In fact, ive already opened the iphone 9 pro because i feel uh. This is pretty exciting. This is the smartphone itself. Well, have a look at this one. I didnt unbox the regular icon 9.. I will open it up right now and the ico sc was also launched. I dont have it again guys these are real units and they also had launched the gaming pad. So well also have a look at this one uh. By the way, guys, i dont know the pricing of these one as of now and in fact uh with this iku 9 pro ico claims uh this as indias most advanced flagship, as you can see from this screenshot and i dont know the pricing and if they Can get the pricing right? Yes, i feel for what it is. The specs on this one are incredible uh. This has a 2k amoled screen with this. This is, if you notice, this, is ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on this one and a bunch of very interesting ive been actually using this smartphone uh for the last couple of days. In fact, i feel in terms of camera also, this is very, very good uh. This also has the gimbal camera and stuff. I have taken actually a lot of camera samples and stuff. Well, look at that later on uh. So this is the ico uh and the big highlight about again with these smartphone, both the icon, 9 and even the iphone 9 pro.

Is these actually support 120 watts of for charging and uh? This is the charger that is this 120 watt charger that comes inside the box type c1, and i was also very curious. What about the heat management, other safety things, and i who claims that, as you can see from this uh screenshot, this is tuv certified. They have done extensive testing regarding the charging, so it wont be a problem, in fact, for the iq9 pro. I believe they claim 50 of the charge uh in just about eight minutes and full charge in just about 20 minutes, so thats interesting ill. Just keep this to the side its becoming a mess too many devices over here lets open this up quickly and then well come back to the icon 9 pro, which i feel is the more exciting device. Again i dont know the exact pricing guys. So i will add it in the description and lets open this up and uh i mean box is very very similar if you know look at it. Only difference is this is the pro this is the nine so lets open this up now and uh. This is the iq, nine regular one uh guys, and this is having a slightly smaller screen again. This is also having an amulet screen uh, so lets just take this out. So here it is, it comes out like this, and the back is also glass guys on this one, and this is having a slightly smaller screen at 6.

56 inch. This is also a super amoled screen with 120 hertz uh refrigerator. In fact, we did the elder brother. Go uh. This one is having ltpo screen so dynamic, refresh rate and all these things, and this one has ultrasonic fingerprint scanner ill talk about some of the difference later on. In fact, uh theres a chart in the review, skype ill. Add it later on so anyways. This is the device guys, and this is also having a triple camera and in both the phones, the pro and the regular ico. All the three cameras are functional, no gimmicks this time. So, im really happy about that one and if you open this, so what so, some paperwork and all these things so yeah, awesome paperwork. So nice presentation and uh. We get a transparent, uh case uh with this one and again, even in the regular iq uh right. Youre getting that massive 120 watt charger in the box, its type c and guys use this cable, just dont use any other cable with these very high uh wattage ones, so youre getting a transparent case. But i noticed that this is a small thing that i noticed in the ico. 9 pro. If you notice this case is a lot more premium. This is what we get with this one and if i put the ico pro in this, one looks like this. The quality of the case is very, very good. Just feels a lot more premium, so thats what we get in the box ill just keep this to the side for now, and let me give you a physical overview so guys on the top.

We have a secondary noise cancellation, microphone, uh power on off button power. Uh button over here its in the different accents so stereo speakers on both the pro and this uh. You have, what do you say some ejector lets just eject. I dont think so. Itll have a micro sd card slot. These are flagship flagships. Dont generally have that yeah, no micro sd card slot, but the rubber gasket was there and on this end nothing as you can see, let me bring the elder brother. This is the elder brother, the pro which i feel if they can get the pricing right, can be very, very exciting uh. This comes in actually two colors. This is the white one. We also have the dark, color grayish, one uh again uh. We also have uh, it looks like a iyer blaster thats interesting. I have to check that uh secondary noise cancellation. Microphone, uh feels very very premium, of course, and a volume rocker power on off button in the blue accent in this right, color stereo speakers and the stereo speakers are pretty loud on this one and again again, this would also not have uh. What do you say? Micro sd card, but let me quickly just show you yeah again rubber gasket, even on this one, so thats what it does and in terms of in hand, feel guys uh, pretty good, uh smartphones uh. This is also an amoled screen. So let me do one thing: let me just quickly uh set this up and then we will continue so guys.

