There is a new player in town. Have you heard of iq well its 2022, and if you dont know you had better get to know because iq is kind of a big deal. In fact, iq is a sub brand of vivo and vivo are one of the top five smartphone manufacturers in the world and in 2021 vivo even held the number one spot, the smartphone sales in china, and you might be wondering why is vevo and iq so popular In the east and if youre from the east, let me know in the comments what you think of aiku as a brand id love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Well, heres. What i think it could be because the tech specifications on their devices are pretty incredible and the aiku 9 pro is a perfect example of this were talking about a flagship grade: 2k e5 120 hertz amoled ltpo 2.0 display from the well known korean manufacturer. You might have heard of them samsung, and this flagship display has the ability to slow down all the way to one hertz, refresh rate and speed all the way up to a rapid 120 hertz refresh rate when needed that right. There is the perfect balance of speed power and performance, and when it comes to the shooters, it has a triple camera array with a 50 megapixel gn5 primary camera sensor – and this is the first smartphone to have this sensor and guess what that primary camera has been Created in collaboration with samson and, of course, vivo have thrown in some of their own expertise in the form of their class leading gimbal stabilization system.

So the camera lens is literally floating on top of that camera sensor and i could say, theres a monster inside the iq9 pro and i believe, theyre referring to the most powerful chipset to ever grace an android smartphone to date, the snapdragon 8 gen 1 from the American company qualcomm and think of this as the brains behind the brawn of the device. It delivers a better cpu performance than last years: flagships, better graphics, better signals, better data speeds, better audio, better ai and better camera ai and so much more and in fact the iq9 pro is so slick that the german car manufacturer, bmw, have put their m motorsport. Branding on it and youve got to know, bmw would never do this unless its been really well built, and it has the iq9 pro has a full metal body with amazing attention to detail. Even the charging port has a rhodium ruthenium alloy coating to it, making it extremely abrasion resistant and durable. It does have a curved gorilla glass, victus windshield on the front and on the back it has a bmw m sport inspired finish in the form of dupont, kevlar fibers weaved into it just below the surface of the matte finished gorilla glass, and i must say it Feels nice, it looks awesome and its also got go faster, stripes down the back and youll also notice. The camera bump is unusual. The glass reaches right across the back for no apparent reason, and i must say it does kind of feel like iq are foreshadowing.

Maybe a selfie viewfinder in future models of the iq phone, but at this point in time its mainly for aesthetics, but there is one purpose to it, which might have been unintentional. It does reduce camera wobble when the phone is resting on a flat surface, so heres. What weve got so far its a premium design, its got a high quality flagship screen, its got powerful processing cores and some serious tech behind the camera. But what good is it without power? Well, i think youre going to like this bit. It has a 4 700 milliamp hour battery inside which is slightly larger than the s22 pluses battery, which is a similar size phone with a similar chipset. But this phone, the iq9 pro, can go from zero to fifty percent in just six minutes and it can go from zero to one hundred percent in under 20 minutes and guess what theres a 120 watt charger in the box. And this charger is a heavy weight, and i mean that quite literally, because if you threw it, it could knock out a koala and its also worth noting a lot of laptops. These days will charge with 120 watt charges, which makes this charger even more useful, but it gets better. The iq9 pro can also charge wirelessly at 50 watts, if you happen to have the right qi wireless charger. Now i think you must admit this is impressive, especially when you consider the competition, the iphone 13 pro max maxes out at just 27 watts charging speeds and the s22 ultra tops out at 45 watts and those are the charging speeds using a wire.

Now i know what youre thinking 120 watts fast charging via the wire or 50 watts fast charging via a cheap wireless charger, is going to generate some heat, but, like de niro said in that movie that i cant remember the name of dont get yourself into anything That you cant walk out of in 30 seconds flat, if you feel the heat around the corner and aiku have certainly done this, because the iq9 pro has many corners, because this extremely advanced liquid cooling chamber has been folded 18 times and in fact, if you were To unfold this vapor cooling chamber, it would be the same size as an a4 piece of paper and, interestingly enough, the iq9 pro does use dual charging tech and 6c battery cells that have an mtw array, electrode structure. But what does that even mean? Well, it means it can charge incredibly fast without exploding or overheating, so it can charge fast and do it safely. Now i dont want to bore you guys to death by just reading off the spec sheet. Instead id rather share with you, some of the standout features that i personally like on the iq9 pro. For example, this has qualcomms 3d sonic max fingerprint scanner, which is nine times larger than the previous version, and for those not familiar with this tech, sonic fingerprint scanning is by far superior to optical fingerprint scanning, and this one is in fact the fastest in the world And it unlocks in just 0.

2 seconds and as i mentioned, the surface area is far larger than before. But what this does is it introduces a new feature and that is two finger. Simultaneous authentication – and that means the biometric unlock method – can be twice as secure and if you thought 3d face unlock was good. This is better. So what you can do with this is, you can actually put sensitive apps like banking, apps or crypto apps into a private folder. That can only be unlocked with this double authentication unlock method. Also, that larger scanning area can be used to quick, launch and unlock the phone simultaneously by dragging an app onto the fingerprint scanner, and you can customize what apps you want to have here. Something else that stands out to me on this phone is the gimbal system, its incredible. So if you enjoy shooting videos on the move, you will really appreciate this feature more than most and that gimbal feature is not just for video itll actually allow you to stabilize photos as well, if youre doing a longer exposure or something like that, and it can Shoot 8k video, which kind of is the future so its nice, that it can do that as well, and whilst the primary camera really is the star of the show, the ultra wide is actually very impressive as well. It can shoot 150 degrees, and that is far wider than the 120 degrees that we see on most other flagships and behind.

It is another 50 megapixel sensor. A lot of other phones will use much smaller sensor sizes for the ultra wide and of course i should give an honorable mention to the other two cameras, the telephoto. We can max out at 30 x, zoom and the 16 megapixel selfie camera, which is respectable now, like i said at the beginning of the video, if youre into iphones and samsung galaxy phones its hard to switch to a new manufacturer – and i guess one of the Main concerns is, am i going to have to learn a new operating system from scratch? Well, the answer to this is no not really because the iq9 pro runs on android 12, with the fun touch os skin over the top, which makes it incredibly similar to samsungs one ui, and it also makes it similar to apples ios, especially when you switch on The gesture navigations and you use the widgets, which are similar to ios stacks but way more customizable and actually far superior in my opinion, so you can make the iq look and feel just like a samsung phone and just like an iphone if you want to so This is the first iq device, ive ever reviewed and on paper the specs are top of the line and, like all things, tech, there is room for improvement, for example, maybe a faster usb c port or the addition of a second display next to the camera module. But in reality, when it comes to the look feel and everyday use, whether its work or play that youre using it for my personal opinion, is the iq9 pro just like a bmw m sports car is a beautiful machine but inside its a monster.

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