Compared to its predecessor. The new surface phone comes with many improvements.. The case of the Surface Duo 2 is very thin with a premium feel., Although compared to the previous model, the PixelSense touch displays have increased in size from 5.6 inches to 5.8 inches. The bezels are still fairly large., While the Duo 2 appears robust. It is neither water nor dustproof.. The Surface Duo 2 can be charged via a type C port and is able to output 4K video to an external monitor over an HDMI adapter using the DisplayPort standard. Instead of Microsofts own operating system Windows. The Duo 2 comes with a UI that is based on Android 11. The user interface includes some well designed features such .. a dual screen window option… That being said, the software could use some more optimization and only a few apps have been optimized for dual screen. Use. For the communications modules, Microsoft opts for Bluetooth, 5.1 and NFC.. The Duo 2 achieves very fast transfer rates. Overall, the Duo 2 is a good choice for navigation tasks.. The call quality is somewhat subpar., While voices are captured. Clearly, we have to speak very loudly in order for them to pick us up at all.. ..Skype only supported the single screen mode. In terms of the cameras, the 12 MP telephoto lens with OIS and 16 MP ultra wide lens were unable to produce convincing results due to a lack of details.. The main camera also has a resolution of 12 MP and an optical image stabilization.

. While the image quality under daylight is good, the degree of sharpness could have been higher. While the Surface Duo, 2 comes without the 23 watt power supply. A USB cable and USB type C. Earbuds are included.. The Surface Slim Pen 2 is optionally. Available.. Microsoft only offers a 12 month warranty, starting from the time of purchase.. The gliding properties of the Corning Gorilla Glass are excellent.. The 90 Hz refresh rate of the screen enhances the user experience with smoother animations and scrolling., Combined with the new Surface Pen 2 and its haptic motor. The faster refresh rate allows for comfortable writing and sketching.. That being said, the Galaxy Z, Fold3 and its S Pen feel more responsive and more sensitive. Display. The displays of the Duo 2 have an aspect ratio of 1′, which is unusual for a smartphone.. This results in a pixel density of around 400 PPI for each screen.. When opened, the Surface model offers a display diagonal of 8.3 inches, which is interrupted by the hinge in the center. Performance. The 2021 high end Qualcomm chipset, makes the Surface phone a great performer.. The overall system performance is good for the most part, although slight stuttering, frequently occurs. The results of benchmarking, the Snapdragon 888 match our very high expectations, and the browser benchmarks in particular seem to favor the Duo 2.. We were also pleased with the fast read and write speeds of the UFS 3.1 storage. Armajet and PUBG Mobile do not support the second display.

. Both games still run smoothly at consistent frame rates and the highest settings.. The heat development barely penetrates. The case.. During the 3DMark stress test the Duo 2s performance drops by around 30 Due to throttling Speakers. The stereo speakers of the Surface provide decent sound. In dual screen mode. The runtimes of the Duo 2 are subpar and at just 7 hours the battery life in our Wi Fi battery test is fairly mediocre.. Microsofts Surface Duo, 2 is different from Samsungs Fold. Series. Using two apps simultaneously is much easier with this dual screen phone than with a Galaxy Z Fold3.. If you do not have a use for this functionality, however, the Duo 2 is most likely, not the smartphone for you, since there are still noticeable compromises to be made with the second generation compared to its foldable competition.. This includes thick bezels hardware limitations, no IP rating. No Qi, no SD card slot … and the unpolished software.. If you want to learn more about the Surface Duo 2 visit our detailed review on