We have already done the unboxing of Redmi note 11 Global version, Which is same Indian Unit, go and check it out.. Today, I am going to tell you about the differences in these two phones Ill be also telling you, which is better than redmi note 11 on redmi, Note 11s, but before that, if you are new to the channel Subscribe to the channel and turn on the notification Bell to get notified whenever we upload video In 2020 and 2021. The quality of the case was not that good, but nowadays the quality has improved. This is a 30W fast charger. The In hand feel is same as redmi note. 11. The design and the colour is same, it is very slim redmi. Note 11 series has a very good in hand, feel The case fits snuggly lets drop the phone Theres a USB Type C at the bottom and stereo speakersa sim card tray at the leftTheres, a 3.5mm jack at the top Speaker, grill and IR blaster as well. At the right we have volume, rocker and an onoff button and fingerprint sensor. This comes on G96 processorthe base variant is 6GB, 64GB 6GB 128GB and the top variant is 8GB 128GB. The price starts from Rs 16499the price is slightly on the higher side. This is 6.43 AMOLED display with 90Hz fast refresh rate. The viewing angles and colours are great. So if you want a phone with good multimedia costing around 16K, this is a great one.

It has LPDDR4x RAM. Ufs 2.2 storage typethe battery is 5000mAh with 33W wired charging. The G96 is a 12nm based processor.. So talking about value for money, the redmi note11 wins he display and stereo speakers are the same in both phones. Rest. All the features are same. The Note11 had 50MP primary camera. This one has 108MP, Even the photos of the ultra wide camera are similar. The quality is good. This is the successor of Redmi. Note 10s. It had 4K 30fpsthis is capped. At 1080p. You can play BGMI at HDR. Ultra settings there were no frame. Drops you get a consistent 40fps, You can play CODM on medium settings and because the display is good, the gaming experience is fun. This comes on MIUI13. They have not yet committed about the updates. Yet, but generally the updates are delayed. There have been 6 months since Andriod 12 came out and phones still dont have it out of the box. Both these phones Redmi, Note, 11s and Note 11 are 4G phones. So if 5G is not, your preference and multimedia is important to you And you play games here and there. Then this is a great phone. If youre getting Note11 at Rs 13499, then that is value for money. Talking about Rs 15K. We have made a video on best phones under Rs 15K, make sure to check that out.