I think im saying that right, xs 11, it is a two and a half inch smartphone and in todays video im gon na open it up with you guys, stay tuned im gon na show you guys that you can actually play minecraft and free fire on this Device which is kind of crazy – i also put the amazon link down in the description. If you want to look at that as well. So here we go, this is it. This is the soyuz xs11 mini smartphone. It comes with this very cute protective case, unsure how protective it will be and were going to remove the film from the front and back if we could get there, we go. Oh Music, dont think thats glass, but its okay lets take off this front portion. Oh, this is so satisfying that seems to power on okay. It doesnt look too pixelated. Oh, i love the graphic its literally as long as my pinky about two and a half inches long. It is so small cameras on the back. Look interesting. I dont know if all three of them are real, but here we go wow im im, just surprised its responsive to my finger. Lets test out this camera lets play it back. I got it not bad. Well, i think were gon na go deeper into this later. Lets go into the settings and look at the specs. Now i dont know the carrier. It runs on. I put my t mobile sim card in here and it rejected it.

So i need to look into that later, but it runs android 6. lets go into the android 6 game. If you guys know what im talking about its, where you tap this here a few times and have this little game pop up, i suck at this game, but i always like to play it when im fidgeting around okay back to this um has a security patch Level 2020: its got one gigabyte of ram, which is kind of lousy, but its a two inch phone. So what the heck? Who cares right? So just looking at the storage of the device, it has eight gigabytes. I mean it is what it is, but im curious to know if this could be a glorified flash drive. So lets put 256 gigabyte sd card into this thing and see if it accepts it. Preparing sd card sd card is ready. It worked, i dont know about you, but i think thats kind of cool lets test the camera more testing, the camera testing, the camera, oh cool. It also zooms lets play it back, not bad. Now, im gon na show you guys gameplay of a few games, starting with clash of clans Music. No way this is awesome, holy cow, okay, not bad lets. Try spotify! Hopefully i dont get a copyright strike. Huh, not bad. I guess Music lets try free fire. It takes a while to load, but once its loaded it looks like this seems to be pretty responsive and my big fingers make it hard to control.

Ive also never played this game, but it seems pretty responsive, so yeah lets try mobile legends. This tiny phone does take a while to load, but once its loaded it looks like this. The screen is small, my fingers are huge and i dont recommend playing these types of games, but it works. Lets try car x drift racing again. It takes a while to load, but once youre in the game, its not so bad. You control the game by tilting your phone aside from me really sucking at this game, its actually kind of fun, and, lastly, minecraft. This actually surprised me, like the others. It took a while to load, but once youre playing it actually works. Do i recommend buying this to play? Minecraft? No, but it works. My fingers are way way too big for the screen, but uh, and i also killed myself right here, but yeah honestly, very surprised. Any of these games worked and it was actually pretty impressive. Honestly, i dont have anything against this device if its just to have a small phone to play simple games in your pocket. But looking into the description on amazon, it runs 3g and i couldnt even make a call. But i will try with a different carrier and update at a later time now. This is another downside is the texting. Anyone with a normal size finger is going to struggle texting on this phone, although i have figured it out, it does take practice and im gon na recommend everyone to just enable swipe, because it is near impossible to text the back cameras.

These two are fake. This top one is real. The other two are just for looks the charging port is micro, usb and bluetooth can actually connect to multiple devices. It does not have an aux port, it connected my headset. Just fine so were good to go there, and i think you can connect multiple devices now for the conclusion and my final feedback on this device. I would not use this as a daily driver, obviously so heres my verdict. If youre going to use this as a daily driver, smartphone do not buy it for that purpose. If you want a cool mini smartphone that your kids can play with and have an awesome conversation starter in your pocket, then go buy this thing because it actually handles gameplay, fairly semi semi decent and its just super cool, its pretty amazing technology that for 57 bucks You could download a few games put in your pocket and have some fun or use this as a glorified flash drive, so that is my two cents in review. I hope you guys enjoyed this. Please subscribe.