Do a quick review, as always, you know, throw up the link in the video description. If you want to check it out, i think price is around. I think, 30 to 40 bucks on this one look on the samsung website. I was able to get this one got the black version. Quite a few different color options went with the black, so were gon na check out how it looks against that beautiful matte. I cant even say that is a nice looking phone, a nice looking matte black finish for the s22, probably the most impressive uh finishes on the phone that i have used to date. So thats saying something presentation looks good. You got a little uh samsung logo. S22. Ultra backs going to tell you a little more details. Lets get right to it to see if its a hit or a miss for your brand new s22. That just was released. Hope you guys are getting those in your hands today or maybe this week. In the meantime, keep it locked to the channel we got as many accessories coming as you guys can possibly think of if you and, if you think, of something hit it up in the comment section, i guess as many reviews as possible, so matte black finish soft To the touch silicone finish, samsung logo, camera setup looks the cleanest in the game. Look how beautiful that looks, the trifecta camera and you got a little bit of uh.

You can see the actual camera cutouts right. There have a little plastic around the actual sides of them around the ring, which i, like that, its a nice finish and then a plus what it does is just probably give you a little more raised edge for your camera protection. One thing i will say: matte or just the black in general, silicone cases im not a huge fan of, because i find these collect more dust and lint, so usually lighter colors, even not just necessarily right light like the blues, even collect less dust and lint. But the black will look good, but just be on the lookout. Youre gon na have to wipe it down, wipe it down, but thats. How we do it anyways on the channel. We wipe it down interior. You got. The soft velvet felt, like finish beautiful premium, feel to it around the edge of the bumper kind of um, the same silicone material youre, not getting the same finish on the interior, as you are the bumper, but it is what it is not a problem with that Lets go and take out this beautiful phone and wipe it down, wipe it down like we do man that is a good looking phone, its going to slap it into place like that. There we go black on black. Tell me that does not look clean, that black on black looks good samsung logo clean looking popping through camera protection. Just enough, i got just enough camera protection that i dont have a problem with that, and one thing, a beautiful one thing: thats awesome about this phone.

With these cases no wobble effect youre, not getting any type of wobble effect that youre gon na get on. Some of the other phones that have the big camera humps, so nothing at all. Thats, clean, beautiful lets, go and check out the lip because everybody likes a fat lizard lip protection youre only getting lippage on the top and the bottom. Nothing on the sides because of those curved screens, it is what it is. Weve talked about it before dont like it, but well have to deal with it. You got your speaker grew right there. You got your power and then s pen easy enough slap. It like it back into place. Uh volume up and down clicking responsive its the same material, so they are using the same material, but the buttons are clicky and the power button is clicky as well. Then you got your top mic up top beautiful look on black on black beautiful and it feels grippy yeah it. Actually, it provides a lot of grip as well. It doesnt feel slippery out of the gate, so im going to call this one a hit as well. Like this one, they did a great job, which is the fine little details and thats all im about just to find little details like the camera, just getting the camera right just to run enough coverage where youre not gon na have to worry about it. So very much a hit to me. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section were calling it a hit.