Title lets take a closer look. The find x5 pro is the best phone oppo currently makes replacing its previous find x3 flagship. This thing packs a potent processor, a great screen and an impressive camera setup as well. But of course it needs to pack all those impressive things, because the premium phone category has never been more fiercely competitive, with the arrival of samsungs, galaxy s22 ultra and, of course, googles excellent, pixel 6 pro. But there are some excellent reasons to look towards oppos flagship phone, so here then, are five reasons. I think the find x5 pro is a great android phone. I really like the look of this phone. Its made from ceramic that oppo says, has been baked to over a thousand degrees celsius in order to allow it to flow up and over the camera units certainly got a unique aesthetic and its one that i really like for me. It really treads that line between being stylish, but also quite smart, so this is certainly a phone that would look equally at home on a table in a fancy cocktail bar as well as on the table in a business boardroom. Not that ive got any idea. What a business boardroom would look like, i mean. Look at me. Ive got a sweater that says carbonara. It might look quite fragile, but oppo says that that ceramic casing actually is twice as hard as toughened glass and speaking of the glass on the front.

That is gorilla glass, victus, that is the most toughened glass that corning makes now. I havent taken this outside to hurl it to the ground again and again to see whether it shatters, but i am confident that it could take a few knocks and bumps without shattering into a million pieces, also ip68 rated for waterproofing, so spilled drinks or taking calls In the rain is certainly no problem here, Music, tucked into that ceramic body are three cameras. Now that includes a 50 megapixel main standard lens, as well as a 50 megapixel ultra wide lens, much as it did with the previous find x3 pro oppo has used the exact same image sensor for both the standard and ultra wide cameras. So you shouldnt have any reduction in quality when youre switching between those two views – and indeed i found this camera – take some great shots when i was out and about in edinburgh exposure was spot on theres plenty of details and contrast in the scene, and there is A little bit of a shift in color balance between those standard and wide lenses, but theres no dip in actual image quality, its also a 13 megapixel zoom lens, which gives a two times telephoto view now its basically fine. But for me i would like to see a much bigger zoom here now. Oppo says that its customers care so much more about getting great, looking ultra wide angle, shots than they do about zoom shots and sure that might be the case.

But for me i really love playing around with those great telephoto zooms, like the four times zoom on the pixel 6 pro and, of course, that 10 times zoom on the galaxy s22 ultra those longer zoom levels help you get completely different photos find these amazing compositions. In scenes that your friends with their wide angle, lenses simply arent going to be able to get so for me, that is the one compromise i would have to make in going with this phone. Whether thats a problem for you is something that youll have to decide for yourself, but oppo is also making some big claims about its night time. Quality, both in stills and in video. That main camera sensor actually has the first five axis image stabilization that weve seen in a phone. The camera also has its own processing unit, separate from the main processor, on board, designed to help get better looking low light shots with less image noise, and i found its nighttime shots to be generally pretty decent, with bright shots and decent colors and plenty of detail. And i would say that its comfortably on a part with the other flagships around right now that five axis stabilization works really well for smoother video and it does work at night. But i found i used it more just in the daytime, as i was walking around edinburgh. It is a great camera system overall and if you do much prefer taking those grand sweeping vistas, then you will be well catered for here.

If you really rely on zooms, then you should go for the galaxy s22 ultra Music. The find x5 pro 6.7 inch display has a 3216 by 1440 pixel resolution, which makes even tiny details. Look pin sharp Music its bright too, with vibrant punchy colors, which makes it a great display for playing those vibrant games. Things like asphalt, 9 legends or, i suppose, candy crush it curves slightly at the sides, which just gives it that extra premium touch, while its 120 hertz refresh rate means that swiping around the interface is buttery smooth. You can, however, turn down that refresh rate and also lower the screen resolution in order to put less of a drain on the battery. Personally, i would do that because really i couldnt tell a whole lot of difference so for most of your everyday texting and emailing and even watching youtube videos, you probably wont notice that difference. Weve always got the option to ramp things back up. If you want to do some more intense gaming and speaking of ramping things up for gaming, this thing is packed with some huge power in the form of qualcomms latest eight gen, one snapdragon processor, on our benchmarks, its certainly up there with the best phones around so That really does mean that youre going to get a very smooth experience here. The zero lag as you swipe around the android 12 interface and its got more than enough power to really handle demanding games like asphalt, 9 legends or things like pubg.

In short, theres. Very little that i imagine youd be able to throw at this thing that would slow it down Music powering. All of that is a 5 000 milliamp hour battery, which should keep you going for a full day of mixed use, of course, as with all phones that just depends on how much you actually use your phone if you barely turn it on throughout the day, maybe Just checking your emails now and then youll have plenty of power to get you through into the next day, spend the day streaming. Videos and gaming, though, and youll probably have to give it a boost sometime in the afternoon, but a boost is a very quick thing. As this supports 80 watt fast charging, which will take the phone from empty to 50, full in only 12 minutes, thats great. If you need us to give a little bit more power back in there before you head out for a night on the town and the 80 watt, fast charger comes in the box as well. So you wont even need to scour amazon trying to find one thats compatible. Overall, i think that the find x5 pro is an impressive phone that gives you all of that power. That performance and i think the looks that you would expect from a flagship phone in 2022, Music sure id, probably like a bigger zoom lens, but the camera system is great here and it all round makes this phone very much worthy of your consideration.