Now, if youre after a dedicated gaming smartphone to get the most out of your pub gs, your call of dutys and all that but youre, not absolutely loaded. Well, the black sharks are definitely one of the ways to go strong rivals to the red magics of the world, great game and grunt, and plenty of dedicated gaming features chucked in there as well, but for an affordable price tag. Now i have already reviewed the original black shark four game and smartphone right here on a textbook. The main difference between that model – and this here pro version is the fact youve got the snapdragon 888 chipset packed in it for even greater gaming grunt. But enough of me banging on thats with the black shark 4 pro and out of the box. Take you on a full on tour of the hardware and software test up the given features and see just how good it is applying the likes of gentian impact. On top detail settings for prolonged periods of time and for more on the lists and grits tech, please do pub subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers so. First up lets see what you actually get packed in the box here. So, of course, you get one black shark 4, pro an absolute beast of a charger, its a 120 watt special bonorific bit of usb cable action. Some lovely little stickers keep the kids amused while you ignore them and spend all day on pubg and youve also got a protective condom case as well to wrap around at your black shark forepro and keep it safe from harm, although its not really a proper condom Case because it is a rigid effort, as you can see there and thats it thats everything youll find in the black shark 4 pro box, so the actual design of the black shark 4 pro very, very similar indeed to the original black shark except youve, lost that Glossy finish on the back end, which for me is definitely a plus, because when youve been gaming all day long youve got very sweaty mitts you get.

These lovely smeary marks all over the back end of the original black shark. For us. Hopefully, this matte finish should prove a bit more smudge resistant. As usual. Xiaomi has added that attractive x pattern to the back end of the black shark approach, as you can see that just morphs as it catches the light, not the most attractive camera bump in the world, but at least it barely juts above the surface and then, of Course youve got the usual backlight shenanigans. You can change up the lighting effect by heading unsurprisingly into the light effect app. This allows you to tweak the behavior of the lights, depending on what the scenario is. So if youve got an incoming call various other notifications, if the phone is charging or simply if the screen is off – and this is fully customizable as well, so you can have the light just coming on – you can have a breathing style effect and of course you Can change up the actual colors as well? You can even have that light pulse in a variety of colors. If you cant make your mind up and then just give your pattern, a name and youre good to go and there you have it theres our spur. Terrific lighting display, whenever the screen is off, of course, because this is a metal frame, it should prove nice and hardy over time. So no worries if you want something to just chuck in a backpack and basically forget about and at 220 grams.

Yes, it does have a serious, proper heft to it as well. Definitely like every other game and phone ive reviewed. So anyway, lets turn our attention to the software, and we got here is the joy ui, 12 launcher, which is essentially me ui 12, but with a few bonus gaming bits chucked on top and not as much crap wear as well, which is great to see no Tick tock or any of that other bollocks. As you can see there, joy ui is running on top of android version 11, not the freshest androids at 12. Unfortunately, no idea when thats going to get updated and the security updates are rather lagging behind a bit as well its a standard problem with xiaomi smartphones in general. As usual, you can drag down your notifications panel from the left edge and the control center from the right edge, which gives you fast access to a variety of different toggles and again thats fully customizable as well as you can add in a whole bunch of bonus Bits, but when its time to get gaming, youll want to enter the shark space 4.0 as perfect, as that sounds, and what you do pull out those shoulder buttons simply by flicking these switches, i love the sound of that and then you just got to hold down Both shoulder buttons at the same time for about a second and again xiaomi, is absolutely nailed to the bloody sound effects and then, from here youve got fast access to all of the various games.

Youve got installed on the black shark 4 pro, so you just give them a tap load them straight up. Youve also got various options you can dive into, so you can select what shortcuts pop up in the in game menu, which ill show you in a bit. Youve got the likes of the gamer studio. Again, just lots of settings you can toggle about with. You could also set up any black shark for pro accessories. You have to have like some cooling devices, little attachable keyboards and then once youre. Actually, in a game, you can open up at the game studio simply by swiping down from one of the top corners like. So, as i mentioned before, this gives you first access to a whole bunch of features which you can actually set up in those settings. If you like, so, for instance, youve got the likes the master controller feature, which is definitely one of the best options here. This allows you to set up those shoulder buttons on the top end of the black shark 4, pro its very simple to use. You just got to drag these a and b shoulder button icons to the on screen buttons. You want to map them to just leave them there. Job done youll then find these are instantly mapped to those actions and it just works an absolute charm, its so easy to change them on the fly if you want to, and if you dont want to use the shoulder buttons, no worries you can just flick.

Those little switches again and theyre, tucked away out of use, then back in the master controller section as well. Youve also got the magic press feature. This basically just allows you to configure that display, so you can hard press on either left or the right side in order to perform more actions. But personally i find that i accidentally pressed hard on the display. Every time i got slightly stressed like, for instance, when some big bastard, with a huge massive shield, tries to pound my skull into juice and yeah. You can change the sensitivity and the actual pressure area and everything, but still i just i just left it alone and youve got all the standard game menu shenanigans in here as well, including that no notifications support as well so youre not getting distracted. You can quickly and easily see how much battery life youve got left, how your cpu is handling life, even how strong your internet connection is, which is quite handy obviously, for online titles like pubg call of duty now the black shark 4 pro doesnt change up things At all, when it comes to the actual display its once again, a 6.67 inch super amoled panel super super bright, easy to see, even when youre gaming, outdoors really nice punchy, colors and fully customizable too its a full hd plus resolution 2400 by 1080. So again, fine detail, despite the fact it is a whopper of a panel, you do have a selfie orifice, slightly poking its way into the action when you go full screen, which is quite rare for a gaming smartphone but again, thats, something that you found on the Original black shark, four as well didnt, really bother me at all when i was doing my ginger impacts by call of dutys etc.

