called the g91 max. This phone is marketed as an all around budget flagship with competitive, specs and features for the relatively low price of 249. But since this is a blue phone that just launched today february 23rd, there is a special launch day deal that actually brings the price down to only 149.99 for a limited time, which is kind of insane so theres an affiliate link to the amazon listing in the Description, if you want to try and scoop it up while the deal lasts, but in typical fashion, were gon na go ahead and unbox the phone and see whats all included with your purchase before we dive into the the nitty gritty, specs and features which you can See here includes wireless charging, a 5 000 milliamp hour battery quad camera array and pretty large, almost seven inch display so sliding off the top of the box well find the g91 max sitting right on top wrapped up in some protective plastic. Underneath we have an 18 watt fast charging wall, wart theres uh, shockingly a pair of earphones with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack blue is continuing to keep this port live, which i absolutely love. I love the nostalgia there next theres a braided usb a to usb c charging cable. We have a sim card, ejector tool, a blue sticker and then some paperwork helping you get this phone set up and running thats, not where the accessories end, though blue, has included a rugged protective silicone case, as well as a screen protector to help keep this phone Free of scrapes and scuffs, so you really do get a lot of accessories included with your purchase.

Now we can take an up close and personal look at the g91 max. This is a rather large device, thats, almost identical in size. To my current daily driver, the google pixel 6 pro so hopefully that sort of gives you an idea. As for how big this phone is, it is rocking a large 6.8 inch display and it has a quote, unquote. Glass battery cover that, thankfully hides fingerprints pretty well and it makes the phone actually feel pretty premium more so than what the market value indicates. But perhaps the most striking design element here is the camera module its a quad camera array with a main sensor, a depth sensor, ultra wide and macro lens were gon na dive more into the specifics later on in this video, but this camera module, i would say, Helps make this phone look even more premium now its nice to see that headphone jack i mentioned earlier, which is next to the usbc charging port and bottom facing speaker, which is its mediocre. At best you know theres uh. It would have been nice to see a dual stereo speaker array, but you know it is what it is. Uh the dual sim card trade also features a spot for a micro sd card that can add up to 256 gigabytes of extra storage. Last but not least, is the side mounted fingerprint scanner that actually works surprisingly well, its quick and responsive, and i just wish that more phones included a fingerprint scanner like this thats embedded in the power button, because it just acts as a great backup to a face.

Unlock method that we typically see in iphones and even some android phones, the 6.8 inch fhd plus 1080p infinity dot display, is a mouthful and it sounds more impressive than it is im going to be honest with you, but thats, not to say its, not a good Quality display because its exactly that its a good panel, it has solid viewing angles, it gets pretty nice and bright. Colors are vivid and saturated and content is crisp and clear. Thanks to the ‘6 pixel per inch index, but to nitpick. You know the bezels could be slimmer and it doesnt feature the impressive contrast ratio that an oled panel would offer. It also only has a 60hz refresh rate, so it can look a little bit herky jerky when scrolling through content. What im really trying to keep in mind here when i review this phone is its overall price of right around 200, which is almost a fifth of the price of my google pixel 6 pro now it is running a fairly clean version of android 11, a very Good thing in my opinion, but i do want to note that when setting this phone up, there was concerning amount of marketing and user agreements that you had to agree to and and check off in order to complete the setup process. I did email blue about this and i found out that you can opt out of the device usage terms and marketing terms, agreements and click next to continue setting up the phone.

It just would have been helpful if they noted that these were optional, because otherwise it just looks like these are all required and you cannot complete the setup process without signing off on these terms. With that said, its also worth mentioning you do get some pre installed. Apps or bloatware, like sheen, tick, tock, solitaire and an app called news pop, but i would say its nothing quite like what youd find on a verizon or a t device with all that carrier branding. They typically pre, install and in terms of performance, its packed with a mediatek helio g95 octa core 2 gigahertz processor paired with 8 gigabytes of ram im gon na be honest, its not the snappiest phone by any means, but it gets the job done and its able To handle some essential apps, just fine social media text, emails, the calendar, google drive, opening and editing documents, it all runs pretty well just uh, i would say: dont expect very, very smooth gameplay with graphic intensive apps like fortnite and pub g theyre gon na be playable, But the experience isnt gon na be ideal. In my opinion, im just gon na be completely honest with you, maybe thats why they included solitaire over pubg or fortnite just saying, but it does have 128 gigabytes of internal storage to store all sorts of games and media with an additional 256 gigabytes of storage. That can be added with a microsd card, so thats pretty awesome, youre, really not going to run out of space with this phone.

Another area, thats going to be really appealing, is the battery life. This phone is powered by an absolutely massive 5 000 milliamp hour battery. That not only supports 18 watt quick charging, but 10 watt wireless charging as well. This has become a must have feature in cell phones for me these days and this wireless charging feature. It also works in reverse, allowing you to charge other devices like a pair of wireless earbuds just by setting them on top of the back of the phone so for a phone in this price category. These wireless charging features are extremely rare and i love to see it. Okay. Now we can talk about those rear facing camera sensors. There is a 108 megapixel main camera sensor, a 2 megapixel depth, sensor 5 megapixel wide angle and 2 megapixel macro lens paired with a dual flash. You might be thinking wow 108 megapixels, its got to be good, but this is a great case of how megapixels dont translate directly to better images, theres other elements involved like image, processing via software, that make a lot of the difference. Generally speaking, i did notice colors tend to be fairly muted. There is a fairly considerable amount of noise, especially in in low or inadequate lighting, and some portions that were in well lit environments do tend to be overexposed theres. Also, some aggressive sharpening going on, as you can see in some of the images but again uh images with plentiful lighting will have better results and i will say, the ultrawide camera and macro lens can be fun to use.

But i do get the feeling that theyre here mostly to fluff up the specs on paper. As for the 16 megapixel selfie camera, it has a pretty nice wide field of view and can take some acceptable images that do tend to be on the contrasty side of the spectrum, but have a fair amount of detail which is good to see. And yes, there is support for 4k video recording via the main sensor, but i found that again. Colors are pretty dull and it is very shaky, so it might not be the most usable footage. What you have to consider with the blue g91 max is its price to spec ratio and overall feature set. I feel, like i often say the same thing when reviewing blue phones. You get a lot more features and specs overall than other phones in the same price. Category but pound for pound some features arent going to hold up very well depending on which phone you compare it to where i think the g91 max excels is with the hardware features the dual sim card slot with microsd card support, the headphone jack wireless charging with Five thousand milliamp hour battery and side mounted fingerprint scanner really help make this phone worth its price, and i think, if you can score it for 150 to 200 during the special launch price deal, then its to be all the more worth it with. That said, ill place a link in the description to pick up this phone over on amazon.

It works with gsm carriers like at t and t mobile, and if you have any questions or concerns, let me know in the comment section below as always: im beau hd from slash dot tv hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you for watching and ill see.