. It has a cool design, exaggerating heat dissipation and world class gaming performance. Everything is so cool and gaming.. While this video is for the global edition., I will try to cover everything you need to know about this incredible handset. Lets go Regarding the unboxing. Since my unit is a prototype, there might be some differences from the official release. Compared to the Chinese version unboxing. I think the biggest difference is the 65W fast charger which the former provides a 165W charger. Dont feel sad about it, because the global version sports the NFC function, whilst the CN one doesnt offer. RedMagic, was kind enough to send me another color for review, which is My favorite, the Supernova edition, namely the transparent, one. Thats, a crazy cool phone RedMagic, has taken advantage of that transparent, finish and put some highlights on it. Whats. More importantly, is the RGB fan you can enable it by pressing Game fan widget on the home screen, and it has two modes: one is weaker and the other is stronger. In either mode. The noise is not loud at all.. The RedMagic 7 also has another color called Obsidian, the black one. For the pricing and availability. You can check out the link in the description. Regarding the specs and its world class cooling system. Ive already talked a lot in my previous video here. Im not going to repeat it., Basically the global version and Chinese version share the same hardware.. Still. I will list everything on the screen.

You can check them out.. What I really want to talk about is the real life user experience and why you might consider this handset instead of others.. First is the 165Hz screen.. It looks incredibly smooth. Its hard to describe the difference between a 120Hz screen like on the OPPO Find X3 Pro. A 144Hz display like on the ROG Phone 5 and the RedMagics 165Hz panel., But compared to a 60Hz display, the RedMagic 6 is like a first class seat for your eyes.. Second, is the ultra smooth gaming experience., It sports a Red Game Space key on the left. Side. You slide it over to enter the Game Space. You can choose titles control the Turbofan all, while muting notifications and other nongaming distractions. During gameplay Game Space controls can be accessed with just a simple finger. Slide. The Game Space control panel also has shortcuts for screen. Brightness mapping, game controls, recording gameplay and more. Speaking of mapping. It is probably the best gaming feature on the device. On the side of the phone are two touch sensitive areas that can be used as shoulder buttons for games.. You can map two different gestures to each of these buttons. Thus, during gameplay a single touch on the shoulder key triggers two actions and you will always be faster to kill your enemy., And I think I prefer these touch sensitive keys over the physical ones on the Redmi K50 Gaming, because you dont have to press them.

Down.. Third, of course, is the thermal control which ensures a stable gaming performance. During long bouts of gaming. The RedMagic 6 never got too hot to hold. The internal fan, along with the improved cooling system. Ice 8.0, which includes a nine layer, cooling structure, made it one of the most comfortable phones to play games on in terms of temperature. For others, the phone features a 4500mAh battery, which is 550mAh less than its predecessor, but considering it offers a 65W fast charger. I can happily live with it. In case you want to know the sound here. It is. The rear, camera sports, a 64 MP main 8MP ultrawide and a 2MP macro here are some photo samples., Not very impressive, but more than enough to handle daily tasks.. To conclude, I think, for a specific niche RedMagic has done an excellent job.. It offers all the best possible cool gaming features that a hard core gamer needs like the uncompromised, stable gaming performance, smooth little gaming designs that help you win in the battle. Superb thermal control.