Tech which looks to be a rival to any other smartphone camera out there and that right there is just the tip of the oppo f5x5 pro as well tip of the iceberg. I should say otherwise. It sounds a bit dodgy so enough banging on lets whip. The oppo f5x5 pro and out the box take you on a full on tour of the hardware in the software and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do pub subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers the actual box itself very great and not very exciting at all, but of course, its whats on the inside that really matters. So what have we got? Well, theres, one oppo, fine x5 pro be kind of disappointed. If there wasnt youve got a proper wasp power, adapter bundled in there – and it is an 80 watt effort, a decidedly unfilling but highly functional usb cable. You got a porky pin device for getting your sim tray open and a usb adapter theres a branded prophylactic case that you can wrap around your oppo f5x5 pro. If you want to keep it pristine, although got ta say that does then cover up the rather stunning good looks of this device and makes it look a bit bland and last up something that looks like some sort of business card, and it looks like some sort Of vip club premium service effort and if i give them a ring, see if theyll deliver me a create a beer and thats it for the box, pretty good stuff, considering a lot of premium smartphones these days literally give you a usb cable and thats pretty much It so now something ive been looking forward to for a while.

Finally, getting my mitts on the oppo f5x5 pro and checking out that gorgeous design that weve seen leaked in so many renders and such forth on the internet for quite some time. So, while theres certainly no surprises left as far as the aesthetics go or anything, it doesnt detract from the really nice premium. Look and feel of this thing, and this is a meaty 6.7 inch smartphone. So quite the handful like pretty much every other smartphone launching these days to be fair, still pleasingly comfortable to clutch, though thanks to the rounded corners and edges, as you can see there, the display just slopes ever so slightly around the edges on the left and the Right sides so pretty skinny bezels surrounding that display overall and then, if we flip the oppo f5x5 pro around youve got that lovely gorgeous ceramic back opposite gone with the unibody design. So, as you can see there, the back end actually slopes up towards the camera lenses. Theres not a separate chassis, so its all constructed from a single piece of ceramic, and i really do like the angular design of the camera. There looks really really nice well paul claims its a futuristic design im, not really getting any sort of sci fi vibes from it. Ive got to see it, but it does look very neat. Just helps the oppo f5 x5 port to stand out from its peers. So it is immediately identifiable as an oppo flagship.

You can choose from two different colors youve got ceramic white, otherwise this here glaze black model, but its also constructed from ceramic slightly confusingly, only two little issues with that back end. Really one is. It does pick up greasy prints rather easily, although theyre not super obvious here on the glaze black model, at least people want to give it a bit of a buffing up, occasionally just to uh to keep it clean and also im, really not a fan of all. This extra writing that youve got stretching across the entire length of the back end of the fine x5 pro would have much preferred, maybe just the oppo hasselblad logo and then get rid of all of this crud. I mean its kind of like taking a gorgeous celeb like tom, holland or someone, and then getting a byron and drawing a big and balls on his forehead. But anyway, with that ceramic back and the upper 5×5 push should be one of the hardest. Smartphones around should hopefully be scratch. Proof shatterproof the lot and then up front youve got a gorilla glass, invictus display with a pre installed, screen protector and then factor in the ip68 water and dust resistance, and i think that this upper blower gets a full five out of five jason stathams. Oh, its definitely also worth pointing out that youve got oppos smart antenna, 3.0 design here on the phone x5 pro as well. So that should mean a nice clear signal, no matter how you are clutching this phone, both the wi fi signal and the mobile networking signal.

