As my main android flagship device. Following up with my previous video, where i had a closed one hour, pre embargo hands on with it on the 7th of february. I cant help but feel two main things when using the s22 ultra eva, the note 21 ultra is six months late or the note 22 ultra is six months early in this one week. Impressions review of the s22 ultra were gon na try and get to the bottom of it and find out which one it is lets talk about all the things so far. One week with the s22 ultra lets go Music, hi ben from lover of tech. If you enjoy videos like this and youre new to the channel, make sure you hit that, like button subscribe, hit that notification bell so youre part of team tls to tech level squad, so you dont miss any future videos on the channel for context. The model ive been using of the s22 ultra comes in a stealthy, looking fan and black color now look i do wish. I had the green one, but you know thats all because thats my favorite one and when i used it in person, it was really really nice of all the standard colors, but look from the top 10 materials being used, such as gorilla, glass, victors plus on the Front and the back im aluminium for the chassis having finally, the s pen built into the frame of the phone and just how well put together this is.

This is really the best from samsung period. Samsung just knows how to make large phones, but, most importantly, theyve mastered how to make large phones feel manageable when using it and holding it day to day. Yes, of course, look you still notice that its a large phone to use and hold, and although heavy it is more balanced – and it is the good kind of heavy now, the individual standalone camera rings at the back – does overall look clean and elegant, but it just Kind of lacks the boldness and the character i was expecting them to follow up from the s21 ultra before, which was, and it still is lets be honest, an instant hit and a stunner. I still need a bit of time to see if the design at the back of the s22 ultra will grow on me, but so far its its about okay, im, okay, with it im indifferent, but im, okay with it. Another thing, though, when you eyeball it from memory from me thinking about how it looked compared to the note 20 ultra, which, after actually checking the stats in the dimensions, is actually true in the case of the s22 ultra, it is a bit thicker now notice. I compared it to the note 20 ultra and not the s21 ultra, because honestly, this s22 ultra it kind of lacks any character that indicates that its an s series ultra device in any way shape or form.

Because, really, if you look at it, its a direct, follow up to the note 20 ultra and its really down to the fact that that boxy shape and the polished glass rails as well and the last size when youre using the day to day you cant help. But feel like look its still needs a case when youre using it. This then leads into the sponsor for portion of todays video case ology, with their s22 ultra cases, lineup featuring the nano pop parallax and also skyful the nano pop case. Solid g case for the s22 ultra has that anti dust curtain and silicone feel which offers great grip, while remaining lint, free and dust free back to that nice. Two tone colorway and finish to match and contrast the color of your s22 ultra while giving it a refined look. You get great protection thanks to the dual layer, design of the inner pc plate and also the outer tpu shell, while keeping a snug fit and a slim profile. You still get wireless charging support, powersheet and its screen protector compatible when using it. Next is the parallax, which is all about giving character a unique look thanks to the 3d hexa cube design, which offers great ergonomics, grip and feel the two tone color of the back design gives a classy look as well and also backed by the fact that its Got nice tactile buttons and raised bezels around the screen for good protection? The parallax is a solid case for the s22 ultra, while still having wireless charging powershare and screen protector compatibility as well last, but not the least, is skyfall, which not only has a cool name but its all.

In the name of allowing you to show off that nice finish and color of your s22 ultra, while still offering great protection, thanks to the raised lip around the camera, while still supporting wireless charging, power share and screen protector compatibility as well. Now, if you look at all the cases, they have precise cutouts for the ports, giving easy and secure access to the s. Pen theres, also nice variations of colors available for each case to check out as well. Now so far ive got ta say the nano pop is my favorite out of the lineup link in the description below of where you can get your caseology cases for your galaxy s42 ultra and thank you to caseology for sponsoring a portion of todays video. For all. My pain and gripes, using a curved display to no surprise the s22 ultra pulls off really well. Now, yes, im still going to stick to my guns and say having a flat display is much preferred, but away from that experience of using the display. This is honestly the best of the best from samsung now, as expected, its a large 6.8 inch display using a dynamic amoled 2x panel with a qhd plus resolution that can do 120 hertz. At the same time, thanks to the new generation ltpo panel, which is now variable from 1 to 120 hertz, damn thats some range brightness is ridiculously good and continue to support the s pen from what the display had on the s21 ultra and also improving.

On the note 20 ultra, the lower latency is definitely welcome and noticeable. I still just love honestly. This part really do how good the generation 2 ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is, and the haptic feedback is just chevs kiss and really makes a difference. A great typing experience, especially with how nice to the touch the front glass, is what more good things can. I say about this display, apart from the fact that obviously its curved its excellent for my variant of the s22 ultra as im based in the uk ive got the exynos 2200 model with 12 gigabytes of ram 256 gigabytes of storage and look im gon na put It out there im not one to do much mobile gaming when it comes to my daily use of using smartphones and itll pretty much stay that way now whether ill actually do some gaming test is still yet to be decided. Come the final review because its just really not something i usually do, but you know what i have to say. I am a little bit tempted this time around. All thanks to the fact that you now have the new x clip 920 gpu, which is the first time samsung and amd, have partnered up to build a gpu on their chipset. But overall the performance has been good, but ive noticed some very odd, lock. Ups once or twice – and i mean legitly just once or twice – no more – not really sure why that is but its just something i thought, let me just you know mention but ive not really been able to replicate it based on my usage pattern.