But i can understand if its the kind of thing that might turn you off got support for up to 144 hertz refresh on this thing and 720 hertz touch response as well, so every little poke, jab, swipe, etc instantly replicated in game no hanging about. So definitely no issues. There youve also got a stereo speaker set up here on the black shark 4 pro like most gaming smartphones, of course, and it is proper bloody good lets just give it a quick sample. It does still seem really strange not having the old touch bar up at the top of the keyboard. Of course, although it was awfully unsupported, so super super loud on that top volume, but great quality audio as well. Definitely one of the best stereo speaker setups out there comparable to likes the asus rog phone, which is far more expensive. One of the few areas where the black shark 4 pro really earns. That pro title is the fact youve got the snapdragon 888 chipset packed in here, rather than the 870 of the original, so not the most up to date. Qualcomm flagship chipset, its not the snapdragon 8 gen 1, but the 888 is still more than capable, backed here by 8 gigs of ddr5 ram. The obvious test is gentian impact maxed out on the detail, settings and then bumped up to 60 frames per second, as well put some serious pressure on that soc with the original black shark 4.

I did see the frame rate occasionally stumbled during super intensive action on these settings, but the black shark 4 pro couped admirably with this level of pressure not slowing down over time, even with lots of head smashing, slime, bunking shenanigans. You got full 5g and wi fi 6 support on here, so youve got a stable online experience with likes of call of duty, mobile and pubg, and the like as well so definitely great for online gaming single player. Whatever rocks your crazy little world and yeah wordle plays like an absolute dream and all, but of course, if you want to get gaming all afternoon long well, thankfully, the black shark 4 pro does boast a liquid coolant, setup and thats just as well, because the snapdragon 88, it notoriously overheats shall we say, however, while the back end of the black shark 4 bro certainly got proper toasty after around half an hour of non, stop gentian impact action. I did not see the performance suffer as a result, and even when my playtime topped an hour again, it was still running beautifully, albeit my fingers were getting rather moist and sweaty. You got a 4 500 milliamp battery packed inside of this bad boy, still quite dinky. For a gaming, smartphone thats the same as the original black shark, 4 and sure enough, the battery life here dropped faster than boris johnsons approval ratings. When i was playing gentian impact call of duty mobile, any kind of title dont expect to get any more than about three hours of gaming action from a single charge of this thing, although at least you do have that 120 watt wired charging support with the 120 Watt adapter bundled in the box as well.

So if you are running low on juice, you can just get it plugged in. What i would say, though, is do not plug this thing in with that 120 watts charger and then continue to play the likes of gentian impact, because this thing will go into molten, lava overlord mode and youve got a choice of 128 or 256 gigs of onboard Storage, if you go for the 128 gig model, which is what ive got that will fill up fairly fast, though, if youre gon na be downloading a lot of titles and media and shooting a lot of video as well. Potentially, it is ufs 3.1, so nice and nippy, but no expandability via microsd again so lets finish this unboxing and full on tour with a quick squint at the camera tech slapped on the black shark 4 pro and its once again, a triple lens rear setup. Just like the original black shark 4 except youve, now got a 64 megapixel primary shooter versus the 48 meg on the original standard version and, of course, as with all game smartphones, its pretty basic tech on here, but it should be fine, for you know your simple Everyday shareable shot youve got a variety of different modes and everything to play around with including the obligatory portrait mode to add a bokeh style background effect. Youve got a full on pro mode. If you want to manually tweak any of the settings, while the black shark 4 pro shoots, 16 megapixel images by default, using pixel bin and you can bump it all the way up to the maximum 64 meg res setting.

If you like, you got the likes of the night modes and back in the auto mode, youve also got a secondary 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, shooter, you can employ at any point and the final lens there is a 5 megapixel macro. Shooter still dont really understand the point, but hey ho, and if you wanted to shoot video off whatever reason with that rear camera as well. Well, you do top off at 4k resolution at either 30 or 60 frames per second and then last up around the front. End of the black shark 4 pro youve got a 20 megapixel selfie shooter, obviously great. If you want to record your happy mug celebrating after a fantastic call of duty, victory just have to make sure you stay relatively still during your celebrations. Otherwise, itll come out quite blurry and using that 20 megapixel selfie camera on the black shark 4 pro you can shoot up to full hd resolution, video at 30 frames per second. If you want to do a bit of vlogging while youre gaming or anything like that. Well, itll do the job and that she blows that, in a nutshell, is the black shark 4 pro. As you can see, you know exactly a huge upgrade of the original black shark 4. But if you want that extra bit of game and grunt for the likes of gentian impact youre a seriously demanding gaming user, then its probably worth the extra bit of scratch, but be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below if youve either been using.

The black shark 4 pro, whether you love it or whether youre not really much of a fan or if you are tempted by it. Why itd be great to hear uh down below? Please do poke subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech and have yourselves a bloody, wonderful rest of the week.