have a cut out where the camera Island would go into. This is different. This is like a single piece that has to cover the camera module, so it definitely takes a little bit more work to construct and overall, the phone feels really curvy in the hand, so it feels really nice. I mean ill be honest.

I, like the in hand, feel of this phone better than the s22 ultra by quite a bit because thats 22 ultra has these pointy corners that just dont feel comfortable in the palm. Likewise, the iphone 13 pro max its just uncomfortable to hold the sides are hard and sharp, and just pointy all around this thing by comparison feels like really curvy in the hand, and the ceramic feel gives it a unique texture. It feels, like you know, like a piece of gemstone. Almost the screen around the front 6.7 inch ltpo 2.0 panel, so that means the display can vary as refresh rate get as low as 1 hertz all the way up to 120hz. The display resolution is 3216 by 1440, so thats a wqhd plus resolution, and, to be honest to my eyes, the screen looks every bit as good as the galaxy s22 ultra screen like in terms of viewing angles, color reproduction all that they match up very well. Now i will say that the s22 ultra screen gets noticeably brighter than the finance 5 pro screen, but you really only like this will only matter if youre outside using the phone under heavy sunlight if youre indoors – and you just look at both of these screens. They look equally good now the phone weighs 218 grams and measures 8.5 millimeters in thickness, so its a little bit heavier and thicker than last years. Foam but thats, because theres a larger battery in here 5 000 millimeter battery, that good news can actually power this phone.

All day for me im a very heavy user. You know i am on social media, a lot im, always filming. I have slack running basically 15 hours a day, so im a very heavy user and most phones last year. The 2021 phones could not last all day for me, so im happy to report that, due to the larger battery and the improvement in the ltpo panel, this phone can now go 13 hours for me easily outside, like ill, be out all day 13 hours, and it Would actually still come back home with like 15 battery? If you want to charge this up, it tops up really fast theres, an 80 watt charging, brick thats included with the package 80 watts, so its crazy itll charge this phone from zero to 100 in 24 minutes. For my testing, so inside is a snapdragon triple h: gen 1, with 12 gigs of ram 256 gigs of internal storage. All the ram and internal storage are the latest configuration so ufs 3.1 lpddr5 its basically tip top components everywhere, except that one area which again i will get to soon all right now lets talk about the camera, so theres, basically, two main cameras around the back theres, A 50 megapixel main camera 50 megapixel ultra wide camera. Both of these are sony imx 766 sensors. Both of these have an image sensor size of one over 1.56 inch. Now the main camera has a slightly faster aperture, f, 1.

7 to the f, 2.2 and ultra wide, but other than that. These are the exact same camera lenses for the main and ultra wide camera. That is great news, because that means you get much closer quality between the main and ultra wide photos and having an ultra wide camera. That is on paper almost as good as the main camera is good news to me, because i use the ultrawide camera a lot, and i dislike that on some phones like the xiaomi mi 11 ultra or like an iphone. The ultra wide camera is significantly weaker than the main camera, and this really is really noticeable at night. If you take a photo at night with the main camera and the ultra wide camera with the iphone 13 youll see that the ultrawide cameras image is much weaker than the main camera. That is not the case here. You can take a photo of main ultrawide and you crop into the ultra wide t, con master framing and the two shots actually look pretty similar. Now the main camera is still going to be better because it has a faster aperture and theres, just like less area to cover. So you get sharper details, but overall the ultra wide camera keeps up very well and im pretty confident in saying that this is the best ultra wide camera in any smartphone right now, including best 22 ultra ultrawide, definitely better than iphone 13s ultra wide. The main camera is also really damn good too now, both of these camera hardware, the main camera and ultra wide camera, is actually identical to the hardware seen in the finance three pro like mostly identical anyway, theres, like subtle improvements here and there, but for the most Part most of the improvements coming internally in the software and the new imaging chip inside so chip is called marie silicon x and it was self developed by oprah oppo spent years building this chip and what it is is it basically allows oppo to control the entire Image process and pipeline now now, when this phone captures an image, it goes through opals marie silicon x, before it then gets turned out and produce a shot for us to look at some other android phones rely on whatever chip is used in the qualcomm chip or Mediatek chip so having young chip is like the new frontier for smartphone brands, as they take more control of image, processing and im happy to report that the main camera here is really damn good.

