The most obvious of these is the improved stylus support, but theres a lot more to this phone than that im will for gsm marina and lets see what the s22 ultra has to offer in our full review. Music. The galaxy s22 ultra brings a design thats quite different from the rest of the s series, its larger and heftier, and his cameras come straight out of the back rather than being mounted in a camera bump, plus the ultra has a flat back top and bottom. Quite like a galaxy note device, another big change over last years model is that the s22 ultra integrates the stylus into the design with a dedicated dock at the bottom, its a lot more secure, and it means that youll always have your pen with you. Unlike the s21 ultra, where youd need to keep it elsewhere and dont worry about the dock, the phone has full ip68 rated ingress protection, plus its overall, quite durable, with gorilla glass, victus plus on the back and the front. As you can see, the s22 ultra is a lot less like a galaxy s phone and more, like a galaxy note, and since that lineup is discontinued. Now this is the spiritual successor and while the stylus is the same as we saw in the last generation, the text supporting it has been upgraded here. The s22 ultras ai can even better anticipate your movements, reducing the latency of the pen from nine milliseconds to less than three so taking notes is more responsive and the function for converting your handwriting into text has been improved to be even more accurate, adding media to Your notes is nothing new, but now you can add a snapshot of a whole web page.

If you want to the function. Doesnt work that well in europe, though, since websites need to ask for permissions, and these sorts of pop ups end up in your notes, too. All right lets move on to some other features, like the display itself, its a 6.8 inch amoled with a qhd resolution and a fast 120hz refresh rate. This display is curved at the edges wrapping around to meet the frame. It creates a neat effect, but some people would prefer a flat screen like on the other s22 phones. The 120 hertz refresh rate means that swiping and scrolling on screen looks much smoother. The refresh rate is adaptive with static content. The ui rendering can go as low as 24 hertz and as low as 1fps to save energy, and it will also adjust to match other content on screen. The display is awesome with this high resolution. Content looks quite sharp and you also get great contrast and deep blacks thanks to the oled tag. Theres hdr, 10 plus support and colors can be super accurate. Depending on the profile you choose in color settings. The s22 ultra also has class leading max brightness with the manual slider. You can achieve 500 nits and that boosts up to around 830 nits. If you enable the extra brightness mode but thats, not all enabling auto brightness mode gets you an even bigger boost. We measured a maximum of over 1250 nits, pretty crazy stuff. In addition to that, when auto brightness mode is on a new feature, called vision, booster will also adjust the contrast of the screen based on the ambient light to make legibility out in the sun even better and under the screen sits an ultrasonic fingerprint reader.

Its quite fast and responsive to wake up and unlock the phone for audio. The s22 ultra has a pair of stereo speakers with the earpiece acting as the second one. The speakers earned a score of good on our loudness charts, but are a bit quieter than last years. Model and weve also heard better low end from the competition storage isnt expandable here via microsd, but you can opt for up to a terabyte of space on board. If you need it, the interface of the s22 ultra is samsungs one ui 4.1, based on android 12.. Besides the features that are based on the stylus, its the same ui that you get on the s22 and the s22 plus, of course, one important aspect to keep in mind is samsung software support. They promise four generations of android and one ui updates and five years of security updates. The interface also brings a few new features like additional functionality and support for widgets. Android 12 allows you to change the color of your system menus and even your icons to match your wallpaper and theres a dedicated privacy dashboard, which organizes all of your privacy and permissions options into one easy to reach spot under the hood of the s22 ultra is Either an exynos 2200 chipset for some markets or a snapdragon 8 gen1 chipset for others. Both are based on a four nanometer process and are comparable, but the exynos variant has a gpu that was designed in collaboration with amd.

