What not this thing might be a little bit too big to open this, so im gon na try to use it anyways, but im gon na keep it out of the shot. So i can try not to Music damage it. Let me see, let me use the cpu its gon na sound odd, but its sharp, because i dont want it. This is a paper not like a you know. Like a paper, i think my exposure is like im not happy lets unlock that lets reset. It lets see here. Can i have just that exposure lets, bring our exposure compensation down, thats, better, all right, so thats a little tough again too im going to use a library card lets see if i can like burn through it. Excuse me, it seems to be a little thicker than i thought um i dont have a knife on hand right now: im gon na go get one and i actually kind of cant, because i have a microphone on me right now. Lets use nail flipper, see if i can get in here, real, quick, so theres the tape broken, make sure its still in frame. Yes, so i think the first thing well see is the phone Music as usual, im gon na just uh, put everything inside and look at the foam last like everybody else, does see a little pull time right there see if i can grab it yep, so they Protect the bottom top its plastic on the edges and then matte.

I think this is like a yeah, its plastic and then the matte black back. Look at that last. You know: paperwork, more, um, impossible, recyclable stuff. I think little qr code on there beyond. This is the you know. The nord branding, oh something fell out, looks like thats the sim card yeah. Let me see if i can wiggle this back in there real, quick, yeah, honestly, honest thoughts about the nord branding is well one plus jenning and brendel. After, like the seven pro whatever and more, you know, hardware design, i like is not really my thing anymore, because my personal favorite was the seven pro i had a while ago and then the uh eight pro in black, that was nice, but i didnt get to Buy it yet got the s20 ultra instead, but yeah its open wrong side yeah. So this is just a quick start: paperwork and uh its getting us introduced to the phone and all the features and stuff terms and conditions. This may get customized for t mobile and then the rend a to c cable right there, and then i believe this is 18 watt and its kind of stuck there. It is 18 watt charger um im, not sure if this is power. Delivery rated but uh lets see this may read as lets. Bring this in probably should focus, looks like it is. Output is five volts at two amps or nine volts it. You have five volts, two minutes: nine volts, two amps, so eighteen so 10 or 18 watts.

Nothing fancy none of the uh 65 or anything like that. With the other flagships, they got hit the camera nothing else in there just a little black void. I shall put these back because i honestly dont use the included power adapters. Actually, i have one from aki and well, they well kind of got evaporated by amazon, so thats, not too great. I wont use this either because i have a whole bunch of freaking type c cables already like the ones from my s20, the ones for the lg wing. I got. Let me get that this thing is so cool got 50 percent off another promotion. They had back, there may do a video on this too. Its really cool um, too bad. They went out of well left the mobile space, so its uh, oh, were gon na slide these paperworks back into the sleeve and then ill. I believe this came next. I missed it. Yes, then this will go in the closet. Now this i forgot the wrapper anyways. I can probably just slide it out lets do it this way. This may take a while because i think the uh – oh no – were just gon na pull it just in case i resell it. I guess lets keep pulling boom there. We go nice and glossy to slide this unopened plastic wrap back into the box. It should fit perfectly, and indeed it does, that wont, go into the closet, and here we go lets lets norton g and ill have to blur that too yeah i can write cover.

While i didnt focus yep matte black matte black matte back and you got the three um, i believe they are um 13 um. I believe its 13 megapixel main and a two and two megapixel deft and macro. I believe, thats, just a single single element flash. So no dual tone or anything like that: it should have a charge in it. Theres the power button with the built in fingerprint reader im gon na, have to find a case that has the cutout for it, because the ones i saw even from the t mobile brand at once, they didnt have the cutout for it. And then this is a lcd 90 hertz. I think well, lcd yeah, something along those lines, not the tip to see if its ips or anything if its a different technology or the light, has a hole punch its going to be the second phone i have. That has a whole bunch of my s20 ultra um. It kind of reminds me of the galaxy a11 same position. Really the upper left same with the nine series that they have and there is the uh boot screen and usual setup stuff. So im going to go ahead and go through this and with the magic bending its going to be instantaneous besides fingerprint sensor setup first time i never used one of these before so this is going to be something to get used to, because i cant really put An index finger on it almost like i screwed up, let me start again looks like it wants me to keep it still.

Let me go ahead and do that try not to do too much. I just because it looks like it has the two parts to it. Okay, lets keep going. All right now were doing the edge input all right. I wonder how well these things work when theyre, smaller its just my random thought all right um. Maybe if i pick up the phone like this, i might want to add my phone so lets go ahead and do that Music tapping it like it wants me to then next were doing the engine put. I guess i shouldnt do it as if im picking it up. You know, i think i have this similar plus it didnt vibrate. There we go uh. I usually turn my phone on like this too. So let me do my index there. It is no not bad. Usually, im mostly used to the on screen ones. Now, after the after, what the seven pro did to me, the oneplus 7 pro that thing was so cool, but also kind of blind me blind at me in the middle of the night, because you know optical, not ultrasonic, its, like ultrasonic, spoiled makes none of that. Getting blind anymore, it looks like were getting asked. What kind of font do we want to use? I think ill. Do the oneplus stands: navigation, bars and gestures? I like my gestures and then yeah. I remember this. The tutorials i always had to go through this.

Quite a bit when i wanted to switch or mess around with the software back on my 7 pro because i used to flash it a lot lets keep the setups done all right. If i just review the contributing creation im going to insert a ballot sim card. Oh and activation player, or whatever ill stick with it later, not bad. Let me just make sure theres nothing else, showing doesnt look like its going. Its 90 hertz looks more like well. Maybe it is its been a while, since i used a 90 hertz screen um, i believe this is a snapdragon, 485 g, so its not going to be as fast as something like a 765 5g chipset which you might find on some other devices lets see. Where is it refresh rate? It does 90., maybe its just because i have just started setting it up. So you know that looks like a 90 camera Music. I think they did say it goes from running to whatever, like i think, lowest they can go to to preserve battery life or something like that and ill look into it. I remember i had auto 90 from the play store. Didnt automatically switch it between 90 and 60, depending on the app that was open because it couldnt do the variable thing yet. But if this thing can i might not install that but try to preserve power or whatever i might install it, but 5 000 milliamp hours same as my s20 ultra surprisingly, but fast charging at 18 watts maximum for an lcd panel at 90.

Hertz im not sure how much power that might use compared to something like oops compared to something like an old land, but might be interesting, because i was planning on using this phone as a webcam strange as that may be. But this is no burning. That was the major point where i kind of wanted to get this for free, because you know hey its going to use the nokia 9 peer review as a webcam. But i think this is going to get sold and i dont want to burn in the screen, because the program that i use to get the video feed from that camera to the pc it just sits there doesnt really do anything after like 20 minutes. So this is fun im, not sure. If ill do more of this, if he has a good outcome, i sure will trying to do more on demand content instead of live streaming content, but uh. This should be should be a little fun thing to play with. Okay, its a few days to um Music, get a feel a little bit, maybe ill add something at the end of this, but i probably wont ill, probably just view this thing like once and thats it. Oh there we go one plus stored in 2005g from t mobile got it through the 5g upgrade program brought in some old little uh smartphone find one in your drawer, bring it in switch or something you might actually like this phone.