Ive set up uh, both the phones and, as you can see here, is the iqr9, and this is the iphone 9 pro. The 9 pro is certainly having a slightly bigger screen at 6.78 in screen, whereas on this one this is a 6.56. Both are amoled, but this one is actually a 2k screen. Guy generally uh. In this budget we get a normal full hd screen, uh both of them, but the good thing is 120 hertz ill just place this one pro to the side. Well, look at it later on and here, as you can see uh here, i noticed that some bloatware is there cred app, i havent uninstalled anything netflix, some josh and all this thing, so there is a little bit of bloatware. As you can see josh, i accidentally switched it on. I wanted to uninstall it, but lets see. Can we uninstall it? Okay? Here it came in for uninstall app yeah, so there is a little bit of credits there lets see if we can uninstall that. Also, yes, there is some bloatware, but you can uninstall it so thats what it is and the touch response looks to be good guys and by the way i completely forgot people keep asking me what about haiku and if you guys dont know ico is actually a Sub brand of fifo, and in fact, for service and all those things you can directly go to vivos service sentence and thats, where iq will also be serviced, because this is actually a sub brand of actually vivo and uh.

This comes. I like this, both of those these smartphones actually, if ill go under the hood and if you go over your quick toggles and all these things its just setting up uh as you can see. If i go over here and go about the phone front touch os 12, but this comes out of the box with android 12, which is the latest version of android, so youre getting latest version of android. That is android well, not android 11, and i asked the ico team what about updates and they said that uh these smartphones, both both of them, will actually get the next two years of what you say: android update so android, 13 and 14, and three years of Security update so thats what it is and guys, as ive told you this is the higher end variant that comes with 12 gigabytes of ram. So this has 256 gigabytes of storage and let me actually list all the specs of for this iphone 9 here here, so that you have a better info regarding uh. What this device is all about, and i like even the rear facing camera even on the regular icool uh nine – is uh very functional. The main camera is a 48 megapixel with gimbal stabilization uh. Then the next camera that we have is a 13 megapixel ultra wide and lastly, uh we have again a 13 megapixel which is actually a 2x optical, zoom 50 mm focal length, thats good for portrait, so very functional device.

In fact, front facing camera is similar on all the three models that will run 16. Megapixel now lets lets just talk about this one, because i feel this is an important okay. This one, a big difference, is this: this one comes with a regular in display fingerprint scanner and, as you can see very, very functional, in fact, it gives a slight haptic feedback when youre unlocking it. This one comes with a more superior ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, and whenever you pick up the phone it gives you an idea, its here and very, very responsive. I would say really impressed with this one, and this is slightly curved edges, but and this slightly bigger device, but feels a lot more premium in the hand, i would say uh. If you talk about the specs of uh this one as ive told you guys some. The storage will be 256 gigabytes if you go for the 8 gigabyte ram variant or the 12 gigabyte ram variant. So thats, nice and, in fact here are all the specs for the 9 pro and again a camera is a big highlight. I feel on this smartphone again it has a 50 megapixel main camera with again gimbal, five axis gimbal stabilization and then the next camera is also a 50 megapixel uh. Actually, this is an ultra wide, which is 50 megapixel, and the third camera is again very functional. This is actually 2.5 x, optical zoom camera, which is again a 60 mm focal length great for portrait.

