So when i set out to review a device like this samsung galaxy, s21 fe, for example, i tend to try and list at least a few specific and unique reasons why someone should consider it. Those reasons could be the price or the overall value versus the competition, a unique set of features maybe or software support. It could be anything and in thinking about that, with this s21 fe, i came to the conclusion that there really isnt even one reason to buy this phone and thats hard. For me to say, the s20 fe was no doubt the best device samsung had put out in like the last five years, but we were all eagerly awaiting the release of the s21 fe last year, but it didnt come not until the middle of january. This year. Probably three or four months too late. I know that doesnt sound like much but in terms of product release, cycles, thats a significant delay and to make matters worse. The s21 fe was also announced not even a month before samsungs s22 flagship lineup, which we all knew was coming. When you put all that together, i think you can see the problem. This new s21 fe kept s20 fe owners waiting, perhaps a little too long and if theyre into yearly upgrades, they likely went with something else that something else could have been this the flagship s21 from last year, its about a year old. But of course, its still better than the s21 fe, and you can snag this flagship device now for 500 bucks on amazon, if you want, and especially now, that the s22s are on their way and speaking of pricing, let me just break this down further because its Pretty eye opening the s21 fe is technically a 700 phone.

There were a couple deals when it first came out, but thats the full retail price. Now the flagship s21, like i said, is about a 500 device renewed it really isnt sold new anymore, but its a better phone, of course, its the flagship version, and when you make that comparison price wise, obviously it doesnt make any sense to pay more for less And at least right now, as im filming this video, the brand new flagship s22 is discounted to 7.99, so you could literally get the newest latest full fledged feature, packed flagship phone for just a hundred dollars more than the s21 fe. This really throws a wrench into the whole s21fes value proposition because of the timing of its release, its basically getting squeezed out by better phones at better prices. So, in my opinion, you can kind of cross off pricing and value as potential reasons for getting it. When we talk specs and features ill dive deeper into this in just a minute, the s21 fe is a great phone to use its a very capable and dependable flagship, caliber device, but objectively its the lesser phone compared to the s21 flagship. A few notches down from the new s22 and really when we stack it up against the s20 fe as a potential one for one upgrade, you just dont really get that much more. The screen is basically the same. The processor is only marginally better theres. The same storage and ram options, though you actually lose the sd card slot and going with the s21 fe.

The cameras are basically the same. The speakers, the fingerprint sensors battery charging speeds, aside from the slightly different rear housing and tenth of an inch display size difference. The s20 fe and s21 fe are fundamentally almost the same, its a marginal upgrade at best. If you want some more noticeable improvements, jumping to the flagship s21 will get you there or obviously the s22 of course. So again to me, the s21 fe just doesnt deliver a significant boost in specs performance or features when you start to compare, maybe im missing something here and feel free to chime in if i am, but in all the ways that i analyze a smartphone. When i review it and then comparing it to similar devices that you might consider too, i just dont really see how this s21 fe offers anything unique or different, or value focused and really its not an issue with the phone itself, its strictly just a product of The delay in release any other samsung devices that you could get now. Instead, as a phone itself, the s21 fe is solid from start to finish, i think its a very attractive, looking phone, it mimics the flagship s21. Of course, the decent sized 6.4 inch display is great for watching movies or videos and simultaneously its also the right form factor for comfortable one handed use thats. What i really like the viewing experience is great too. The display is a beautiful, dynamic, amoled 2x display.

