But now we are finally at a point with enough testing and findings to give you our thoughts on samsungs ultra premium s, series device for 2022 hi ben from sam mobile. If you enjoy new and exclusive videos like this, then be sure to like subscribe and turn on notifications, so you dont miss any new videos on youtube. Thats. Our mobile tv here is our experience. Review of the s22 ultra after two weeks, Music weve been using the phantom black version of the s22 ultra, and we have to say when it comes to the matte finish in terms of the look, the feel and quality samsung have basically perfected. This look holding the device does indeed feel heavy, but this weight is a good kind of heavy and is helped by how well balanced and also distributed. It feels, as you would expect. The materials being used here are top grade with corning gorilla, glass, victors plus on the front and back, and also the use of arm aluminium and just the overall fit and finish of the device does give you the confidence that every part of the device feels worth The money one of the things were still not sure of is the rear camera design. Now the individual standalone camera rings do go for a clean, elegant approach and are finished off in very high quality. It just doesnt have the same character and boldness from that of the s21 ultra, and especially since this is meant to be an s series ultra device.

It doesnt have the same, feel and selling factor as such its really down to the fact that the design language really does screen note series through and through, and in fact many people that have seen me using the s22 ultra instantly thought. It was a note device. Really its the boxy flat top and button design, and also the more extreme front curve in the back. It really does mirror more of a direct follow up to the note 20 ultra, which is not a bad thing. Its just something to consider in regards to being an series ultra device. This finally allows the return of the s pen into the frame of the phone. Now i do wish samson made more effort to bring the s pen location back to the right side and also the volume rocker to be on the left side, symmetrical to the power button and maybe to add a matte finish to the overall frame rather than glossy. But these are just more personal preferences overall. This is a well put together phone quickly, getting the audio experience out of the way. In regards to the dual speakers to my ears and listening to them, it seems like there is a slight improvement to the overall clarity at all levels, up to maximum and still with minimal, to no noticeable distortion, now testing it next to the s21 ultra the improvement. Honestly is very minor and you do really have to listen for it.

The new 6.8 inch dynamic amoled 2x panel with the high resolution qhd plus, does use ltpo generation 2 to enable the adaptive range of one her to 120 hertz, plus a really good maximum brightness output, which is set to peak now at 1, 750 nits. Now so far, weve not encountered any display issues which is definitely great to see. This means any feedback on the display. Experience is really just down to our own personal use case. Firstly, we do miss the slightly less curved front display of the s21 ultra, and if we had our own way, a completely flat display would honestly be the way to go next. The haptic feedback has been refined, and this is something i know is really made a difference in the typing experience on the s22 ultra and even nicer experience than it was before on the s21 ultra, which is great to see also moving on to the ultrasonic generation. 2, fingerprint sensor is still super quick super accurate and still leads the way as the best in display fingerprint sensor. You can get not to forget that the s pen support for the display is still here and picks up exactly where the s21 ultra started. Now, with low latency at 2.8 milliseconds, i gave this to 20 ultra user recently, and i was pleased with their reaction stating that it feels closer to writing on paper than ever before great stuff. On that note, well done samsung.

This is officially and also technically your best display yet Music as im based in the uk. My variant of the s22 ultra is using the exynos 2200, with 12 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of internal storage. The overall day to day performance has been great, and that is honestly to be expected with all the performance and specs it packs for an ultra phone now, only once or twice on day, one or day two of using the s22 ultra did. I know its a major lock up, which did require me to restart the phone for it to work smoothly. Now i havent experienced this or been able to replicate this issue based on my usual usage patterns. But overall, the performance is great, as time goes well see how this new xclip, 920 gpu holds up and also what developers will take advantage of features like vrs, with variable rate, shading and also hardware based rate tracing, but for now you should be good when it Comes to the gaming experience Music, sadly, testing. The camera has proved to be a big challenge for me here in the uk between the 10th of february until now recording this review on the 24th of february. No thanks to storms and the extremely bad weather on a daily basis that pretty much ive been experiencing here. In light of that, we did our best to put together our thoughts of the s22 ultra. So far after two weeks with the camera lets talk about the strengths weaknesses and some overall improvements and additions, we would still love to see from samsung strengths.