I think. For the most part, it holds up very well with the s22 ultra, in fact, a lot of times. I think the finance five pros image has better hdr, but then, at the same time, when you have hdr thats too good, it almost looks a little bit over processed. So you know its arguable, which photos look better between the s3 ultra and the fine x5 pro. If we talk about the main camera, the neck and neck, unfortunately, the zoom lens here is a little bit weak, and this is the area that i kept teasing earlier about. This is the single area: thats, not a tip top component, so zoom lens here is just a 13 megapixel telephoto zoom with two times optical zoom range. You know its good for portraits and if you do need to just zoom two times, then its fine, but then anything beyond that is digital zoom. And when you go up to ten times the image is very soft and ive just been spoiled by the awesome. Epic zoom lens here, where you can get a 10 times, zoom lens from the s20 ultra and it looks sharp. It looks like crisp enough that you can post on instagram. Even the iphones telephoto zoom lens has three times range, so you can still get pretty decent. Ten times zoom shots, so i think two times zoom in 2022 is just a little bit weak considering this is oppos tip top premium flagship offering now video samples are really good too day and night.

Colors look great dynamic range, looks good stabilization. I do think its not quite on par with the s22 ultra iphone 13 pro, so its a pretty good video camera, but not the best. Video camera. However theres one more trick that marie silicon x can do, and that is turn on ultra night video in 4k. For the oppo fx5 pro, so that means when youre shooting pitch darkness, the marie silicon x will use. You know ai swatch to artificially put lighting into the video. So when youre shooting really dark scenes, the fine x5 pros videos will look brighter than what you get from the s22 ultra on the iphone 13 pro. As you can see here, im going up these stairs into this really dark building and the 5×5 pros video just looks a little bit brighter than the x2 ultra video. So overall we have a main camera here. That is one of the best ultra wide camera. That is absolutely the best and a zoom lens that is a little bit weak. But then, overall, you still have a camera system, thats quite good and a 32 megapixel selfie camera upfront too um. It is what it is. I dont really care about selfies that much, but i mean you judge for yourself, so the 5×5 pro runs on android 12 of color os 12 on top ive, already gone on like a dozen times about how much i like color os. So i wont really go on much more longer.

Here, all you need to know is its very customizable. It has all the shortcut gestures that you can think of, and it makes the phone very easy to use. I really like that you can control music playback without needing to wake. The screen like you, can just control playback by just drawing gestures on the screen, and then you can play pause, skip track directly, just like that theres also a new intuitive gesture to go into floating windows, so it just requires an exaggerated swipe up. So right now, im in chrome, if i swipe up and hold it will launch into floating window. This is a very intuitive gesture because on other phones like the s22 ultra, it takes like three or four steps to do the same thing so im open web browser. If i want to float this window, i have to swipe up and hold to go in the app overview, and i have to swipe back to the app that i want long press on the icon and then tap on open in pop up view. So it took four steps just to do what one swipe could do on the oppo finance five pro and this sums up color os. For me, they just have a lot of shortcut gestures that make the phone easier to use. You can do things faster, another example. You can grab a screenshot by just swiping down with three fingers isnt that a lot easier than needing to like long press, the power and the volume button at the same time, so overall im really happy with the oppo phonics 5 pro we have a beautiful screen.

Software that, in my opinion, is the best is my favorite software, the best ultra wide camera, a really really good main camera, and a really comfortable in hand feel and good battery life too. So the only thing here that i dont like is the zoom lens. Otherwise, i have no complaints like, in fact, when im done with the s22 ultra im, putting the sim card back into the finance five pro and making this my daily driver for the foreseeable future, because i just think this one feels so much better in the hand Than the x12 ultra, however, when im using this phone, i will miss the epic zoom lens here, because this phones zoomed in its just not good so oppo. Please have you – have put a periscope zoom lens on this phone. This would be my favorite phone. So far the year and would for sure be my daily driver as of right now i can say its probably going to be my daily driver, but if the xiaomi 12 has a better zoom, then ill probably switch over to that so thats about it. For this review of the oppo finance 5 pro – i dont know the official pricing yet, but we know its going to be around 1 000 100 and i think its a fair price, considering this is a really damn good package, uh yeah, so thats about it.