So the device was supposed to be launched in august, but somehow it got delayed and right now it is currently launching in india. I will tell you each and everything, including all the spec sheet of the device, so the device comes with the snapdragon 888 triple eight and it comes with the gpu of adreno 660. So it comes with the top of the line, processor and also a very good gpu. It supports 5g. It has few things in the box, including the paperwork. Here you can see the paperwork. There is also the smartphone and there is the back case cover which you get included in the box. So this is a good thing. When you getting a back cover, you dont have to purchase it separately and talking about the back cover, it is made of polycarbonate plastic, and if we talk about the device, the device comes with the 5.9 inch fsd plus display, which is made by samsung, and it Is a e4 amoled display it has a 120 hertz refresher and also it can produce up to 1100 nits of brightness. If you talk about the charging adapter, it comes with the qualcomm 4.0 charging adapter, and it comes with the type c charging cable. Here you can see that too, and this is all what you got inside the box. So there is no earpods and you also get a sim card ejector tool, so talking about the device, it feels very good.

It is a very small and compact device. The speakers are placed in the bottom, there is also type c charging port and there is a 3.5 mm jack on the top on the right side, you have a special button which we will definitely discuss. It comes with the dual camera setup at the back. In the bottom, you get a dual sim support and also there is a type c charging slot, including the speaker, wheels in the bottom. It comes with the direct hd audio, so the audio quality is definitely good. If you are trying to charge your smartphone here, you can see there is a mini, led notification while charging also. So this is also a great thing, a small feature which asus has definitely touched. If you talk about the power button, it can also trigger the apps. If you do the long press and in normal press it can work as a power button too. It comes with the 8 gb of ram and there will be 2 storage option with 128gb and 256gb internal storage. If you talk about the fingerprint sensor, it comes with the in display fingerprint sensor and there is also face unlock present in it. It is running on android 11 with zen ui 8, and if you talk about the primary camera at the back, it comes with the 64 megapixel with the secondary camera. 12 megapixel. The front camera is also 12 megapixel. If you talk about the graphics quality for bgmi, it supports the graphics up to ultra hd and the frame rate to ultra, and it comes with the direct sd audio.

It has a 4000 mah battery. It also comes with the game genie, so gaming experience is definitely good. You just have to put into high performance to enable the game genie like rog. You just have to pull from the left side, so it is very easy and while playing the game, you can have the best experience and it also has the nfc support. If you talk about the weight, it weighs around 169 grams, so the phone is really not heavy, much at a small and compact, while using or may playing the game. It also comes with 5g. So this is an added feature, so lets play the game and see the gaming experience. This is a simulation game set in a virtual world and does not represent real life. Please play in moderation, take frequent breaks and play responsibly. Game match lets go for the first time. Yes, darcy Applause, clear, get firefighters, reloading, Music; yes, Applause, Music! Yes, the red team is in the lead, so mercy killing nice shot. Music cover me down youre losing the game red team. Now i victory the call of duty mobile, but before starting the game, i will show you the game genie. If you swipe from the left side, you can change into the game. You can change the experience whatever you like. The maximum fps support is 120 fps and in right now you can see the gameplay of call of duty mobile on asus 8g, so lets play subjects out, get down sniper reloading i get down.

Oh targets get down enemy contact, reloading contact with enemy Applause targets inside reloading cover me get down; enemy, contact, enemy, town thats; yes, it down. Oh Music. I got down Applause, so this was the gaming experience on asus 8g. It will be coming in black and silver color and it weighs around 169 grams and the price we still dont know. But i still think that it will be coming around 40 to 45 000, but not sure about the exact pricing, because the rog 5s and 5s pro was recently launched and the price was on the little little higher side. So we still dont know what was the final price, so this is all about the asus 8g. This is vivint signing off. Please, like the video share.