. The overall specs was also rather complicated since its detached from the Galaxy S22 and, of course, the Galaxy S22 Ultra.. For me personally, I want to leave all of those specs and comparisons. Aside and only focus on the Galaxy S22 alone., I dont even get to test out the Galaxy S21 from last year, so Im literally going into this phone blind. And throughout my week with the Galaxy S22, I found out a lot of interesting points about this phone.. So let me share my experience with you., So lets start off with the usual design. Its using the same design as the Galaxy S21 series, and I still think its a very nice design.. Overall, it has a matte finish and also that distinctive camera cutout, and yet it is now available in the multiple of different colors.. What I did realize, though, is that this green color on the Galaxy S22 is much darker than what I remembered when I saw the Galaxy S22 Ultra during the briefing., So that might be due to the lighting condition but yeah. It appears a lot darker now.. This Galaxy S22 is also tiny, but not in the ways that I expected.. So you see this phone is what I would describe to be stubby., Since it is short and rather wide at the same time.. But that is also because Ive been using the Galaxy Z Fold 3 for the past six months or so., So my perspective might be a little bit warped, either way combined with its sharp edges.

It does dig into the palm of my hand a little bit but thats not really a big deal.. What is a big deal, though, is the sharpness of the camera bump, where the ends meet. As you can see here, yeah this. This corners here are very sharp and if I place the phone on the table and drag it across the table at a certain angle, Im pretty sure this wooden table will get scratched., But the cameras themselves within the Galaxy S22 do will also tweaked.. We still have a total of three different cameras and they all take fantastic photos. Again. This is one of those phones that I dont have to worry when it comes to snapping a picture. And, of course, the Galaxy S22 doesnt have laser autofocus. So the focusing time isnt the fastest or the most accurate, but it works most of the time. Taking ultrawide shots like this scenery shot right here is also fine and they do look good.. However, the ultra wide angle, camera doesnt, have autofocus, which was a surprise to me, since it doesnt have autofocus., The Galaxy S22 cannot take macro shots using the focus enhancer mode, just like the Ultra variants of their phones.. This is not a big deal, since I personally also turn off the focus enhancer feature on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, because I would much rather prefer just to use the telephoto camera zoom in and take a shot. And speaking of the telephoto camera.

It can take some good shots even up to 30 times zoom. For night shots.. They all do look good as well, so no complaints, here. And as a bonus Samsung also has updated the Expert RAW app to support the Galaxy S22 to, and that means we can take some fantastic looking pictures with this compact phone right here.. But we will leave that for another topic. And I can assure you a video about Expert RAW is coming soon., Ive also tested night mode video. And in terms of stability, its not really the best since its a lot more jittery and hence creating even more stabilization. Artifacts., But the video quality in itself is actually pretty good, since the noise level is very low. As for the screens. This is also something very interesting because this phone comes with a 6.2 inch Dynamic, AMOLED 2X display with up to 120Hz refresh rate and the usual resolution of 2400 by 1080.. Everything looks magnificent to my eyes and Im really happy with this screen.. It also has thin bezels all around the screen and, since my eyes, couldnt see anything wrong. With this screen, I decided to whip out our colorimeter to test it up.. What I found here is also very interesting By default, its maximum manual brightness is up to about 460 nits. The white point isnt the best, but I would consider it to be good enough, and then I headed into the settings menu and found out that the Galaxy S22 also has the option to turn on Extra Brightness.

. So once I turn that on it can reach up to 750 nits of brightness., And the white point is also sent that this level of brightness is similar to what we found on the Galaxy S22 Ultra., So review about that at the top right corner there.. We also tested the color accuracy, both at 100 nits of brightness and also at its absolute maximum of 775 nits of brightness.. The color gamut coverage results of both brightness brightnesses were very similar.. However, the Delta E number did change quite a lot And when it comes to the performance, this is something that Im not going to focus much.. It still uses the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, and it performs well enough, with my day to the use. Im. Not even going to touch about gaming, since this phone right here has a pretty small screen and my hands will take up most of the screen space and the performance coming out of. It is going to be similar to the S22 Ultra anyway, since these two phones are thermally throttled.. However, I did spend a lot of time with the Galaxy S22 as my secondary phone in my pocket, and I usually open a lot of apps at once. And surprisingly, that 8GB of RAM handled everything just fine. And, of course the battery life is my biggest concern. When it comes to the Galaxy S22. And just like what we did with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, we calibrated it to 100 nits of brightness, and we ran PCMark 10 battery life tests and we got nine and a half hours through that.

. That is not a bad number for such a small phone.. Remember. The Galaxy S22 has its battery capacity shrunk from the Galaxy S21. And to put things in perspective, I managed to make this phone last as long as the Galaxy Z, Fold 3, which is my daily driver and through that I found out that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is indeed more efficient than the Snapdragon 888., But yeah it just doesnt heat up that much when Im using it. Still the efficiency is not as good as the Exynos 2100.. As for the charging time, though, the Galaxy S22 remains at 25 watts max and we plugged it into our Ugreen 100W GaN charger, and it took about 95 minutes, which is an hour and a half to charge from 15 to 100., Its definitely not the fastest. In terms of fast charging, but Im, okay with it, since I charge my devices overnight, anyway. As for the software, its pretty much the same as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, so I wont touch on this that much. As a quick recap. It runs on One UI 4.1, and it comes with Android 12 out of the box., And this phone is also part of the new update policy too.. So what Samsung promised for this phone is also four generations of Android OS upgrades and five years of security patches, which I think is fantastic. And so for the starting price of RM3499.. I think this is still a fantastic compact.

Phone.. Remember, small phones do come with the limitation of space, hence some trade offs need to be done.. Im, definitely not happy with the shrunken battery when compared to the S21, but the overall package I was to say this – is still a fantastic phone.. However, if you are seeking for a larger phone, then I might avert your eyes from the Galaxy S22 to the S21 FE instead., Because if we look back, the phone comes with a lower price. Although it uses a previous generation of chipset, which is the Exynos 2100. Here in Malaysia. – And I dont really mind because that chipset is much more efficient and the only trade off youll be getting. Is the not so good camera on the Galaxy S21 FE when compared to the S22? Still with such a big price gap, its up to you, whether or not you want to spend that much to get the S22 or the S21 FE., So yeah thats, it. Thats. All we have to share with you about this phone. Still nice and compact, and if you have any questions, leave them down. The comments section below.