The edge detection, when using portrait mode, especially when in daylight, is excellent and sees a great improvement overall. The overall color science is improved and follows a more warmer look and tone. The extreme end of using spacing yields more stable and usable results compared to before night mode does see overall, better improvement from the selfie rear cameras and even when using portrait mode on both 1x and 3x zoom Music video portrait mode finally adds stabilization. It does apply a crop compared to b4, so just bear that in mind when using it as nice as 8k, video is only having 24 frames, a second mode with no 30 frames, a second or even pushing 60 frames. A second, in addition to a massive additional crop, which adds no video stabilization, still makes it a niche showcase feature to have now for all the talk of improvements in nighttime video from samsung things, look the same to us compared to the s21 ultra for the front And the rear camera last for now is still not being able to switch between all the camera lenses in video mode when youre recording 4k 60 frames a second just like you can do with 4k 30 frames a second. You still have to stop recording to switch lenses unless youre changing just to the front camera back to the main rear camera. Overall, though, the camera is still solid, lets just hope for better weather conditions here, so we can do a follow up on our long term.

Review within the year out of the box, the s22 ultra is running android 12, but now with one ui 4.1, we did a feature roundup, video of what weve discovered so far with one ui 4.1, compared to one ui 4.0 on the previous s21 ultra so definitely Check that out, the main takeaway with one ui 4.1 is now that, with ram plus, you can select between two four six and eight gigabytes of internal storage. As virtual ram. You still cant fully disable this feature and also be warned. If you want to change the default amount from four gigabytes and thats been selected, then it will ask you to restart your phone apart from that, its one ui4 in all its glory and also with all the same great s, pen features youve, come to know and Love from the note 20 ultra, but of course, refined and also especially improved when it comes to things like more accurate and faster handwriting to text recognition and also lower latency. Topping that off. Samsung now gives you four generations of os version updates, meaning that the s22 ultra should make you all the way to android 16 and actually beats what google offers on their pixel phones and brings the fight closer to apple for long term. Software support weve documented the battery life experience of the s22 ultra, taking into account not only the screen on time, but also the screen off time, accounting for total usage.

Within a day. My testing of the battery consisted of always using the 120 hertz adaptive refresh and also leaving adaptive brightness on, and also never using wi fi, and only using mobile data. The things that did change was either using 5g or forcing the s22 ultra to use. No more than 4g only and also either using qhd or fhd for the display resolution. In terms of my findings for the s22 ultra battery, it sees that you will average between 4 to 7 hours of screen on time. The lower end is when youre using 5g and qhd, plus all the time, with 5g being the main battery drainer, which is also something that generally causes the phone to be a little bit warmer to the touch for the best experience in terms of battery life. We recommend definitely using fhd plus at 1080p for the screen resolution forcing the phone to only used 4g. This, let us a much higher screen on time with a good amount of battery life on the best days, with around 23 and a total day usage of 15 hours. Now the wired charging experience has so far been a very telling experience for us and, depending on when youre watching this video charging speeds are still under investigation with more findings or potentially even concluded by now, weve tested the super fast charging 2.0 feature of the s22 Ultra using a 45 watt charger compared to the 25 watt charger using just super fast charging 1.

0, we highly recommend you watch that video, but in short, we saw no difference enough to justify using it. So, with that in mind, so far would say: save your money and use the 25 watt charger. Now we say so far, because that was with the supposed older 45 watt charger with the model id ep ta 845 compared to the newer 45 watt charger. With the model id ep t 4510, the new one has just come into stock, its been ordered and whenever i will be doing a follow up charging test to see if there is a difference. But our early opinion and thoughts tell us that there will be no difference. Lets hope we are wrong on this. One concluding finns, after two weeks with the s22 ultra, does tell us that we did predict and also even more, we actually requested samsung to do this, and it does show that we at some mobile were right. Lets. Take you back on the 5th of august 2021. After unpacked featuring the fold free and the flip free, as you know, we did not get to see the note 21 ultra. We posted an article on said date with a signed petition which reached over 40 000 people signed requesting samsung to bring back the flagship note device in the first half of 2022, making it the main focus device. We actually think they listened to us specifically at sound mobile and did exactly that, but all in the name of calling it the s22 ultra as expensive as it is.

The s22 ultra is a great flagship device and shows samsung are still kins of the large phone form factor whats your thoughts on the s22 ultra. Let us know in the comment section below for the latest news in the world of samsung daily, be sure to visit us at soundmobile.com and for the latest.