You know thats, just who i am. We can do a separate video about android versus ios, but for now just keep this in mind that im more of an iphone person. But there was this one phone that i was just dying to test, so samsung has released the i mean they released so many models, but last year they released the s20 ultra and it had 8k video and 108 megapixel camera and that looked really awesome. But it was ridiculously expensive, and this year they released the s21 ultra very expensive, but there is this one phone that has 8k 108 megapixels and 144 hertz refresh rate, and that is the xiaomi mi 10t pro. Some of these names are just so stupid. Whats really interesting about the me 10t pro is that its actually very cheap i mean compared to flagship devices compared to the iphone or samsung flagships. I was really dying to test out. You know the 8k, the 108 megapixel and 144 refresh rate, but it just felt like a waste of money since im, never gon na switch from my iphone. So you know, but it was just nagging on me and it got a bit cheaper and then they even included that you get an extra smartphone and a price for one. And you recently saw me, i made a review of the redmi 9, which is a pretty good decent budget smartphone. You know that was this and then, of course, this is the 10t pro, and this thing is amazing.

This is just a box by the way you recall from my review. This is the redmi nine and its got a nice teal color to it. Somebody should send one of these to dave2d, i dont know. Maybe they made it for him. I dont know but uh here it is and uh i got ta say i love this thing. I mean i really like this thing so much. This is not gon na, be a review. Im gon na make a review in a couple of months. Im gon na use it, and this is more of a first impressions type of video. This thing is, i mean the quality of this thing compared to this thing again, i was pretty impressed with this thing, but then i opened up this box and i was like whoa thats insane ive been playing around with it for a couple of days, ive been Testing the camera a lot, and it takes me back to when i got the galaxy note. 3. I dont know if you remember that one, but what was very unique about the samsung galaxy. Note 3 is that you could shoot in 4k, and this was even before mirrorless cameras and dslrs had that feature most of them just shot in 1080p. So – and i remember playing around with the note 3 and just having so much fun with that 4k camera. I made so many videos – i i think i made like more than 200 videos on another channel using the note 3 and now im playing with this thing which shoots in 8k and let me start off with the 8k.

So first of all lets be perfectly frank. The chip on this smartphone, technically speaking its not capable of 8k, its capable of 6k so im guessing to be completely honest, that it is actually 6k video upscaled to 8k. But nobody has been able to verify this. But what i can tell you is that the image quality when youre recording 8k. With this thing, i would even argue that in low light, this 8k camera is amazing and i actually dont think it has so much to do with the 8k resolution. It has to do with the fact that this smartphone has a very big sensor compared to the iphone, for example, and so i think that that big sensor is making a lot of difference. Ive noticed when im shooting in low light, i mean all cameras, even the iphone struggles in low light, but this one was actually im pretty impressed with it like recording and taking pictures very impressive low light performance. So here im just showing some samples now theyre down scaled to 4k, but dont worry, i plan to release an 8k video later on and now i want to talk about the 108 megapixel camera. So i saw samples before i bought this, so i knew this was legit 108 megapixels, which sounds insane, and i im kind of surprised that a lot of youtubers are actually bashing. This, like theyre, saying: oh, it gets more grainy uh its a bit sharper, but you dont need it and i agree like ill be fully honest.

Most people dont need 8k and 108 megapixels. This is geek stuff 101, like if you like, to play around with cameras. This is a really fun camera to use okay, so the 108 megapixels like if you zoom in you, get really amazing details like ive, been taking pictures of my cats, for example, and really like zooming in and im like truly impressed, and also this doesnt have a Telephoto lens, and even if i did, you cant really use 8k on other lenses other than the really big censored. But when you crop in on 8k, it still looks good because, technically speaking, it becomes 4k. So image quality, wise amazing and i want to talk about something, and i kind of had a feeling about this. A couple of months ago, a friend of mine was showing his smartphone. I think it was the one plus nine pro showing me off like look at the high refresher on this thing. I think it was something like 120 hertz and i was like i, i couldnt tell a difference. You know now. This thing is 144 hertz and you can switch between 60 and 90 144 hertz and when i did that i was like oh cool cant really tell, and i asked my wife: do you see the difference and she was like yeah. It looks a bit smoother, but no im. My theory here is that me and my wife were probably too old to notice the difference thats.

My theory, i think that a lot of younger people love high refresh rate, but i honestly cant tell the difference and its actually the same thing with my tv. It has something like a hundred hertz display which speeds up regular movies. They sort of look a bit quicker, more smoother and its nice, but i really cant tell the difference if its on or off i just cant. I think my eyes are too old thats. My only theory, i cant explain it so anyway, im having a lot of fun theres a lot of fun features on this thing. The camera app is phenomenal. You got a lot of settings. I only have two complaints really about the camera. One is why cant you shoot in 24 frames per second on android devices. I just dont, get it like. Why is it so hard to have switch 30 to 24? All android devices that ive ever tested only shoot in 30 or 60 fps? I dont get it. It should be 24, its more cinematic like this video, the other problem i have and its also im kind of picky here, but i think that a smartphone that has the capabilities to shoot 8k video should be able to perform 960 frames per. Second, slow motion: it cant it has a limit at 100 twin now, my iphone. It can shoot slow motion in 240 fps thats fine, but i want to show you something. This is my sony, xz xperia xz1 compact, i think, thats.

What its called this thing is. A couple of years old and it can shoot in 960 frames per second in full, hd thats, weird thats, why i got it by the way. My theory here is in order to be able to shoot in 960 frames per. Second, you need to have a sony sensor thats, my guess, and this one uses a samsung sensor if im not mistaken and the previous mi 10, the just the me 10, not the mi 10 t pro the mi 10. It could shoot 960 frames per second and its probably because that one had the sony sensor so anyway, i was worried that i would buy this thing and i would just feel like what a waste of money i cant believe i fell for it, but i got Ta say im having uh the time of my life with the smartphone. Now it takes a geek to recognize these sort of gimmicks, but i fell for it. I liked it – and i got ta mention one more thing when it comes to xiaomi and redmi, like im. Truly impressed with the fact that they include smartphone cases, not even that, but even a screen protector, and not even that this one doesnt have a headphone jack, but they include an adapter from usbc to 3.5 port, like thats cool right, the charger that you get with This thing its, i think, its like a 30 watt charger, is super fast compared to the travel chargers.

You know the tiny ones which were horrible, and now they dont even include that. Now you didnt get headphones with this thing, which i think is kind of a shame. I suppose that when they do these polls, they figure that most people just throw these away. They dont use them, but uh. I would have actually preferred if they included headphone and, as you can probably tell this, is a fingerprint magnet, not very nice, but i dont mind. I keep it in a case all the time anyway, i im just having a lot of fun. With this thing, the screen is huge and there is a little punch hole on the front facing camera. Its not 4k, though thats a big down, but the thing is it: it looks so much better than the notch on the iphone 12 pro. I really like this punch hole solution. It works, you know for me. It worked yeah just want to share my thoughts on the xiaomi. Me 10. T pro hope you enjoyed this video okay thats. All i have for today ill see you in the next one.