So lets shift our focus momentarily from the hardware to the software, and we got here is the latest android 12 os with color os launcher slapped on top version 12.1. Now, like a lot of launchers, these days, color os does offer a mostly stock android style, vibes. Youve got the google discover feed as usual. Youve got your apps trade storeway all of your stuff, so its not slathered all over the desktops. You got your notifications bar that you can drag down like so so all very, very familiar if youve used an android smartphone before you basically know what to expect, but then color os does chuck in a lot of bonus bits as well. So, for instance, the personalization section is really good. If you want to customize the look and feel of that os, you change up the icons. The wallpaper youve got an always on display feature. This includes the likes of the portrait silhouette with this. You just select any photo: youve got lurking on your smartphone and then hit generate and boom youve got yourself a sort of an arty silhouette thing, otherwise theres plenty of other digital and analog efforts that you can choose from, and you can customize them with various colors And speaking of colors, of course, because this is android 12 you do have the wallpaper color picking option, you can choose the ui colors based on the wallpaper youre, currently sporting. You can basically change up absolutely everything from the fingerprint animation to the edge lighting feature as well, which is basically a notifications light, except just using the curved edges of the display.

And since i mentioned that in display fingerprint sensor as well before, i forget it is just an optical scanner, not an ultrasonic scanner but so far touch. You had absolutely no issues with it whatsoever. Super responsive, as you can see there, and no issues, even if your hands are a little bit moist or anything, still seems to work. Fine, and that is also backed by an excellent bit of face recognition as well. So just tap that power button and, as you can see, there immediately recognizes your mug and you do have the usual safety features on here, such as, for instance, requiring the eyes to be open in order for that to work and lots of other bonus bits. Tucked away inside of color os 12, but ive actually done a dedicated video purely on coloros 12, and the various features definitely go check that out for an in depth look and on the storage front, if i can actually find storage anywhere in this bloody menu. Of course, its in about device, because i always forget that good old color os thats one of the little problems. What is sometimes it tucks away some of the settings in a menu that you wouldnt expect to find it in. But what youve got here is 256 gigs of internal storage built in not expandable, sadly via microsd. Indeed, if you check out the symmetry, it is a double sided. Trace. Youve got space with two sim cards in there.

At the same time, there is e sim support on the 5×5 pro as well, but yeah no memory cards. So now what about that? Whopping great 6.7 inch amoled display here on the fine x5 pro. It is a bit of a stunner, as you would kind of hope and expected this sort of premium price point wqhd plus resolution, so photos and videos just look supremely crisp. However, as usual, you will have to remember to dive into the display settings and tap screen resolution if you want to take full advantage of that quad hd plus effort, because its stuck at full hd plus by default. Otherwise, you can also hit alt or select and let the find x5 port choose between full hd, plus and quad hd, plus, depending on what youre actually doing but again as youd expect from a top end flagship youve got full hdr 10 plus support youve got 10 Bit color reproduction. So if youre watching supported content, you can expect just lush visuals through and through a nice sharp contrast, its just a its a stunning premium panel, as you would hope for oh and on top brightness as well. The fine x5 pro will basically incinerate. Your eyeballs and then burn a hole right through your skull and at the back of your head again powerfully fierce it is, and over 8 000 levels of brightness. So you can dim it right down at nighttime as well, get it nice and comfortable if youre, even in viewing lots of other display features you can play around with including changing up the color mode.

I like it on the default vivid settings to be perfectly honest with you, because certainly likes of anime and animation, really really pops. You can choose for a natural output instead, if you prefer otherwise go to pro mode, and you can play around with the various options there. You could also have the phone tweak the color temperature based on the ambient light as well. If you like, youve got the usual one, ultravision engine features too. This can allegedly sharpen up lower res content were talking like 480p, that sort of thing, but i cant really say that it makes much of a difference. Certainly in my testing and last up screen refresh rate as well its set to high by default, as you can see, there tops off at 120 hertz, but it does dynamically switch all the way down to just one hertz as well, if youre, basically doing bugger all Just checking out a photo or a static website, something like that and according to oppo, you can actually have a different screen refresh rate on both sides of the display, if youre using a split screen mode as well. So, for instance, watching a video on the top half youll have a nice fast refresh rate and then on the bottom. Just checking out your whatsapp or whatever thatll have a lower refresh and then youve also got a stereo speaker set up here on the oppo f5x5. Pro just like all premium blows, basically so lets bump up that volume see what we got ce2s of the world with its budget defined specs, including a super sharp amoled screen, dimensionally 920 smarts and yeah id be perfectly happy just kicking back with a bit of netflix Youtube whatever, while working away in the kitchen on this thing because got a pretty good top volume right there, thats for sure everything comes through nice and clear as well: solid quality audio because, as with all super expensive smartphones, there is bug roll headphone jack action here.