So in fact, ive taken actually a lot of camera samples with this one, and the pictures come out really good on this one, and, apart from that again similar ui that youre getting this also comes out of the box with android 12 out of the box uh. Both of them are having ufs 3.1 storage. So that way in terms of hardware, i would say uh its not compromised or anything. No, i didnt find anything that was compromising. In fact, let me give you an idea about the speakers. I was just checking out the speakers. This is the max volume. This is comfortable listening like, but let me just go to the max very good. Very good separation also studio separation, so the stereo speakers are also loud. I like the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. I was a little bit skeptical how the implementation will be, but works superb, as you can see any angle, even if i go reverse how it works so that way its nice and again again little bit of bloatware just like this one, it was, but you can Uninstall lets see again, let me just show you josh yeah. You can uninstall so thats what it is, and here again you have the quick toggles and again guys this is flagship. You have nfc everything that you expect and also i completely forgot, as these are very powerful phone. This comes with the new snapdragon 8gen one, and this comes with the snapdragon 888 plus again for gaming.

Also, these will be very, very good, in fact, uh. They also launched this gaming accessory called as iku gamepad and ive taken it out. Actually, this is how it is, and i played call of duty also with this one uh – it pairs uh heres a button over here. You just switch it on basically its using bluetooth to connect and once its connected, you can play games uh with this one. In fact, in the ui also itll work its pairing now uh it pairs uh its using bluetooth uh. To do that, let me just switch on bluetooth and it should actually detect this. Yes, it detected this and even the ui camera. So now i can do gaming. I actually played call of duty with this one, and definitely it makes sense. So this is a nice accessory that they have added. You have triggers over here, multi button. So if you are sort of that competitive gamer or something, then this can be a useful accessory. If you play games a lot again, i dont know what is the pricing of this one, but this is a bluetooth accessory and a nice addition. I would say for gamers. This is known as the aiku gamepad. So let me put this back uh, but lets talk. Let me just put these too many boxes over here. Lets come back to this device and regarding 5g bands i completely forgot uh. This pro version has support for 14 5g bands, whereas the the regular iq has support for eight five, cheap pants that you are getting and um.

I dont know the pricing. Definitely this will come out a little bit of premium and i like the fact that they are giving a 2k screen resolution. As you can see, you can set it to quad hd uh. So that option is there and refresh rate is right. Now ive set it to auto, but you can force it to what do you say: 120 hertz on this one screen refresh rate as you can see, smart switch, but you can force it to 120 hertz uh, but i would suggest that you just leave it to What you say: smart switch, because the pro version is having a ltpo screen. That means dynamically. Based on what content is there? It adjusts the refresh rate to get the best battery life. This is generally found on the most premium, samsung smartphones and ultra high end. What do you say flagship smartphone glad to see they have implemented that panel on this smartphone, but now lets look at the camera, because i feel thats. The big trump card of this smartphone ive, taken quite a bit of samples, ill show you that and the samples come out good. This was a regular shot. This was that ultra white and, as you can see, generally the camera samples come out good. The color reproduction is good. This is a regular shot, and this was ultra white. Ultrawide is also good now moving to human subjects, also, its very good. This is the portrait mode where it zooms in this is the regular shot, and this is the portrait mode with one x and this portrait mode with 2.

5 x, zoom picture of my vive. This is regular mode, and this is in the portrait mode, and this is the portrait mode at 2.5 x and if you notice the background, blur is a little bit more in the default mode, but you can tone it down here. I set to medium and it looks a lot better. The front facing camera performance was a good, regular shot. This was in portrait mode and again this is a regular shot and this was in the portrait mode. Now i took these samples in a pretty low lighting and i was happy with the result. In fact, i didnt expect that will do this good in low lighting. So generally, i would say the camera performance is actually pretty good on this smartphone, so guys thats it for now for the unboxing and first look at this icoo 9 and the iphone 9 pro, and in fact guys here is a chart, as ive told you, they Launched three devices so here is a chart that gives you an idea about main difference between these three smartphones, uh anyways, guys thats it for now for the unboxing and first look at these smartphones.