Im going to explain all the procedures again well need to go to the chrome web extension store. So this is extension store and in the search bar we need to type chromebook recovery utility. Its an official extension from the google that were going to need to create the the bootable pen drive for our the chromos. So add it to your browser and make sure youre on the chrome browser, because many users commented that on other chromium based browsers, it was creating issues. So you will get this kind of interface and in the drop down we need to select our model as chrome, os flex and in the product, just the one option that we have available and then continue and then we need to select our pen drive. Now i will hit continue Music and the process will start. It will first download the the image and its going to take a long time im just fast forwarding, but it will do all kinds of verifications and checks and then we need to boot into the bios of our device. You can check your device, the boot key from the image so once in the bios menu, we need to select the boot device options. The interface may be different for your, and then we will select the pen drive and you will see this chrome os logo Music. Now we need to setup the device, so we need to choose our language and all that usable stuff.

Now, in this screen, instead of drive, it out were going to install the cloud ready, 2.0 or chrome as flex so hit on that and then install it and is giving us a warning that all the data on the hard drive will be formatted. So not just the c drive alone, but the whole hard drive along with your windows and everything. So after you click continue. This will like take a lot of time to install the os on your system, and then it will give you this countdown and then the device will shut down and we need to turn it on manually. And then you will see the chrome, os logo again and the setup process will start up again. So we need to set it up with everything, with a google account and language and everything google assistant, so im just going to fast forward through all of that and finally, we are in the chrome os and it has started from where i left off about a Week ago, so thats pretty good to hear so what im going to do is use it for a while, like a couple of days and then im going to come up with a review. So its been few days since ive been using this chrome os flex. On my device – and you can see, the interface is a little bit different now its more like the windows, because you do not see the app drawer from the bottom Music.

If i open the settings you can see, it is in dark mode and by default it is not in dark mode and you also get a toggle to turn on or turn off the dark mode. So this is all been possible because of the chrome flags that ive enabled. So these four flags is what ive used and enabled them. You can pause and read, and you can also enable all of these. So you can have this desktop like layout, and this is much better than the app drawer because using a mouse to drag open, the app drawer and close it its a little bit difficult. But this is, you can just tap on your windows start key and you can access your like access the apps easily and you have like shown the all the usual settings, the wi fi and everything is working for me. Pretty fine, the both the dual band – the 2.4 and 5g cars, its working, pretty fine and ive. Just the display by default for my device, is a little bit smaller, so ive increased this size and the battery life is pretty average im getting the same, because my laptop is a pretty old one. So i cannot comment on the battery life. Ive tried using it. Unplugged and i was giving like, i was getting similar battery backup with very comparable to what i was getting on. The windows ive also enabled the linux uh the subsystem, and these are the apps that ive installed.

But the thing is that none of the apps are working for me and even the like vlc was working, but suddenly it has stopped like when i was installing the linux from the developer options and ive created a 99 gb partition for it, and i dont know What happened multiple times it restarted and it was not working and now im getting this error for the linux terminal. So i do not know if its just for my device or its happening to everyone, but it was working, but certainly it is not. Ive tried to run a couple of commands and i think the last option is for me to just power wash like reset the device and then re enable the linux, and i have not done that yet, but uh, so i think its. It can also be because of the developer edition of like still unstable, maybe because of that, so i do not know but its not working for me. So i just mentioned that the file manager of the chrome os is really good. It is fully functional and you have all the basic file managing options and you can see the you can share. You can create an smb network. So if you want to remotely share files, you can do that as well, so nice to see that option. I can change into grid mode and list view Music. So if i connect my device like a phone or smart tablet, it will recognize it and you can access all your files and you can just transfer files and move files back and forth.

So thats also pretty good. You need to set your phone into the file transfer mode and i also try to set the device in the usb tethering mode, so the usb 3 is also working. So if i show you from my quick toggles that you can see it says ethernet so its now using the internet from my smartphone, i can turn off the wi fi and my device will still work. If i open a new tab, it is still working the internet. So if you want, if you want to use ethernet, you can use that from your phone or your normal broadband Music check out my website, ill post, the detail, articles of all the videos that i made for links and stuff you can go there and with Google docs, so it has all the alternative for for the ms award, you can have the google docs for the excel, you can use the and the google sheets and finally for the powerpoint and you can use the slides, so it makes it really good and for You all your office work productivity work, you can easily access them and all of these works are saved online on your google drive, so you can pick up where you left off. You do not need to worry about saving it every time, so that is a really plus advantage of using the google office system. Music, and you have all these apps like youtube. Music youtube in like a web.

App is not opening in the browser. It is using. The browser, but it is acting as a separate app and these web apps. You have for youtube youtube music, and you can also like attach them to one side of the screen and use it in a multi window format. So it is very smooth and works without any hiccups, so for multitasking also is pretty good and of course we do not see any play store, so you can use the chrome web store to download the like hundreds and millions of chrome extensions, and i already have A video about some good extensions that you can use so in the chrome browser. I cannot switch users, so i was im currently logged in with multiple google account. If i can show you its not showing here, it usually does. So if you are logged in with another account – but i am logged in with two accounts here, so i wanted to switch between them and i cannot access the bookmarks and the passwords of the other google account here. It shows that i have two accounts, but i dont know how like how to access the passwords, and i can search using the second account, but it will not show me my like all the saved information from the other account and i could easily do that. With chrome browser on the windows, but on this one i cannot do that and we do not get any play store support and even the linux support that i was hoping to use to install a lot of multiple laps is not working the way it should.

So. My last resort is to maybe power wash it. I even tried to delete it, but it was not even working. I dont know whats. The issue is, i have installed it and my entire hard drive is being now used by chromas flex, so its maybe because its unstable version, or maybe just because its on my device, you can access. The google assistant in this same start menu option and its very easy to use it, and it works very good and its one of the key features of the chrome os and we have the option to share files using their nearby share. If you want to share files between your smartphone and the laptop, you can easily do that. So let me show you an example. So if you just click on the share, icon and then select nearby share and on your phone, you need to accept the request, and once you do, your device will show up in the scan and then you can easily just transfer the files. The performance of the chromos flex is really good, and switching tasks and opening multiple windows is also pretty smooth, and i have seen no hiccups and lags and ive even noticed, the boot time for my device has decreased. So it boots up really fast and this new way of using the start menu as the app drawer has made a lot like a difference on how i use this previously. Using this app drawer was difficult, but now it has made it a lot easier.

So we know that it does not have the google play store support, but many of you are asking if it supports like side loading apk, i have downloaded the whatsapp apk and if i double click on it, you can see it says that it this type of File is not supported, so you cannot even sideload apk, so no android support no google play store for now, and i think the lack of the android and google play support makes the chrome os flex even lighter than the normal chrome os. So if you have a old pc laptop lying around, you can definitely install it. This official version and just start using it again. You do not have to throw it away. You can also present to it to someone so that way it is really good and you can definitely try it out. So i think that was it for this chrome, os flex review ill make a further updates.