So youre set on basically using the dongle or get your better bluetooth 5.2 on the go so now lets have a shifty at the performance. What you got running the show here on the oppo f5x5 pro is the latest freshest qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset. One of the most powerful socs out there that is backed here on this oppo blower by 12 gigs of ram, not quite as impressive benchmark and scores as i got from the same chipset on the vivo iq 9, pro whatever it was called, but still very, very Solid, indeed, beats the likes of samsungs galaxy s22 series with its exynos chipset. You can, of course, expect smooth everyday performance from this thing, no judders or shakes or stumbles whatsoever, and as for your gaming well, this thing was definitely built to handle even the beefiest titles. Like gentian impact, so lets go whack a goblin, so i spent a good chunk of this morning having a bit of a casual session on gentian impact working. My way through various missions – and i got ta, say stunning performance on this thing. I did naturally boost the graphics quality, all the way up to the highest possible setting and then the frame rate up to 60 fps as well to really put this thing through its pieces and that whopping huge upper display, those poppy colors and the visuals in general. Just looked absolutely stunning really leapt off the screen and even in the heat of battle, the frame rate stayed pretty stable.

There were a couple of little dips here and there when things got really intensive, but considering this was running on the maximum settings. Thats not really surprising, color os has a dedicated gaming mode which allows you to tweak the screen sensitivity to suit your liking. You can boost the performance when needed and you can also throw on the leave me the alone mode, which just blocks notifications and keeps you focused on what youre actually doing. I was a little bit worried that the finex 5 pro might start to heat up a bit after a good sort of. You know 30 40 minutes of gaming on this thing, but thankfully it was all good. Oppo has chucked in a vastly expanded vapor chamber compared with the previous flagship, and that covers the snapdragon soc, as well as the battery youve also got some graphine films surrounding the motherboard and the charging coil all kinds of different coolant solutions on here and yeah. The back end of the fine x5 pro they get a little bit touristy, but nothing troublesome whatsoever, and i certainly didnt notice any drop in performance. Even at the end of a good sort of like three quarters of an hour of bashing goblins and whacking slimes. And all that good stuff. So if you are a gamer youre looking for a smartphone that can handle the latest freshest mobile games, but you dont want a dedicated gaming smartphone. You just want a proper premium smartphone through and through well highly, recommend this bad boy and, of course, because youve got that snapdragon agen one youve got full 5g support.

Youve got wi, fi 6 support all of that good stuff. As for the battery life or so far, no complaints out of the fine x5 pro been using it as my full time smartphone for a couple of days now, at this point of the unboxing and its been absolutely special, youve got a 5 000 milliamp cell stuffed Inside of that gigantic frame, and, for instance, as of right now, its just gone at 10 00 a.m. Ive had the screen on for two and a half hours precisely most of that time has been either playing gentian impact or streaming a good bit of youtube or just demonstrating the phone to find fork and its currently set on 76 battery life still so stay tuned. For my final review of this phone to see what i really think of the battery life, but so far very impressive indeed, and then on top of that youve got your 80 watt super voog charging support on this thing as well, so slap in the cable use, The bundled adapter and it will power up again in under half an hour easily youve got your air voc charging support as well 50 watt there. So if youve got a supported, wireless charging pad then again wont take long to power. This thing back up now lets finish up. This oppo find x5 pro unboxing with a squint at the camera tech, which is spearheaded by a 50 megapixel primary sensor. Youve also got a secondary 50 megapixel ultra wide angle, shooter and a 13 megapixel telephoto lens.

