We have tried to include in depth information on smartphone 2022 in our video, which will be enough to fulfill all of your needs. All of them are maintaining their features, prices, quality, durability and reputation of the manufacturer and real customer feedback. If you want to buy a smartphone 2022, we think this list will be very worthy to you. Now lets get started with the video Music at the first position of our list. We have iphone 13 pro, unlike 2020, where the standard iphone 12 won out against its pro branded sibling. 2021S, iphone 13 pro is undoubtedly the one to beat at first glance. The 13 pro uses a familiar 6.1 and super retina xdr display, but apple has finally decided to bring pro motion to the iphone. With the panel now topping out at a super smooth 120 hd. The notch is also 20 percent. Smaller too. As for the cameras, you can expect bigger sensors and faster apertures that mean improved low light performance, far more comparable quality when switching to the phones, ultrawide, which also now offers macro shooting capabilities and a 3x telephoto snapper, letting you shoot further than before. Whats more, the iphone still leads when it comes to video capture gaining some smart new features like cinematography mode granting greater control over how your footage looks in the moment pair that pro motion tech with the phones, new 15 bionic chip and a bigger battery, and you Can expect some sizeable longevity gains, rendering this a two day iphone on a single charge? Moving on to the next number, two with google pixel 6 pro google has shaken things up for 2021, with the pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro debuting, the companys new tensor silicon and a refreshed android 12 experience along with a completely new design and some significantly enhanced Cameras, despite dropping the pixel xl naming convention, the 6 pro is an undeniably sizable phone with a stunning qhd plus curved edge oled display that, for the first time in the series makes the move to a higher smoother 120 hd refresh rate, just like the iphone 13 Pro range, the camera system also relies on a new 50 mp main sensor, which delivers astounding, dynamic range and showcases.

Smart new features like magic, eraser and rock solid face and blur its also backed up by both the 12 mp ultra wide and a periscopic 48 mp. Telephoto camera with a four typical zoom, a far cry from the pixel ranges, old single sensor, approach to photography, tensor doesnt, benchmark well against the competition, but in real world use offers more than enough grunt to handle the most demanding mobile, apps and games, while also boasting A specialized skill set for machine learning and ai tasks that rival silicon lags behind in a huge 5003 battery also ensures some of the best battery life on a pixel ever even if fast charging is a bit of a mess. The number three position is held by iphone 13., while it loses out on the 13 pros high refresh rate display. The iphone 13 still boasts, cutting edge features like apples, newest 15, bionic 5nm chip and the latest camber features like cinematic mode. The rear camera system now sits at a diagonal primarily to accommodate the impressive sensor shift ois optical image, stabilization that was exclusive to 2020s iphone 12 pro max, although theres still no telephoto sensor, while in the front, despite the same 60, hc refresh rate as last year. You still get a stunning 6.1 and oled display complete with a smaller notch. Ios 15 is an excellent improvement on apples already well respected mobile operating system, adding well being features like notification. Summary that ensure youre not constantly distracted by your device, like the pro some of the best battery life on an iphone, comes as part of the iphone 13 experience, but fast charging speeds are still well behind the curve.

Next, at number, four, we have samsung galaxy s21. Ultra after 2020s, disappointing galaxy s20, ultra simpson finally earned the ultra name with a follow up that delivers almost everything you could want from an android flagship, admittedly at a price that only a few can afford and in a form factor that will simply be too big. For some in terms of versatility, the camera stands unrivaled with a 108 mp main shooter, backed up by an ultra wide and two telephoto lenses at different optical zoom levels, freaks and tanks. The expansive 6.8 in display delivers both high wqhd plus resolution and an adaptive refresh rate up to 120 hd, making it great for gaming and with s pen stylus support. It fills the productivity niche of the galaxy note. 20 ultra two. The number five position is held by oppo find x3 pro. The find x3 pro is oppos, all singing all dancing flagship device, and it earns its spot on this chart. Yes, its expensive theres, no denying that, but you get a top shelf. Snapdragon 888 chipset. 12 gb ram and 256 gb storage along with 65 w wired and 30w wireless charging, the main and ultra wide cameras both pack, the same 50 mp sensor and offer almost exactly the same quality shots with punchy, colors noodles of detail and great dynamic range theres. Only a two zoom camera – no periscopic lens here, sadly, but you also get a novel new micro lens camera capable of taking super close up shots.

The cameras can also output images in 10, bit color and in fact the phone supports true 10 bit storage and encryption too right through to the 10 bit 120 hd wqhd plus display probably the best in any phone right now. This is not just oppos best phone, but one of the best flagships on the market from any company. The number six position is dominated by realme gt 2020s realme x50. Pro offered impressive performance for any flagship, let alone one at the price point. It managed to hit and history repeats itself, with 2021s realme gt first off, make sure to pick up the yellow vegan leatherback model, its an undeniable head turner in all areas, except perhaps camera. The gt is as capable as phones twice its price. A snapdragon 888 runs the show paired with up to 12 gb of speedy lpddr5 ram and accompanied by equally snappy ufs 3.1 storage. Up to 256 gb, a 120 hd full hd plus ammo display, sits on the phones front, while 4500mah battery with 65 wfast charging keep the gt going. This thing is all about speed and delivers it at an incredible price. Moving on to the next at number, 7 with red magic 6s pro, while only a minor update to the red magic 6 from earlier in 2021, the 6s pro pushed the envelope by being one of the first phones to showcase qualcomms, snapdragon 888 plus chipset, the stunning 165 hc display indoors, while also continuing to outpace mainstream rivals, making it ideal for gaming and battery life is excellent too, with 66 w fast charging or 120w.

If you pick up the chinese model, nubias android launcher wont be to everyones taste. The cameras are only a mild improvement on the 60s and this is still a big bulky phone, but the price slash performance balance it strikes and the gaming prowess it facilitates are unrivaled. The number 8 position is held by samsung galaxy z. Flip 3. samson took its already groundbreaking galaxy z, flip foldable, improved every aspect from design to performance and then made it cheaper too. The z, flip 3 is a beautiful expression of the evolution of foldable smartphone tech and somehow manages to incorporate water resistance into its design. As well battery life and the dual cameras could be better, but despite flagship class performance in a groundbreaking design. The flip 3s pricing also proves that foldables can tango in the same space as conventional smartphones without any major sacrifices. Next, at number 9, we have sony xperia. 1 roman 3, the xperia 1 roman 3 offers up more of what weve come to know and love from sonys flagship phone line, namely a killer camera setup and an eye popping 4k display. The big upgrade for 2021 is to move to a 120 hc refresh rate which joins the smattering of cutting edge displays technologies, including 4k resolution, an hdr oled panel and an uncommon 21 9 aspect, ratio, thats brilliant for enjoying movies on the go. The rear camera setup takes a little work to get the most out of it, but offers unprecedented control, especially with regards to video capture.

While the pairing of a snapdragon 888 chip and 12 gb of ram delivers some of the best performance for an android phone out. There, battery life and price are the main things holding the one roman three back from true greatness, but for some its the obvious choice. Finally, the number 10 position is dominated by oneplus nord two, despite its mid range positioning, the oneplus nord 2 takes the torch from its predecessor and goes on to serve as one of 2021s best mid rangers. What the nord 2 really demonstrates is the companys ability to prioritize the features that users are looking for right now, wrapping them up in an attractive package. At a compelling price point, the nord 2 misses out on flagship niceties like wireless charging and waterproofing, but those are really the only compromises made here. Theres also the one plus nord ce5 g available, which delivers a stripped back version of the original nord for a slightly lower price thats.