This is the latest iku9 pro smartphone. Every phone should have that absolutely every phone should have that. That is such a huge improvement on this technology, but you probably caught the other branding on the package. The m motorsport bmw premium partner. So if youre familiar with the m branding youre going to have the stripes youre going to have the distinctive design right out of the package, people are going to know what theyre looking at. There is an actual motorized gimbal inside of there boom im recording mo and then i turn and thats incredible. You have the snapdragon 8 gen 1 chip inside up to 512 gigs of storage up to 12 gigs of ram 120 hertz 120 watts fast charging. So i mean its kind of got everything you want on the spec sheet, plus the premium styling, so lets check it out. I quest on and on interesting look at this m styling blue black and red stripes inspired by motorsport plus. This back has like a kind of blasted matte finish to it. Then you have this large rectangular cutout up top its a triple set up: 50 megapixel plus 16 megapixel. So there is an ultra wide in here and theres, also gimbal stabilization. The power switch is also done in this bmw, blue, with the volume rocker just above it. You have a nice little texture on the power switch, so you can easily tell the difference between the two without looking.

This thing is going to charge crazy fast, its like a full charge in like 20 minutes at 120. Watts speaker unit is there, and that is your sim tray as well, so its a symmetrical design, they decided for the punch, hole style in the middle of the display. Get that vehicle right there well mine that, actually, by the looks of this, it looks like they. Maybe sponsor the actual competition car as well, so we also get a case that continues. The styling this case actually has a little texture to it as well. So thats a bit of an upgrade over the typical included case that youd have inside of a smartphone package. A dual sim card slot, as well as a tiny little rubber, gasket, look at this monster. That is your 120 watt, capable charge brick. They call it flash charge and its pretty much as fast as youre going to be recharging, a smartphone in 2022, its like under 15 minutes to 90, fully recharge it in like 20 minutes. I get excited by these types of things, so many of these batteries are tested for somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 cycles. They claim they can do like a thousand cycles. Anything that makes a device a little bit more distinctive or have some personality is something that i like to check out: check out the uh red white and blue. In the background, i can tell its a fast refresh already. We can have resolution here up to 3200 by 1440.

. This is obviously a battery life decision. Im just going to go ahead and lock it into 120, which is ultra high 120, is a beautiful thing and its what you would want on your flagship. This is a pretty slender little camera cutout and then also we have a pretty aggressive curvature around the sides of the device. It doesnt feel incredibly enormous in your hand, because it curves around the edges and gives you a really slim grip where you actually end up. Holding it so, prices are starting at just past 800, which, when you look at this spec sheet and compare, is actually uh pretty impressive, especially when youre talking about a 12 gigabyte ram device thats the 256 model, you can get up to 512 gigs of storage. If you want youve got the snapdragon that you want, you got the res that you want. You get the 120 hertz that you want and youve got the 120 watt charging that you want theres a couple of different 120s in there. So the screen is actually 6.78 inches and the battery spec is 4 700 milliamp hours theres a couple of different custom wallpapers to choose from probably the stock one is the coolest, so the fingerprint scanner apparently to register it. It only takes like one touch and then you can adjust the size of the region for the unlock so see how large the region is. Im gon na go and input my finger check this out, thats it one touch registration that feels so much more futuristic done and then check this out.

Look how big the region is for the unlock that is so much more satisfying and so fast wow lets. Try a different finger, nothing its a huge region, man, every phone should have that absolutely every phone should have that. That is such a huge improvement on this technology ill just be here for a while just testing that mo how many different phones have we unlocked with the fingerprint, no a few, oh, my god, it is so superior and the registration is so superior. Yeah. Look at this fingerprint, unlocking area, so i can actually adjust it in here. If, for some crazy reason, i want it to be smaller, i can do that. You also have some different animation. Styles. Oh, that ones kind of cool lets. Try, oh theres, even more get real fancy with it. Let me try this one that ones more subtle its so addictive. That is absolutely well done. That is the most impressive fingerprint unlock in display, probably that ive ever tested. So you can see your three options from 1x to 2.5 zoom, all the way down to 0.6 on the wide side of things. Hdr looks to be working automatically: 1x, 2.5, 0.6 theres. Also a fisheye asteroid and rabbit hole broken brain. If you want to use the full 50 megapixels, then you have to head into your alternative camera options. There is an actual motorized gimbal inside of there still a fairly rare thing to have. You can adjust it from standard to ultra.

This is ultra stabilization. This is a quick test of the ultra stabilization. Are you going? Where are you going? Where are you going? Where did you go? Music super anti shake pro. There are so many different stabilization options here, oh horizontal line, so it can lock the horizon boom. Im recording mo and then i turn and thats incredible im still recording mo perfect. Yes, i love the horizon, lock, yeah gimbals. Can they can do things? You can do things with gimbals to see them in smartphones, its pretty wild thats, pretty cool, actually its a great its a great selfie. It will shoot up to 8k 30 frames, which is unusual because a lot of devices that support 8k they tap out at 24 frames. So the stabilization setup is, depending on the resolution you pick and so youre going to get different stabilization options depending on whether you want to shoot 8k, 4k or 1080.. So keep that in mind you see an increase in vr related insurance claims. Since 2016, there have been 68 overall increase in vr related injuries. Yes, of course you know if you have a bmw like an m nem car, i think you pretty much have to get this phone thats.