So it has a pretty large image sensor, size and its built on top of gimbal stabilization, like the one seen in vivos x series so thats, why stabilization is really good and it can get even better. This is just the default mode with the main camera. You can actually turn on ultra study, which crops into the frame a little bit more, so its like additional eis lets, turn it on okay. So now this is an ultra study mode. You should notice that its a little bit tighter on my face now because it cropped in a little bit more, but stabilization should be really damaged again. I am going downstairs pretty fast right now. Okay, now youre watching footage shot with the ultra wide camera, so the ultra wide camera is also a 50 megapixel sensor, but is that super wide 150 degree lens seen in the oneplus 10 pro now? This is not currently shooting at 150 degrees because by default it crops in a little bit, so it doesnt look as a fish ie, but you can make it fisheye if you like, okay, so now this is proper 150 degree field of view like so you notice A lot of distortion and also stabilization, should be terrible. Theres no stabilization at this point, so iqro is a sub brand of evo, but usually when you think of sub brands, at least for me, when i think of sub brands, i think of inferior components like you know, like a redmi device, is not going to have Better components than a xiaomi device, but iqo is the exception.

This is the a sub brand phone of vivo that actually uses better components than some vivo flagship devices. Like i said, the 50 megapixel main camera its built on top of a gimbal, even the vivo x74 plus didnt do that the x74 plus the gimbal system supports the ultra wide camera its better to have the gimbal system support the main camera, because the main camera Is of higher quality, the iqr9 pro also uses qualcomms ultra sonic max scanner, like version two, and this is much faster than any other in display fingerprint reader ive tried, including the one in the vivo x74 plus. When you register your fingerprint, you only need to tap it once and when you unlock it literally unlocks in like a split second, you have to put your finger on the screen split. Second, the phone unlocks its faster than anything ive ever used, and then you factor in the 6.8 inch oled panel quad hd resolution ltpo panel, so refresh rate can vary and you have a device that is basically a premium flagship device. The only thing missing here is a proper zoom lens other than that. Almost everything about this phone is like tip top premium flagship territory lets get to the review. Okay, i should mention that this iqo9 pro this model here its the global version, international version, its launching in india today and it will launch in europe sometime down the line. Now, as usual, i dont know the official price of this phone, but in china this model retails for around 850 us dollars.

So i think in india you can expect a price thats similar to the 850 900 range, while in europe youre going to get a markup to maybe like 1000 euros or something. So this price is definitely on the high side. But then again you have a premium flagship package like i said the only thing missing its a zoom lens. So if you dont care about zoom lens, this phone has all the components that can compete with the absolute best in the industry. Right now, like the old, the new oppo f5x5 pro or the galaxy s, 22 plus devices. So again, this is a 6.8 inch, 120 hertz ltpo oled panel resolution of 3200 by 1400. I do want to mention that the screen curves on the left and right side a little bit dramatically. Okay, so i have here the google pixel 6 pro and iq09 pro youll notice that the iqo screen right here curves a lot more dramatically than the pixel 6 pros curve and it comes to a sharper point. The iqo comes a little point right here. The corners are a little bit sharp in the hand. To be honest, it is not as comfortable in my hand as a pixel 6 pro or a galaxy s21 ultra, but then it does look a little bit more dramatic because of the curve, and this is a good looking phone. This is the iqo like bmw edition. I believe thats why there are these colors, these three stripes and theyre, actually textured.

So when you run your finger through it, this is gorilla glass thickness on the back. But then you run your finger through the three stripes and theres a little bit of a coating right here that feels a little bit unique. Now i dont know anything about fancy cars. I dont care about fancy cars. So to me this is just another back design, but you know people like flossie carter and other people who are into cars theyre, probably in love with the fact that this is a bmw themed phone. Now this large camera island is very reminiscent of the vivo x70 pro plus. So this end is a little bit reflective and then you have two large cameras here. Once again, the main camera is a 50 megapixel samsung gn5 image sensor, built on top of a gimbal, with an image sensor size of one over 1.57 inch, so its a relatively large sensor posing a lot of light and because its built on top of that gimbal Video stabilization is off the charts now photography. The main camera is really good, too. You have a shallow depth of field. Its fast to focus. Excellent colors dynamic range all that night and day the main camera excels. This is a tip top premium camera. I actually think vivo right now, theyve been knocking it out of the park with the cameras lately, particularly with the main camera. Now the ultra wide camera here. This is a jm1 sensor, like i said, 150 degree field of view, so it can get super wide, but by default it crops.

In now. I still dont understand the need of 150 degree field of view because, when you shoot in this mode, youre getting ridiculous distortion, its like a eyed effect when you shoot video of it, its jerky as hell. So its almost like a gimmick and the fact that by default it dials in a little bit to be less ridiculous, says it all now the third camera right here. This is a 16 megapixel 2.5 times telephoto zoom lens, so you can get 2.5 times optical zoom. Its great for portraits, but if youre used to zooming deeper zooming further, like i do all the time with the galaxy s21 ultra or the xiaomi mi 11 ultra its a little bit disappointing because anything beyond 2.5 times youre getting digital zoom and digital zoom. Just doesnt. Look that great, once you reach a certain point, everything else about this phone is absolute tip top, so snapdragon 8 gen 1 chip, its a 4 nanometer soc, the best youre gon na find in android right now, theres a four thousand seven hundred million battery in there, Which is quite large and it charges at 120 watt speeds and the charging brick is included with the package. This phone also supports wireless charging at up to 50 watt charging speeds, but you have to buy the official iqo or vivo wireless charger to reach those speeds. Okay, so the iqo9 pro runs on android 12, with vivos fun touch os 12 on top front touch, has improved by leaps and bounds over two years ago.

It is now a software that mostly resemble android that we know and, as you can see, the animations are really smooth now. Another thing i really like about funtouch os is is highly customizable like if you jump into dynamic effects, you have a bunch of customization options here you can change, for example, the animations of the fingerprint icon. You can change the look with the fingerprint scanning icon, but also the animation. You can jump into home, screen transition animation and you can change and then, if you jump into shortcuts and accessibility, then you have a lot more stuff. You have s capture. This is a vivos shortcut gestures to grab screenshots. Another useful feature is quick action. This allows you to immediately jump into an app or jump into an action without unlocking the phone first, so you can set anything here. You can customize and to launch an app too, but i will set record audio so how you activate this is when the phone is locked like this. You just have to long press on the volume down button and it will begin the action so im a long press. It has already begun recording. So now, when i jump into the phone you see, it is already recording audio iqo, also built in a pretty useful gaming menu that you can activate by pulling from the side like this with snapdragon gen, a obviously gaming is absolutely no issue. You can play everything you know even graphically intensive game at the highest setting without worrying about stutters.

This is among the most powerful android phones out there, and now, of course, you have a stereo speaker, Music, so yeah. This is the iqr09 pro like. I said this is a premium flagship phone. It keeps up almost keeps up with the other proper flagships that youre gon na get from bbk this year, like the oneplus 10 pro the oppo find x5 pro or the vivo x70 pro plus. The only thing missing here is a proper zoom lens and i guess the ultra wide camera im, not a fan of that 150 degree sensor, not a huge problem for most people. If youre getting this phone for gaming for battery life for the screen for the bmw branding, youre not gon na go wrong with this, and i think the price of this will be a little bit more affordable than say a galaxy s22 ultra or the oppo f5x5. Pro so this is it for my review of the iqo9 pro. I have more content coming up its a busy month, so please stay tuned and stay healthy.