But you know what, apart from that performance a1, this part right here. The battery and charging experience of the s22 ultra is personally where i feel ive really tested and pushed the most over the past week and has actually allowed me to really give an early summary of the battery life. And what settings will give you the best battery life day to day, without sacrificing on a good flagship user experience? Firstly, on paper its impressive that theyve been able to still keep a five thousand million power battery while still having an s pen built into the phone and also from how efficient the fast charging speeds were on a 25 watt charger from before. Bringing back support for 45 watt charging definitely had me excited as someone who seriously values fast charging now look when it comes to actually using it. It is possible to get six and a half hours plus or screen on time on the s22 ultra and also a total usage beyond 15 hours. If youre gon na account screen off time as well but heres, the big part, you have to force it to use 4g lte and not 5g, go down to full high definition plus on the 1080p and still keep adaptive brightness and adaptive refresh 120 hertz on and Look best believe if you use 5g like i was, the phone is not gon na last, regardless also, i experienced faster battery drain when it came to 4k video when recording as expected and video calls as well kind of hits the battery on now.

The charging speeds of the new 45 watt charger is where i was really confused about check out my charging test videos comparing the 45 watt to the 25 watt charger, and you see that, although super fast charging 2.0 is active, it really doesnt do much, and this Is another thing im going to follow up once the new 45 watt charger is in stock directly from samsung, because trust me spec for spec is the same as the old one and the results are not going to be any different, but regardless im going to buy It test it and debunk it once and for all out of the box. The s22 ultra is running android 12, but now with one ui 4.1 now look. I already did a feature roundup, video of what i discovered so far with one ui 4.1, compared to one ui 4.0 on a previous s21 ultra. So definitely go check that out, but really the main thing is that one ui 4.1 now allows you with ram plus to select the amount between 2 four six and eight gigabytes of your internal storage. As virtual ram. You still cant fully disable the feature which i really think this should allow you to do that, and also, if you decide to change the default amount from four gigabytes as selected, it will ask you to restart your phone, so just be aware of that. Apart from that, its one ui4 in all its glory and pretty much also taken from where it was before, and also the great s pen features youve, come to know a lot from the note 20 ultra.

But, of course, its been refined, improved, especially when it comes to things like accurate and faster handwriting into text, conversion and recognition. On top of that, guys, samsung now offers and gives you four generations of os version updates, meaning this s22 ultra should make it all the way until android 16 and actually beats what google offers on their pixel phones, stable software experience and a longer os version support. Yeah samsung youre doing good here. Camera is the part i have to say: ive tested the lee so far after having it for a week and honestly, no thanks to this crazy storm units that weve been having here in the uk and also the terrible non stop brain that is legit kind of Left me locked up and not being able to really push and test this camera in any meaningful way. But you know what stick around because, while things do settle down and clear up, you know me im. Definitely gon na throw an ultimate camera comparison between both the pixel 6 pro and also, hopefully, if ive still got it the iphone 13 pro max, i will throw in some sample shots of you know what ive got so far with the camera, mainly when it comes To pictures some videos so far and i have to say the biggest thing that sticks out to me so far, and what really impressed me is just how good the edge detection is when it comes to portrait mode like yeah when samsung said, theyve really worked on This part and improved it yeah, i kind of believed them because so far it looks legit and might just be the best ive seen on the phone.

But look more testing is needed. You know, but apart from that check out the samples, Music Music, all right lets talk this up and finish this up, because boy, this s22 ultra, is not cheap by any means, and the fact that now the base model starts with eight gigabytes of ram instead of 12 gigabytes and also theres no 16 gigabytes of ram model like it matters might make you feel some way, even though the starting price is still the same at 1, 149 pounds and kind of goes all the way up to 1 499 pounds. Thanks to that one terabyte internal storage model, but really after spending just a week with it. I just cant help but feel like. This is mostly the note 22 ultra in every way of what we would have expected to see later on in august 2022. But just six months early and all in the name of the s22 ultra is that actually a bad thing. No, and in fact to me it makes sense, because, honestly, those foldable phones need and deserve their own space without the note device being there. But it just kind of lacks the character of an s series ultra device that i would have loved to see more of especially with just how bold that s21 ultra is but yeah thats it so far. My first one week impressions review of the s22 ultra. Are you going for it? Have you got yours yet? Let me know your thoughts, man thats it for me, ben from lover of tech.

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