The version i have here comes with 8 gigabyte of ram that can be expanded to 11 gigabyte of ram true memory expansion. It comes with a 67 watts, fast charger that charges this smartphone from 0 to 45. In 15 minutes. It has an amoled display, with a 120 heads refresh rate and for the price, its starting at 147, 500 naira or 257 dollars for the 6 gigabytes, 64 gigabytes. Internal storage option now hold on for a minute. The price of this smartphone is decent, but is the mediatek helio g96 processor 8 downgrade well stick around to find out for the unboxing experience. This smartphone comes with the same ejector tool. Quick start guide manual, warranty card safety, information that nobody reads and i think xiaomi should stop, including them in the box and now heres the star of the show. The redmi note. 11, pro comes in three colors: graphite, gray, polar white and star blue. The one i have here is the graphite, gray color and it doesnt look bad back to the box. The redmi note 11 pro comes with a usb type c cable and a woven 67 watts fast charger, now guys thats a big deal because 30 minutes of charging takes the battery level to 84 percent and now lets talk about the build quality. Oh, my the redmi note: 11 pro has a glass ray glass front that is protected with corning gorilla, glass, 5 and the frame is made from plastic.

This smartphone feels premium and boxy at 201 grams last year. I would have told you that this smartphone was hefty, but after switching to the iphone 10 pro that weighs 253 grams. This feels like a toy. The redmi note. 11. Pro is an ip53 dust and splash resistant smartphone and dipping it inside water isnt. A good idea. Just ask eric now: the phone that just died is the redmi note 11, which is also an ip53 dust and splash resistant smartphone, so putting this inside water isnt a good idea. Please do not try this at home for the external features at the top. It has a 3.5 mm audio jack, a speaker. It has two speakers by the way, one at the top and the other at the bottom. Back to the top. It has a mic and ir blaster to control appliances. Now moving to the bottom. It has a hybrid sim card tray that can take two sim cards or one sim card and a memory card. The memory card slot can take a one terabyte card, which is huge still at the bottom. It has a usb type c port, another microphone and a speaker. The speakers are loud, they sound balanced and when you turn it up, you can feel the vibration at the rear of the smartphone, and i love it, but it doesnt mean that the build quality of this smartphone is poor, not by any means now on the right Side is where the volume keys and power slash: fingerprint scanner are located, the fingerprint scanner is fast and accurate.

This smartphone also has the face unlock feature as well, and it works in the dark. Now. Moving to the red, the redmi note: 11 pro comes with a 108 megapixel wide camera thats, the main camera. It has an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera, a 2 megapixel macro camera and a 2 megapixel depth camera. It also has an led flashlight now, switching to the front no led flashlight here it uses the display as the light source and inside that punch o lights, a 16 megapixel selfie camera now using the front facing camera in the dark. This is what to expect when you use the display as the flash, and i think it takes decent pictures photos captured using the 16 megapixel selfie. Camera are very good for the price of this smartphone potter. Shots. Look delicious im really impressed with the front facing camera of this smartphone. The skin tone looks on point: the photo, sculpture, thats sharp and i dont have any complaints when i come say hello to youtube, say hello to youtube. So this is the front facing camera of the redmi. Note. 11 pro is shooting in 1080p and thats the highest resolution. So what do you guys think about the video okay guys so heres, a video from the front facing camera of the redmi? Note 11 pro its shooting in 1080p defense per second and the highest resolution on this smartphone is 1080p 30 frames per second. So what do you guys think about the video quality and the audio quality coming up from the redmi note? 11, pro so yeah, now switching to the main camera thats, the 108 megapixel wide camera.

It takes very respectable pictures. The colors look great and are true to life. Now moving to the wide angle, camera. It also takes good pictures and the colors are similar to what you get when you use the main camera portrait. Shots using the main camera are very decent and for the micro camera well, its just there to be honest, whats up guys so heres, a video from the red camera of the redmi note 11, pro its shooting in 1080p 30 frames per second and thats. The highest resolution, unfortunately no 4k on this smartphone, so lets test out the stability right im. Joking its the footage table it doesnt look bad now lets talk about the display of this smartphone. The redmi note 11. Pro has a 6.67 inch amoled display its a full hd plus display with a resolution of 1080 by 2400 pixels. It has a refresh rate of 120 heads making scrolling on this smartphone very smooth, and the display has a touch sampling rate of 360 heads, making it a very sensitive display that responds to your touch. The bezels surrounding the display im, not big and the selfie camera, is tiny for brightness. The display can go as high as 1200 nits thats, what xiaomi said, but in my test the display got to 950 nits, making it very usable under direct sunlight. The display of this smartphone also supports hdr10 content and its very contrasty, very sharp, its actually excellent for consuming media and those stereo speakers make a world of difference when you watch content on this smartphone for a budget smartphone, the display is excellent.

