This is the find x5 pro and i have both colors in front of me. Oh look at that. These are ceramic premium smartphones. One of the coolest things im looking forward to checking out is having a flagship sensor on two cameras, not just the wide, but also the ultra wide. The spec sheet here also very premium 12 gigs ram, 256 storage, top tier snapdragon, 8 gen, 1 120 hertz oled displays fast. Charging at 80, watts 50 watts wireless, a 5 000 milliamp hour battery in here as well. I think this is the white model. We have a case its got this like opaque, look to it its a matte, look, a sim tool here and then here is the device you can see right away the fingerprint location in display in this location. Here, oh look at that ceramic is not just good. Looking its also a lot harder than glass ceramic on the back, takes a lot longer to process and manufacture and then on the front it has gorilla glass victis. So it should be a pretty durable phone. Its also got ip68 rating for dust and water. But look at this cool camera design with this smooth ramp up to your camera units. These are both 50 megapixels sony units latest camera units for both the wide camera and the ultra wide camera thats going to do two things for you, obviously, its going to bring more quality to your ultra wide, which sometimes is overlooked by manufacturers.

The other thing its going to do is bring uniformity, as you switch between those two cameras since youre using the same sensor. Those pictures are going to look a little bit more cohesive, regardless of which camera you select. You also have a zoom camera over there as well. This feels insanely smooth and even though its glossy ceramic, because its white youre not seeing any fingerprints its going to keep looking good as well. The usb type c port, as mentioned, is going to be capable of 80 watt fast charge. It should be able to give you like 50 of your battery life in around 12 minutes, according to oppo sim tray in this location, here, volume up and down separate buttons, antenna frame and band all the way around the outside. Here a polished, stainless steel, look power switch here with a tiny little green accent. Inside of the power button. We have the asymmetrical front facing camera in the top left corner snaps on like this. Ah, for me, the thing is like its too nice of a field. Im gon na use it just like that there it is so 80 watt max super voop charger usb termination, your usb c to usb a cable inside the package youre going to have a little rubber gasket on there to aid in protection. Also, dual sim setup hasselblad participating in the color tuning of the camera setup to be more natural, possibly more pleasing, depending on the individual and then over.

Here we have the black model. Of course, this also has wireless charging and you can see the diagram indicating that here whoa. This is a lot different. This is almost like a mirror finish that is really eye catching. I feel like this one is going to have fingerprints. No, no, i feel like it absolutely should somehow there is a degree of fingerprint resistance. Were you able to get fingerprints on it? Well, oh okay, you can get fingerprints on it mo just proved it i might have winter hands going on. That is a wild look! Its this dark black mirror chrome, looking finish, which is especially nice around this region, because you can see the way the reflections showcase this ramp. It just looks a little bit more futuristic, okay, go ahead, and let me know down in the comments right now which of these two would you choose, would you go for ceramic white, or would you go for glaze black, which would be your preference by the way Check out the injury, this is the type of work i put in for this job, a maximum refresh of 120 hertz for smoother animations and operations. You can also set it and lock it at 60, if youre more inclined towards battery life 2412 by 1080, so thats fhd plus, but of course the display is capable of qhd plus 3216 by 1440 battery versus seeing all the pixels that you have. I mean they give you a warning higher power, consumption yeah.

I know i know thats okay master chief over here. This thing is more robust. Oh, this is a speaker. Is it yeah? Look nfc theres play pause on it. I never realized thats a bluetooth speaker, man thats, why its heavy master chief, hiding behind a plant ultra wide master chief hiding behind a plant 1x. I dont know i might be wrong, but i cant recall 50 megapixel, ultra wide camera that i featured its possible, but in this case you have latest sony imx and its the equivalent sensor on both cameras. So you can see you can pick up a different focal range. We can crop in for quality, but you can expect the exact same amount of detail and quality on your ultra wide, where youre used to mostly getting it just on your wide camera. But you still have a little bit of zoom as well. If you want and well zoom in on some of the grates on master chiefs grill here, because it is a speaker as we just discovered on the zoom lens check it out now, of course, those are not in the 50 megapixel mode in order to enable that Mode, you click this button up here, thats. If you really need way more pixels than youre going to use on social media, then you can use the full resolution mode because youre going to have huge files. If you enable that, oh i snapped too all right selfie success.

We can go a step further than uh beard, hair test here, because im seeing particle test on the on the hoodie, it didnt overdo it with the saturation which i like. The stabilization in 1080p is nuts its that gimbal situation again. Okay, so here is a sample of the 1x video, the wide camera its in 1080p right now, which seems to give the smoothest pan it has a built in gimbal. So this is kind of ridiculous. These moves that were capable of it just takes your abrupt movements and attempts to smooth them out make them more cinematic. I see your tim horton smell now were on the ultra wide camera. The this has a macro mode as well, so lets see if we can focus on something very close ill. Just pull this up towards camera yeah i mean it can focus how many centimeters away from the camera lens. Would you say that is three three centimeters when you go to 4k, so this is a 4k sample, its still pretty smooth, though mo yeah just say something to the people testing one two: three, no like something nice, like somebody watch lou later well, something nice to The people nice well youre, a nice guy, so just something positive to the people. You know uh buy crypto. This is not financial advice mo absolutely its financial, oh my god, all right so were now in a low light environment. I mean you can probably tell if youre looking at this, but check out the results from this smartphone as i pan over to mo.

He looks almost the same. I mean he look, doesnt look anywhere near the same to me in this lighting that youre looking at. We do not adjust the camera, we just cut the lights and this device is capable of taking very little amount of light and still giving you useful video. Now. The other thing is, you can do night mode for photographs. In this case, we can probably go even darker. This is pure black, so here we go 1x night mode is still magic. Night mode is still fantastic and uh. This device doesnt disappoint big sensor, sensitive sensor, thats the key. This gives you a good idea of how much screen youre getting screen to body ratio. You can also tell how this thing sort of curves over the edge the waterfall effect going on here this this sounds loud yeah. It sounds good necessarily. I mean it is the biggest platforms, but then its also, and then you dont see them on cnn. For example, yeah, like im sure cnn, would have him if i cover up the bottom im, still getting sound out of the earpiece area, so its thats always a better situation, so you cant completely block it with your hand. Yeah i mean its definitely a premium device. It definitely has the feel of being premium, the sound of being premium. The display is bright, its got the specs that youre looking for 120 hertz oled youre charging at 80 watts.

You have a 5 000 milliamp hour battery youve got the latest snapdragon 801 12 gigs of ram. You have ceramic components: ip68 rating night shot performance.