It is a 2400 by 1080 resolution, crams in 401 pixels per inch, which is plenty sharp for its size. Theres hdr, 10 plus support now really bold, its really colorful and quite a bit brighter too than maybe the s20 fe. So i guess that is a slight improvement, its also super responsive with the full 120hz refresh rate. The phone feels very fast, with every touch tap and swipe. I actually think the display alone really makes this phone great, but at the same time, its not exactly unique or special to this device in particular. Still, though it is a standout feature. Nonetheless, the s21 fe is also arguably a flagship caliper device when it comes to the specs and performance powering. This thing is the top tier 2021 specs, like the snapdragon, 888, 5g chipset and adreno 660 gpu. You get the choice of six or eight gigs of ram as well altogether, certainly flagship internals and in real world usage. This is about as fast and as powerful of a phone as you can buy. One of the advantages, of course, in going with the s21 fe, is youre going to get at least a couple more years of android versions and security updates. Maybe samsung will throw on a couple extra months since the release of the phone was delayed anyway, but for the software support and for gaming and for work and for everything else. The overall experience here is a top tier samsung smartphone that can cut through just about everything and is very easy to use and very familiar and honestly, like i said, if were looking at this phone just on its own 700.

Bucks for these kinds of specs is a pretty good deal. All things considered this used to be a thousand dollar plus kind of setup, so the value is still sort of there, but thats. Only if you ignore all the other samsung phones ive already mentioned. Also for me, battery life on this phone has been really good. You get a 4500 milliamp battery inside which is a smidge smaller than a lot of other phones. Nowadays that seem to be pushing 5000, but that yielded me some 12 to 13 hours of screen time. At least most days with 120 hertz enabled i dont necessarily push my devices that hard but its a full day phone and then some for me, the 25 watt charging speeds arent pushing any limits either, but an hour plugged in can usually get me back up to 100 and the wireless charging and reverse wireless charging features, while not too useful for me personally, at least round out the battery and power feature set to ensure this phone offers everything the camera setup and capabilities overall are also really good on the s21 fe they werent Necessarily upgraded from the s20 fe and there also arent any super crazy flagship features like 8k video recording but snapping pictures and capturing video with this phone is great and for 99 of people i think youre gon na get a ton out of the setup. The simple point and shoot shots with the main lens: the s21 fee captures a ton of detail.

Overall, you still get that bright, colorful punchy, look that samsung tends to offer, but visually. The pictures look great in between the telephoto lens and the ultra wide youve got a complete camera setup that you can use for any and all scenarios. The camera setup as a whole is also one of those areas that separates it from the likes of samsungs. A series, for example, and brings it much much closer to the flagship setup just without those extreme features that i mentioned earlier, but, like ive, explained a million times before as good as this setup is on this phone, you dont get anything more or that much better Than the s20 fe, and if you want those super special high end flagship capabilities – 8k video super zoom, all that stuff you can opt for the s21 fly chip or new s22 flagship and youre likely gon na end up getting better value for your money. Now, if it felt like, i sort of rushed through the review part of this video im, sorry, but at the end of the day, this is a samsung smartphone with all the same features and specs that weve seen before you know what youre getting here. You know what to expect, and there really isnt anything special or unique to this phone, in particular as just a standalone device, ignoring all other factors and comparisons. The s21 fe is a top tier feature, packed modern, current samsung device with all the specs and capabilities you want youll get years of software support its definitely a multi year investment and technically it is priced competitively.

The value should be there, but the bottom line is that this phone is not the only device on the market, far from it, its not even the only device from samsung in its price range right now, and therein lies the issue when reviewing smartphones. I always have to make the price comparison. The value comparison, the feature by feature comparison to other devices on the market, simply because there are other options out there in the world. Everyone compares everything anyway and in the case of the s21 s21fe, all those other options like the flagship s21 or the new s22, are either cheaper or they offer significantly more features for only a little bit more money. If you come across a good deal on the s21 fe, maybe its 100 or 150 off somewhere or maybe you can get it discounted from your carrier, you should still get the phone if you want it its a great device for sure, but if youre gon na Be doing even the slightest bit of comparison shopping, i really think youll find that the s21 fe is simply not as good of a value as it could have been, or as it should have been and thats really a shame. But what do you guys think? Is there any reason to buy this phone? Maybe i missed something. Let me know in the comments down below id love to hear your thoughts. Of course, hopefully you guys did enjoy this. Video, though, be sure to follow techdaily on twitter and subscribe to the tech daily youtube channel.