The primary shooter uses a glass lens to reduce light halo effects and other bullshittery and oppo has also designed the camera with five axis optical image, stabilization and thats. Actually, a three axis sensor shift combined with a two axis lens shift and if youre up for even more geeky optics chat well, the camera here is powered by oppos on marisilicon, imogen, npu or mazer to its mates. This is a dedicated image processor, which sets separate to the snapdragon soc and just like oneplus oppo has now partnered with hasselblad as well. The optics, expert and theyve had a clear impact on the camera ui in a few little ways, such as, for instance, the more obvious one is the bright orange shutter button and some more visual flair. If you dive on into the camera settings well, hasselblad also helped oppo to develop the pro mode as well. So youve got the full range of different features. Youd expect you can shoot in raw or raw plus. You can tinker with all of the various settings, but if you want to just stick with the straight up, auto mode, well, thats, definitely absolutely fine, because the oppo fine x5 pro will still spaff out. Some absolutely stunning photos stay tuned for my full in depth. Review of this phone for a much closer look at the camera results, but check out some of these test samples, ive, already shot really nice natural. Looking pictures living subjects in particular come out really well, even really flappy hyperactive ones off their tits on haribo.

These colors are impressively lifelike, just like what you would see with the naked eye. Portrait shots come out really nice as usual, with oppo flagship phones and when you swap to that 50 megapixel ultra wide angle, shooter, you dont see any degradation in the lifelike colors either. Those tones still appear perfectly natural, in addition to the 50 megapixel ultrawide angle, shoots youve also got a 13 megapixel telephoto snapper, which offers a two times optical zoom. You can punch in above this if you want to get even closer to your subject, although i wouldnt suggest going any greater than the sort of ten times level once you hit, that things start to look a bit greedy and at the maximum 20 times at zoom Level yeah things aint particularly great, so the zoom is definitely quite limited compared with some rivals like, of course, samsungs. Galaxy s22 ultra with its ridiculous 100 times space zoom, but it is still absolutely fine for just getting a bit closer to. You know your pets, your kids, without disrupting the scene and apparently the fight x5. Pro is absolutely stunning for your low light shots helped along massively by that image. Stabilization so ill be taking lots of low light shots over at mwc to really test this thing out, but again, heres just a few quick examples and apps are bloody, lootly tons of bonus modes that you can get on the go as well, including a high res Mode which uses the maximum capabilities of that 50 megapixel shooter, one of those new bonus mods is the x pan mode, courtesy of hustle blood.

This shoots in a vintage style: 65 by 24 aspect ratio and apparently, when you capture a snap, it captures a negative image and then adds color to it, not really sure what that adds to the overall photo quality but hey ho. Otherwise, if you want, you can just shoot a black and white image as well, and this probably be quite nice first of those sort of scenic shots. And then, if we swap to the video mode, you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage at either 30 or 60 frames per second and again heres. Just a brief teaser of what the oppo find. X5 pro is capable of, but certainly seems like a good one. For your home movies, again those nice natural, looking colors plenty of crisp detail chucked in there as well seems to not struggle at all, with hdr style situations and even in low light, not bad returns and then finally, up front. Youve got a 32 megapixel selfie shooter, which again seems to do the job, absolutely perfectly for your everyday shareable snaps again with that full on portrait mode action and using that selfie cam, you can shoot up to full hd resolution of video, no 4k options. Sadly, but you can change the angle if you like, so you can boost it ever so slightly out a little bit more into frame, but anywho that, in a nutshell, my lovelies is the oppo find x5 pro only be using it for a couple of days.

As my full time smartphone, but already very much in love with this thing, got ta say its a premium experience through and through the performance, the battery life, the media chops and that camera tech just so good. But of course it aint gon na be cheap thats for damn show. I dont know the official uk pricing just yet, unfortunately, because im shooting this ahead of the official launch on thursday uh, but as soon as i know that ill slap it down in the comments below but id get saved, now lets just put it that way. So, anyway, what do you guys reckon of the oppo findings? Five pro so ill, be great, see your thoughts down in the comments below and stay tuned next week for my in depth. Review of this thing, including a very full, very extensive camera test. Dont forget to pop subscribe and ding that notifications bell to be the first to see that bad boy go live and have yourselves a wonderful rest of the week.