We have an exynos model, and performance here is great, as youd expect from a high end flagship its more than enough to multitask and play heavy games without a hitch plus. The thermal management here is quite reasonable. Of course, the previous generation is tough to beat and in benchmarks the improvements compared to the s21 ultra are modest powering the s22 ultra is a 5 000 million power battery like last years model, but battery life scores are a little less this time around with an Endurance rating of 108 hours in our tests still thats, not too shabby charging is a bit complicated, though the s22 ultra supports up to 45 watt fast charging. But when using such an adapter, we wont be able to charge the phone meaningfully faster than with a 25 watt one. There will be a new 45 watt charger coming from samsung, but based on the specs and info. So far we dont expect charging speed will be any different with it. Now we have the cameras: a 108 megapixel main cam, a 10 megapixel telephoto with ois and three times optical zoom, a 10 megapixel periscope with 10 times optical zoom and a 12 megapixel ultra wide. The setup is almost exactly the same as last years, except that the telephoto cameras have different sensors with smaller pixels for some reason anyway, lets start off with photo quality from the main cam, its 12 megapixel. Shots are good, but dont blow us away.

Theres plenty of detail, accurate exposure and lively colors and the dynamic range isnt as wide as wed expect from a flagship. The ultra wide cam delivers sharp and detailed images which have wide dynamic range. There does seem to be some extra sharpening here at three times zoom. We see a good level of detail wide enough dynamic range and colors that match the other camera as well, and actually these zoomed shots are pretty noise free, cleaner than last years, even portrait mode on the s22 ultra delivers great results. You can shoot portraits with either the main or the three times telephoto and you get excellent subject: separation, as well as a very natural looking defocus background photos from the ten times. Telephoto have respectable detail levels and good contrast and colors. If youre shooting in auto mode in low light, the s22 ultra will automatically apply night mode processing. These photos from the main cam are impressive, with an excellent level of detail and well preserved colors. You also get nicely contained, highlights and developed shadows. You can also toggle a dedicated night mode which dials up this processing even further. The result is that lighting looks brighter and warmer and theres heavier sharpening and reduced noise. The effect on dynamic range is pretty minimal, though the ultra wide cam will also use the auto night mode in dark situations, and these shots are pretty good. They have very good detail, wide dynamic range and lively colors.

There is some visible noise, though. Turning on the full night mode, cleans up that noise and it brightens up and restores the detail in the shadows, shooting with the three times telephoto with the auto night mode applied, will produce decent images, but they are on the soft side here, toggling the full night Mode is well worth it. The picture is significantly sharper and shadows. Get a nice boost at 10 times zoom with auto night mode on the photos. Look okay, but are soft and have some patches of noise. The dedicated night mode makes a big difference, improving the sharpness. The noise levels and detail in the shadows, selfies, are taken with a 40 megapixel front facing cam but come out in 10 megapixels. These are superb with plenty of detail. Accurate, colors and wide dynamic range plus the camera has autofocus, so your selfies will come out sharp. The s22 ultra can record video and up to 4k at 60fps with all of its cameras as well as 8k, at 24fps, with the main one starting off with 4k video from the main cam. You see a very good amount of detail. Accurate colors and excellent dynamic range 8k looks good on a spec sheet, but there isnt noticeably more detail here than with the 4k footage, plus its softer with some visible artifacts, and the clips take up a lot more space 4k video from the ultra wide cam is Detailed with wide dynamic range, the colors are a bit warmer than those you get from the main cam three times.

Zoomed footage is sharp and detailed, with excellent, dynamic range and spot on colors. There is some visible noise here, though, 4k video quality from the 10 times telephoto isnt mind blowing, but it is respectable, especially for this sort of camera, theres electronic stabilization available on all of the cameras and resolutions, and it does a decent job, though we did notice Some over correction, when panning theres also a super steady mode which smooths things out even further, but only in 1080p at night the s22 ultra can record relatively good videos with its main cam. The detail level here is better than last years. Model colors are well preserved too. The dynamic range isnt the widest though, with both clipped highlights and dark shadows. The ultra wide doesnt do as well at night and its videos come out underexposed and soft in a similar fashion. The telephoto cameras struggle at night, the three time zoom eclipse are more usable than the 10x ones, though so thats the galaxy s22 ultra after samsung skipped releasing a note phone last year and then discontinued the notes all together. This is what theyve come up with. It brings the latest flagship features like the cutting edge amoled display and the top notch, chipset plus the killer cameras, but on top of that theres, the extra responsive and dockable stylus. So, at the end of the day, if youre looking for the features and form factor of a galaxy note, phone in a new device with the latest software support, the s22 ultra is worth recommending.

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