No complaints here now lets talk about the elements in the room. The redmi note 11 pro comes with a mediatek helio g96 processor. The 5d version has the snapdragon 695 chipset, while the china version comes with the mediatek dimension. 920 chipset. I know i know its all confusing now, comparing the 4g version of the remy note 11 pro that comes with the mediatek helio g96 chipset, with the redmi note 10 pro that comes with the snapdragon 732g chipset. When i run on total benchmark the redmi note 11. Pro has the highest score, but the margin isnt large now moving to geekbench the redmi note 11 pro has the higher multi core score. While the redmi note 10 pro has the highest single core score, i know guys synthetic benchmark applications dont tell the full story when it comes to performance. Both smartphones are smart when it comes to day to day activity like charting browsing, but when it comes to rendering a 1080p video using vn, the ramuno 10 pro is faster from my test. The mediatek helio g96 processor and the redmi note 11 pro is doing well, but it doesnt look like its significantly better than the snapdragon 732g processor inside the redmi. Note 10 pro also the mediatek helio g96 processor is known to get warm and to solve this problem. The redmi note 11 pro has liquid cooling technology. It has a heat, pipe and multi layer, graphite shapes that delivers an excellent balance between performance and temperature control.

But in my test i noticed that the phone reduced the display refresh rate when it gets a little bit. Warm also when i run gunship impact, which is one of the most demanding games on mobile for five minutes. The temperature of the redmi note 11 pro got as high as 40 degree, while the temperature on the redmi note 10 pro got to 38 degrees. Now 2 degrees isnt a lot, but it seems like the redmi note. 10 pro runs cooler than the redmi note. 11. Pro for the gpu, the redmi note 11 pro comes with the mali g57 gpu and for pubg the redmi note 11 pro played the game at hd, graphics and high frame rates for a smoother gaming experience. You can play the game on balanced graphics and ultra frame rates. The gameplay was smooth on this smartphone and i didnt experience any hitting issues for call of duty. The redmi note 11 could play the game at medium, graphics and high frame rates. Now guys, if you intend to game on this smartphone between blow your mind, dont get me wrong, though it cant play games, but it isnt on the level of the poker xd pro for multitasking. This redmi note 11 pro comes with 8 gigabytes of ram. That can be expanded to 11 gigabyte of ram and multitasking has been great. You can also get the 6 gigabyte version if you dont need all that memory, and you can extend the memory of that version to up to eight gigabytes of ram for the android operating system.

This smartphone is still running android 11, which is a shame because last year, samsung galaxy a52 is running. Android 12.. I mean im certain that the redmi note 11 pro will get the android 12 update. But when i dont know now for the battery the redmi note, 11 pro comes with a 5 000 milliamp battery, which is decent and the battery life wont let you down, but when it comes to charging this smartphone its impressive. How impressive well 15 minutes of charging took the battery level to 45 30 minutes of charging took the battery level to 84 and the battery got to 100 in 43 minutes. Man, thats just mental for a budget smartphone and it didnt get hot or explode, which is a good thing so guys. In conclusion, the redmi note 11 pro is a great smartphone, even though it comes with an old chipset starting at 147, 500 naira or 257 yeah. In nigeria the build quality is great. The display is one of the best in its class. It has stereo speakers that sound good performance is good, but is it better than the remnants 10 pro well, you would have to wait for my comparison. Video multitasking is also good and the cameras have been improved. The battery life is decent, but the charging is blistering fast now for the negative. Well, the g96 processor inside this smartphone seems to be a side grid rather than an upgrade from last year model, but looking at the price of this smartphone, you have to forgive its shortcomings.

Well, guys, weve come to the end of this video thats. My review of the redmi note 11 pro i will be comparing it with the redmi note 10 pro so stay tuned. For that.